True Martial World Chapter 688

Chapter 688: Returning to Meteorite Abyss
Chapter 688: Returning to Meteorite Abyss

With the brilliant moon in the sky, across a vast desert, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong flew together, hand in hand.

The Desolate race's location in the Divine Wilderness was extremely concealed. Even the Lin family that used a teleportation array to arrive there did not know where they were. If they were to leave, it was also impossible for them to find the Desolate race again.

However, Yi Yun was different. As a person being trusted unreservedly by Jiang Xiaorou, Yi Yun not only knew where the Desolate race was located in the Divine Wilderness, he even had Jiang Xiaorou's token, allowing him to activate any of the Desolate race's teleportation arrays located in the Divine Wilderness.

Just a while ago, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had gone through a teleportation array, traversing millions of miles.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had flown together for more than two hours. Using his memory, Yi Yun was constantly recalibrating his position.

Throughout the course of their flight, the temperature of the surrounding environment slowly rose.

It was late in the night, but the temperature was already comparable to that at noon. This abnormal change made Yi Yun happy because he knew that he had found the destination of his trip.

The Divine Wilderness was too vast, and Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had just come out from deep in the Divine Wilderness. Even though Yi Yun had come here before, it was not easy to find its exact location.

"Yi Yun, where are we going?" Along the way, Lin Xintong did not speak a word until now, because the temperature was rising. Lin Xintong could vaguely see a dark red haze far in the horizon. It looked like a dancing flame.

"We are going to Meteorite Abyss." Yi Yun answered as he recalled the past. It had been more than ten years.

More than a decade ago, he had entered the Divine Wilderness for training. He entered Meteorite Abyss, and then went to Fallen Star Gate, right at the core of Meteorite Abyss. He then found Pure Yang Sword Palace in Fallen Star Gate.

"Meteorite Abyss?"

Lin Xintong's eyebrows twitched, and she had a pondering expression. "I've heard of that place."

Meteorite Abyss' existence was no secret. In fact, in the world where the Tian Yuan world resided, there were many unique places. Meteorite Abyss was one of them, but it did not have a distinguished reputation.

This was because Meteorite Abyss had a difficult to explain pure Yang fire that burned for tens of thousands of years to no end. But if these mighty figures entered Meteorite Abyss, other than finding some fire-elemental primordial species or primordial herbs, there was not much reward.

In terms of danger, Meteorite Abyss was nothing compared to the eternal whirlpool beneath the Tian Yuan world. So other than a minority of Yuan Opening experts, no one else would explore Meteorite Abyss.

Meteorite Abyss was itself a huge crater. It was surrounded by cliffs. Yi Yun led Lin Xintong down the cliffs, as they went straight to Fallen Star Gate, deep in Meteorite Abyss.

At the core of Meteorite Abyss, Fallen Star Gate was buried deep underground, reaching thousands of meters deep. It was an independent underground world.

A falling star had crashed in the world, resulting in its name, Fallen Star Gate. Of course, Yi Yun knew that the so-called falling star was actually the fragment of the world where the Pure Yang Sword Palace resided.

As for what realm the Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner was, Yi Yun could not predict it.

However, after Yi Yun entered the Great Empress mystic realm, and saw the Azure Yang Lord's sword attack in the visual disk array, he realized that the Azure Yang Lord's sword attack contained the Sword Dao of the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner.

Back then, before the Azure Yang Lord had experienced the betrayal of his love, and had lost his position as Azure Yang Lord, he had entered a sinkhole, happening to chance on the traces of the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner.

Not only did Azure Yang Lord receive the Sword Intent from that strike, he had also discovered the other half of the pure Yang broken sword. It was also because of his discoveries that eventually strayed into the world where the Tian Yuan world resided.

The same strike, in the hands of the Azure Yang Lord, lacked the power of the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner.

Back then, when the Pure Yang Sword Palace killed the Bronze Ancient God, it was really a strike that chopped a Great World off.

Such a magnificent scene made Yi Yun guess something. He had previously guessed that since the world that the Tian Yuan world resided in was sealed by the ancient gods, could those so-called "ancient gods" have anything to do with the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner?

As for the bronze ancient giant that was killed by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner, could he be the same entity as the one sealed in the eternal whirlpool?

If the bronze giant, that was killed by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner, had been sealed in the eternal whirlpool, there would be many questions that would be answered.

These thoughts resonated in Yi Yun's mind, but no matter what the truth was, they were too far from Yi Yun.

"Fallen Star Gate, is this where you are taking me?"

Lin Xintong was well-learned. She even knew about the core of Meteorite Abyss which was Fallen Star Gate.

"It's here. Back then, I discovered an ancient sword palace in Fallen Star Gate. However, I was only able to look around the exterior of the sword palace. I couldn’t even enter the depths of the sword palace."

Sword palace?

Lin Xintong was momentarily stunned. And at this moment, she and Yi Yun had reached the deep depths of Fallen Star Gate, entering the inferno sea.

Yi Yun knew pure Yang laws and he had the Purple Crystal. It was extremely easy for him to enter the inferno sea. Later on, Yi Yun activated the Nine Nine as One array in the deepest depths of Fallen Star Gate, opening the door to the independent world.

When she saw the ancient bronze door open, feeling the forceful power from the door, as if it contained the worldly energy that came from universe's origins of Great Dao, Lin Xintong was completely stunned.

To think that such a forbidden land had a sealed world. And in this world stood an ancient sword palace?

Around Lin Xintong, there were endless colorful flames that curled towards the door, as if a hundred phoenixes were flying to the sun.

As Lin Xintong stood in the middle of this vast energy, her hair began to fly up. As she looked at the world, she saw mountains truncated off, dried up rivers, as well as immortal palaces that had collapsed and a countless number of ruins.

It was a broken world, a world chopped off forcefully by a mighty figure.

At the ends of the world, Lin Xintong could see a mountain peak that pierced the sky like a blade. On the mountain peak stood a mysterious immortal palace. That was the only immortal palace that was still intact in this broken world.

The immortal palace emitted a faint glow. When Lin Xintong accompanied Yi Yun in his flight towards the immortal palace, she saw the large sword scar behind the immortal palace. The sword scar seemed to separate this world into two.

More than a decade ago, Yi Yun had entered the Pure Yang Sword Palace, awaking the Sword Spirit guarding the sword palace. It had told Yi Yun back then that if he really wanted to enter the depths of the Pure Yang Sword Palace, he had to first understand the Sword Intent left behind by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner. Back then, the Sword Spirit believed that it was too difficult for Yi Yun to gain any insight into the Sword Intent. It did not have any hope.

Yi Yun also knew that back then that it was impossible for him to pass the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner's test. But now, after more than ten years later, Yi Yun had once again appeared, hoping to attempt at entering the inner sanctum of the Pure Yang Sword Palace.