True Martial World Chapter 699

Chapter 699: The Desolate Race Attacked
Upon seeing the Desolate race's teleportation array in such a state, Yi Yun's heart tightened. He did not know how the hidden Desolate race teleportation array had been razed to the ground.

Black-armored Demon God?

At this moment, this could only be done by the Black-armored Demon God. It was unlikely that the Human race would oppose the Desolate race when their lives and deaths were on the line.

Yi Yun became extremely uneasy when he thought of the Black-armored Demon God. Could the Black-armored Demon God have abandoned the Tian Yuan world and gone to the Divine Wilderness?

Yi Yun was unsure why that was so. He had previously seen from the disk array images that the Black-armored Demon God was slaughtering and drawing Heaven Earth Yuan Qi at the same time. Even some of the mighty figures of the Tian Yuan world were sealed in his armor.

The Black-armored Demon God was doing so most likely because of his serious injuries. He needed to mend his soul and life force that was about to collapse at any time.

If the Black-armored Demon God carried on his slaughter in the rich and dense Tian Yuan world, just killing one martial family clan would allow him to replenish even more energy.

But… he had abandoned the Tian Yuan world and gone to the Divine Wilderness?

The Divine Wilderness was sparsely populated and it was low in resources. There was a single soul in sight for hundreds of thousands of miles. The Desolate race were few in number and their whereabouts were a secret. Why did he come to the Divine Wilderness?

"Yi Yun, this teleportation array should have been forcefully opened… "

Lin Xintong carefully investigated the shattered teleportation array, and she came out with this conclusion from the energy fluctuations in it.

Some powerful existences, who knew spatial dimension laws, could indeed forcefully use a teleportation array and be transported to the other end through the void. If he was powerful enough, he could even cause the teleportation array to crumble while passing through!

Lin Xintong believed that the teleportation array in shambles in front of them was likely a result of that situation.

And of all things, this teleportation array directly led to the the Desolate race in the core of the Divine Wilderness!

Just thinking of the Desolate race's core residence, the Lin family's elites as well as Jiang Xiaorou were all there. If the Black-armored Demon God went there…

Yi Yun's heart sank. Lin Xintong did not dare to think either. How could the Desolate race and the Lin family withstand the Black-armored Demon God?

"It has been a long time since the Black-armored Demon God travelled through the teleportation array… "

The blood that covered the ground was slowly turning black. The blood of warriors was not easily susceptible to decay, but now, the blood had turned black, indicating that a long period of time had passed. It was reasonable after all. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had been cultivating in the Pure Yang Sword Palace for more than half a year. Coincidences would not occur with them coming out on the same day the Black-armored Demon God traveled through the teleportation array.

"Damn it!" Yi Yun clenched his fists as his knuckles trembled. "I should have left an Information Stone, so Sis Xiaorou could crush it to inform me in times of danger."

Yi Yun was feeling regret. He and Jiang Xiaorou had supported each other in the Cloud Wilderness, and they had undergone a few life and death separations. If Jiang Xiaorou was killed by the Black-armored Demon God, he did not dare to imagine the scenario. He had sought enlightenment in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, losing track of time. He never imagined that this situation would occur.

Lin Xintong sighed, "Leaving the Information Stone would be useless. When the Black-armored Demon God traveled through the teleportation array, this teleportation array was already destroyed. We would not have made it in time coming from the Pure Yang Sword Palace. Besides… even if we could get there in time, Miss Jiang would probably not crush the Information Stone at that moment."

The Black-armored Demon God was too powerful. With Jiang Xiaorou's feelings for Yi Yun, she would rather face the Black-armored Demon God alone than implicate Yi Yun.

"I know… " Yi Yun said with a deep and solemn voice. His expression was slowly turning very terrifying. An air of killing intent began to emanate from his body. Even Lin Xintong felt breathless while immersed in the killing intent around Yi Yun... She had never felt such a terrifying killing intent from Yi Yun's body.

Without a word, Yi Yun suddenly shot into the sky and flew towards the Desolate race!

The teleportation array had been destroyed, so they naturally could not use it. They could only use their own bodies to traverse the Divine Wilderness, crossing tens of millions of miles!

Yi Yun was extremely fast. All the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was gathered towards Yi Yun. With this energy augmenting him, he was like a burning shooting star. Everywhere he passed, the atmosphere was torn apart, causing tumultuous rumbles that resembled thunder!

A terrifying aura radiated in all directions. The powerful pressure cracked the land open, swept towering trees away and cut off rivers.

Along their path, primordial species who felt his aura trembled. Even Primordial True Spirits avoided the suppressing aura.

Yi Yun passed through with an indomitable momentum. As for Lin Xintong, she was following close behind. As she looked at Yi Yun charging ahead of her, she was slightly astonished. She nearly could not keep up with his speed.

After seeking enlightenment in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun seemed to have integrated with the Heaven and Earth.

As the two of them shuttled through the air silently, Yi Yun's expression was solemn and the atmosphere was extremely repressive.

Lin Xintong was also very worried for Matriarch Lin. It was Lin Xintong and Yi Yun who had suggested for the Lin family to seek refuge in the Divine Wilderness. If the Lin family was slaughtered as a result, Lin Xintong would feel great remorse.

The distance that spanned tens of millions of miles did not need more than a few days at the blazing speed Lin Xintong and Yi Yun were traveling at. The closer they approached the Desolate race headquarters, the more nervous Yi Yun and Lin Xintong felt.

Reason told them that the Desolate race and the Lin family were probably finished because it was impossible for them to fight the Black-armored Demon God. However, without seeing the outcome, they still held that tiny bit of hope…

Finally, the two of them arrived at the Desolate race's territory.


It was all ruins as far their eyes could see!

The glorious and grand Desolate race divine palace of the past now lay in ruins. Arrays were in shambles, and there were still remnants of a brutal Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the air.

Yi Yun's heart turned cold. The Desolate race headquarters gathered the strongest forces of the Desolate race. It was definitely not the work of the humans to be able to cause such destruction. It could only be the Black-armored Demon God.

Yi Yun had a deadpan expression, but killing intent emerged from his body once again. Beside Yi Yun, Lin Xintong had a feeling that the present Yi Yun was like a Demon God. If the Black-armored Demon God appeared, Yi Yun would have been a fair match for him.

"Yi Yun, don't worry. There aren't that many corpses here... The situation might not be as bad as we think."

There were not many corpses scattered around the Desolate race ruins. The few Primordial True Spirits that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong saw who guarded the Desolate race's Grand Palace were dismembered, and large amounts of blood dyed the ruins crimson.

As for other places, there were few corpses scattered around. There were indeed not many. It was much fewer in number than the Desolate race army stationed in the Desolate race headquarters from Yi Yun's recollections.

With a scan using his consciousness, every spot in the ruins were enveloped in Yi Yun's perception.

He was probing the situation underneath the destroyed palace. There were tumbled boulders that crushed many members of the Desolate race. Amongst them were Lin family disciples. Their bodies were badly mutilated and they had probably died immediately from a terrifying explosion.

Although the faces of these corpses were unidentifiable, according to the remnant energy fluctuations in the corpses, Yi Yun could analyze their strength back when they were alive, and from that, infer their identity.

From these corpses, Yi Yun did not find any important figures of the Lin family, nor did he see many Desolate race elites.

If these people died, the energy fluctuations from their bodies should have been stronger.

This made Yi Yun's heart calm down a bit. There was still hope!

Chapter 699: The Desolate Race Attacked