True Martial World Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Eye of the Heart
Chapter 692: Eye of the Heart

With that, Yi Yun sat under the sword palace's Dao Tree.

It was a God Spirit, the Dao that it contained was not something understandable by mortal means. Although it was said that seeking Dao enlightenment in Dao Enlightenment Hall for three days was equivalent to seeking Dao enlightenment in the mortal world for a year, it was based on being able to fully gain enlightenment inside here.

This required extraordinary perception.

"How much enlightenment do you think he will gain?"

As Yi Yun was meditating quietly, the white-dressed youth had appeared behind the gray-dressed Sword Spirit. The Sword Spirit had asked the question without even turning his head.

"If he can gain a tiny fragment of enlightenment, it would already be pretty good. As for letting the Dao Tree resonate, such as the rustling of leaves, that is impossible… "

The white-dressed youth shook his head gently. Yi Yun's starting point was too low. Cultivating in the world where the Tian Yuan world resided, due to the limitations of one's outlook, and all sorts of nomological insight, Yi Yun was just at the beginning stages. As for the way of the sword, Yi Yun had never gone through any systemic practice. All the insight he gained were just a fragmentary Sword Intent.

This Sword Intent was naturally stunning in the world where the Tian Yuan world resided, but it was far inferior compared to the true supreme Great Dao.

And this Dao Tree was such a supreme Great Dao. Even if Divine Lords from the 12 Empyrean Heavens sat here, they had to quieten down their hearts to carefully seek enlightenment just to gain a tiny beat. This far exceeded Yi Yun's realm and knowledge.

"For a baby, who has just learned to crawl, suddenly forced to learn how to jump, he will naturally fall very badly." Chibai shook his head and left.

The gray-dressed elder did not say a word. He only looked at Yi Yun with a sparkle in his eyes that no one could understood.

The Dao Tree had a total of 3000 leaves. Every leaf contained a different Dao.

When a Dao-enlightenment seeker sat under the tree to gain enlightenment, the Dao Tree would resonate only if he truly gained some insights.

When one's insights reached an extraordinary realm, the Dao Tree's leaves would rustle in the wind, as if responding to the Dao-enlightenment seeker's pursuit of enlightenment.

And if it went another stage further, people whose enlightenment were even deeper could even make the leaves generate phenomena. The surface of the leaves would be hallowed in light as every vein in the leaf would light up. This was the glow condensed from Great Dao, and that would be extremely rare.

The more insight one gained, the stronger the glow would be. However, even such a phenomena was a very difficult outcome even for the geniuses that come from the major factions of the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

When the glow reached its extremes, it will spontaneously condense into Dao runes, circulating around the Dao Tree in a dance, with the sounds of chanting. That sound was a result of the condensation of Great Dao, and the Dao runes would even land, and condense in the Dao-enlightenment seeker's body. This was a peerless opportunity for the Dao-enlightenment seeker.

This was one realm further ahead, and even peerless elites would fail to become such Dao-enlightenment seekers.

Of course, the gray-dressed elder did not have such expectations to find such a successor. That was something nearly impossible.


Yi Yun ignored the Sword Spirit's focused attention, because his mind was completely immersed in the process of seeking enlightenment.

Sitting under the Dao Tree, he felt like everything around him had distanced away from him. His body seemed like it was immersed in a vast ocean.

Every drop of seawater was a condensation of Dao.

His eyes were tightly closed together, but another pair of "eyes" slowly opened.

Warriors could use their "heart" to view the world, also known as Eye of the Heart. By using one's Eye of the Heart to view the world, one could communicate with the Heaven and Earth, and seek enlightenment in Dao.

And Yi Yun's Eye of the Heart not only had his insights, because in his heart was the Purple Crystal sleeping. The Purple Crystal was already a part of Yi Yun's body. With the existence of the Purple Crystal, by using his Eye of the Heart to view the world, it was also viewing the world through the Purple Crystal.

In the Purple Crystal's vision, he was surrounded by colorful streams of light. And in these streams of light, there were sparkling Dao runes darting through the light in a fleeting fashion.

Above Yi Yun, the ancient tree towered into the heavens. It was extremely tall. It was much taller than the actual body of the Dao Tree Yi Yun saw.

As the breeze blew, the leaves rustled. Yi Yun could hear the sound that every single leaf produced very clearly. This Dao Tree was fully integrated with the Heaven and Earth. It was the Heaven and Earth itself, and Yi Yun was outside this world. He was just a passerby.

Thousands of years of life and death passed with a finger snap. Not only humans, even the other billions of lifeforms were just passers-bys to the Heaven and Earth.

Yi Yun listened to the wind and to the rustling leaves, as his thoughts were fully immersed in the Purple Crystal.

Suddenly, Yi Yun seemed to have a pair of eyes that could penetrate through everything as his gaze landed on the Dao Tree.

There were runic patterns on every lead on the Dao Tree which Yi Yun saw very clearly. Yi Yun could even use his vision to penetrate the tree bark, and see the growth rings in the trunk.

This was something even elites from the 12 Empyrean Heavens could not do.

The ancient tree rings circled again and again, a condensation of Great Dao itself.

Over countless years would one tree ring be formed.

"Three thousands tree leaves, 108 tree rings."

Yi Yun saw through it all, but when he tried to see the energy flow trajectories in the tree rings and the Dao runes they contained, he felt like his spiritual energies were rapidly depleted.

This had never happened before. Back then, Yi Yun had used his Purple Crystal's energy vision to see through all Origin energy flows, and the rules that governed the flow of energy were laws themselves. Hence, Yi Yun could easily see through the Great Dao laws. It was the same back in the sword tomb and the Great Empress mystic realm.

However, today, Yi Yun found his spiritual energy failing to hold up while watching the energy flow.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and cut the Purple Crystal's energy vision off. He was in no hurry.

Even if he saw it once clearly, with enough time, he would be able to see the 3000 leaves and 108 tree rings in their entirety.

As the Dao charms gently flowed, the breeze blew at the tree leaves, emitting rustling sounds of Great Dao. This was the truth of Life, and everything that the Dao Tree had seen while standing here for the endless ages.

Yi Yun immediately felt his body being impacted by a surge, as if he was in the rolling rivers of time. Without being able to do a thing, he rolled away.

The more a passer-by peeped, the more he would not be able to withstand the accumulated insights over the endless years.

As the waves tumbled, after an unknown period of time, Yi Yun recovered his spiritual energy again and again. He struggled to peep, seeing each leaf's Dao runes sporadically.

Seeing them clearly was one thing, but to gain any insights from them was very difficult!

Yi Yun suddenly understood that a passer-by was just a passer-by. The amount of insights gained would be extremely limited. It was all borrowed from the Dao Tree.

Seeking enlightenment through the Dao Tree's Dao, and seeing through the Dao Tree's runic patterns did not mean that it would become his own.

Then what should he do?

Yi Yun suddenly recalled the time he cultivated the "Tai Ah Sacred Technique". He had used the Purple Crystal to see through the "Tai Ah Sacred Technique"'s picture of the Sun.

The "Tai Ah Sacred Technique" may be low in quality, but after Yi Yun entered the Great Empress mystic realm, he learned that the "Tai Ah Sacred Technique" had a tinge of connection with the Azure Yang Lord. And the Azure Yang Lord's Dao came from the "Yang God Manual", and the "Yang God Manual" was truly one of the 12 supreme Great Dao formed at the very beginning of the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

Although the "Tai Ah Sacred Technique" was no longer worthy for Yi Yun to gain any further insights into it, the method that Yi Yun used to gain the insights from the picture of the Sun back then was not necessarily unusable. And that was… copying.