True Martial World Chapter 698

Chapter 698: The Destroyed Teleportation Array
"The gigantic eye in the God Burial Abyss' eternal whirlpool is really only a single eye?"

Yi Yun was alarmed. He knew that the eye that appeared in the God Burial Abyss was ten thousand miles in diameter. From tens of thousands of miles away, people only saw an eye and found it as big as a star.

Yi Yun originally believed that there was an ancient demon sealed in God Burial Abyss and it had only revealed itself in the form of an eye. But now, he was informed that it was actually the right eye of the ancient Ancestor God!

Just a single eye had such power. It was hard to imagine what sort of power an ancient Ancestor God had. How spectacular and grand was the battle in ancient times?

Just this thought shocked Yi Yun!

"If that is the case, in the worlds including the world that the Tian Yuan world resides in, the only significance for their existence is to seal the ancient Ancestor God… "

The Sword Spirit nodded and said, "That's right. The Tian Yuan world is one of the 33 chosen worlds. The reason these worlds were chosen because they are large and stable enough, and their locations are remote."

"Stable world? Remote location?" Yi Yun frowned slightly. It seemed that it was indeed not easy for him to leave the Tian Yuan world to the 12 Empyrean Heavens. "The ancient Ancestor God was sealed separately, but isn't there the fear that one day, He would come back to live again?"

“If it's fortune, then it isn't calamity, and it it's calamity, then it can't be avoided. The Ancestor God was born at the beginning of the Universe. He is equivalent to Heavenly Dao. If the Heavenly Dao destines something to happen, then it would be very difficult to prevent it! However… just those puny Demon Disciples aren’t enough to release the ancient Ancestor God's Eye of Destruction."

The Sword Spirit and Chibai were not too worried about the Black-armored Demon God's appearance.

As long as they did not affect the God Burial Abyss' seals, then they would be unperturbed even if all the life in the Tian Yuan world was wiped out.

"Yi Yun, if you really want to borrow the God Confining Lock array, we can lend it to you. However… I still want to advise you. It is best not to mess with those ancient existences. You are too young. Compared to their long lives, your age is nearly negligible. The Tian Yuan world is just one of the lower realms under the 12 Empyrean Heavens. The lives here compared to the Universe are as tiny as dust."

The Sword Spirit wished Yi Yun to undergo honing experiences, but too dangerous experiences were not optimal. On the long path a genius had to take, there were too many who died. He did not want a fine successor to be lost just like that.

"Seniors, rest assure. This Junior would not mess with that malignant star for no reason. Without absolute confidence, I will only lay dormant and cultivate. This Junior is only borrowing the God Confining Lock for exigent purposes."

Yi Yun was after all a person who crossed worlds. It was impossible for him to have the determination to swear to protect the Tian Yuan world.

Many innocent lives were taken by the Black-armored Demon God and for this, it was against Yi Yun's conscience. But as he was limited in strength, he could do nothing about it.

"Alright. It's best that you understand that. No matter when, strength is fundamental!"

Upon saying this, the Sword Spirit took out the set of flying sabers of the Thousand Snow Domain. He then passed them to Yi Yun, including the Thousand Snow Domain's technique methods.

The Thousand Snow flying sabers were all stored in a belt.

This belt was itself an interspatial enchanted item. It was only five feet long and it could hold 999 flying sabers.

Yi Yun nonchalantly took one flying saber out. The blade was grayish-white in color and it did not have a metallic texture. Instead, it resembled jade.

Yi Yun knew that the Thousand Snow flying sabers were not made out of metal. It was the Artisan God, who killed a Dragon Devouring Divine Shark in the sinkhole in ancient times, that created them. He then used the Divine Shark's teeth to construct them.

Although the Dragon Devouring Divine Shark was said to be dragon devouring, it did not devour true dragons, it devoured flood dragons. But even so, such ancient Divine Sharks were still terrifying.

A Divine Shark had a mouth full of teeth and it came from the same origins. By specially choosing from the teeth to construct the 999 flying sabers, the sabers were all connected spiritually, making them extremely powerful.

However, when the Artisan God created this set of flying sabers, it was never meant for himself, so he did not put too much thought into it. If he had added more top-grade materials into the flying sabers, this set of flying sabers would be more exceptional in quality. And if that happened, even Yi Yun would have problem controlling this set of flying sabers.

Even with the Purple Crystal in his body, controlling such powerful flying sabers was also extremely demanding on Yi Yun.

After taking the three treasures, Yi Yun thanked Chibai and the Sword Spirit once again before walking out of the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

After more than half a year, this was the first time that Yi Yun stepped out of the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

Outside the sword palace, facing the ruined world under the peak, Yi Yun took a deep breath. After gaining enlightenment of a Dao Leaf's life, he now had a transcendental feeling, as if he himself had experienced a life that went from birth to death.

At this moment, in front of the Seven Kills Stone Pillar, Lin Xintong was sitting cross-legged in silence. She was trying to gain insights into the Sword Intent left behind by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner. Despite existing for so many years, the Sword Intent had remained as sharp as ever. Back then, when Yi Yun first came to the Pure Yang Sword Palace, he had spent ten months just to understand the Sword Intent.

Yi Yun did not disturb Lin Xintong. He stood quietly in front of the Seven Kills Stone Pillar, and gently looked at the peerless beauty.

Much later, Lin Xintong sensed something and she slowly opened her eyes.

Instantly, Yi Yun could feel a cold inkling of Sword Intent from her watery eyes. The Sword Intent was like a cold wind or icicles. Just one glance could make someone feel as if their souls were frozen.

However, Yi Yun also understood Sword Intent. When the cold Sword Intent came in front of him, it automatically dissolved.

Lin Xintong looked at Yi Yun, and after more than half a year, Yi Yun still looked the same, but his bearing had changed greatly.

The way he stood there was as if he did not exist. It made people not help but blink their eyes to confirm what they saw. Some warriors, who had deep insight into the laws, would be harmonious with the Heaven-Earth Great Dao, making them seem to be integrated with the Heaven and Earth.

Yi Yun had clearly reached that stage.

This made Lin Xintong happy from the bottom of her heart. She knew that Yi Yun had gained a lot from the sword palace.

Yi Yun also looked at Lin Xintong in admiration. Back when he was outside the Pure Yang Sword Palace trying to gain insights, he had the Purple Crystal, allowing him to see the energy flows in the Seven Kills Stone Pillar and the shocking sword scar. Lin Xintong did not have that ability and she had to rely on her own perception.

Lin Xintong exceeded him when it came to perception.

"Xintong, it's been more than half a year and you have already figured out your own Sword Intent. This Sword Intent should be frost-ice Sword Intent, right… ?"

Now, Yi Yun had a deep understanding of Sword Intent, so not only did he sense the Sword Intent from Lin Xintong's body, he could also sense the properties of the Sword Intent.

The Sword Intent left behind by the Pure Yang Sword Palace was pure Yang in nature, and it was completely opposite to the laws that Lin Xintong cultivated. It did not seem like it would be useful for Lin Xintong, but in the Great Dao laws, Yin and Yang supplemented each other with extreme Yang producing Yin. Lin Xintong had used this point to comprehend a Sword Intent that suited herself from the pure Yang Sword Intent.

It sounded easy, but it was difficult to accomplish. It required extraordinary perception to be able to draw parallels from inference.

Lin Xintong looked at Yi Yun and smiled lightly, "Yi Yun, it seems that you did not only stop at gaining insights into Sword Intent, and you have gone another level higher. It seems that I need to work harder. I can't fall behind you."

"Another level higher, not really." Yi Yun shook his head. The higher level of Sword Intent was the Heart of the Sword. Yi Yun now was only at the Large Success Stage of Sword Intent. He was still quite far from being able to condense the Heart of the Sword.

"Xintong, it's time that we leave."

Yi Yun had gained a lot when he entered the Pure Yang Sword Palace. Now, it was time to leave the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

Although the Dao Enlightenment Hall in the Pure Yang Sword Palace was good, it was difficult to maintain a high speed of comprehension while seeking Dao enlightenment in the Dao Enlightenment Hall.

The first entry into Dao Enlightenment Hall indeed could be described as having a year's worth in the outside world while gaining enlightenment inside for three days.

But slowly, when all the things that could be comprehended was finished, the remaining Great Dao would usually be abstruse. To gain new insights, it needed the warrior to gain experience and accumulation. It was impossible to complete everything in one sitting.

Previously, when Yi Yun first began his Dao-seeking enlightenment, the white-dressed youth did not believe that Yi Yun could gain much out of it. He believed Yi Yun would awake after meditating for two or three days.

Later on, Yi Yun ended up meditating for nearly seven months. He even caused the Dao Tree to drop a leaf. This far exceeded the time a typical warrior would take to gain enlightenment. Hoping to gain more insight would be more haste, less speed. Even though Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal, he still needed time and experience to digest the Dao lines that he had copied.

As such, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong left the Pure Yang Sword Palace. They flew out of Meteorite Abyss, and they flew towards the teleportation array set up by the Desolate race in the Divine Wilderness.

The Divine Wilderness was vast, so for ease of travel, the Desolate race had set up a teleportation array for entering and exiting the Divine Wilderness. The locations of these teleportation arrays were highly confidential, but Jiang Xiaorou had given the detailed map of the teleportation arrays to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was heading towards an important teleportation array that the Desolate race had set up in the perimeter of the Divine Wilderness. It could reach straight into the Desolate race's grounds.

However, when Yi Yun and Lin Xintong came to where the teleportation array was, Yi Yun's heart strung up.

The region around the teleportation array was a long stretch of mountains, but it seemed like it had suffered a major earthquake. Cracks had opened up in many mountains, and the rivers were dried up.

The array that was set up deep in the mountains to hide the location of the teleportation array was also torn apart. In the air, a faint scent of killing aura lingered, making Yi Yun apprehensive.

"What happened?" Lin Xintong's heart tightened up as she could smell the faint smell of blood in the air.

"Let's go!" Yi Yun's expression turned serious as he held Lin Xintong's hand and rushed to the source of the killing aura while holding his breath.

In a blink of an eye, he had gone past a split mountain and he saw a hellish scene.

A teleportation array had completely exploded and around it, there were dismembered corpses and blood!

Yi Yun's face sank as the dismembered corpses were those of the Desolate race and desolate beasts. Gigantic desolate beasts were dismembered, and large quantities of blood dyed the ground that stretched for miles. The smell of blood wafted dozens of miles out.

To ensure the security of the teleportation array, the Desolate race had left guards here to protect it. There were many of these guards, who were equivalent to Yuan Opening realm human warriors, holding the ground. In addition to the numerous primordial species guarding this location, the defensive capabilities were extremely high.

But now, they had been wiped out!

Chapter 698: The Destroyed Teleportation Array