True Martial World Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Refuge
Chapter 700: Refuge

Yi Yun very quickly finished searching through all the ruins with his perception. He did not find a dead Jiang Xiaorou, nor did he discover Jiang Xiaorou's mother.

Yi Yun knew Jiang Xiaorou too well. If Jiang Xiaorou was trapped in the ruins, Yi Yun would not even need to identify her by her looks. Just her aura was enough to quickly let him find Jiang Xiaorou.

It was inevitable that he previously could not help but imagine a scene of Jiang Xiaorou covered in blood with no signs of life. Just this thought made Yi Yun feel like choking.

But now… this terrible scene had thankfully not happened. Yi Yun felt as if a large stone was lifted off his chest a little.

"Sis Xiaorou might very well be alive!"

Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Jiang Xiaorou was not here, there was still hope!

"They managed to escape?"

Lin Xintong was also pleasantly surprised. She had also seen few corpses around the Lin family's residence. Matriarch Lin, whom she worried about the most, was most likely still alive.

Lin Xintong found it hard to imagine how the Lin family and the Desolate race managed to escape from the hands of the Black-armored Demon God. According to what she knew, the Desolate race and the Lin family had no means of withstanding him.

The Black-armored Demon God had used the teleportation array to directly appear in the heart of the Desolate race. What happened next was most likely a massacre.

Under such a situation, having a few people from the Desolate race and Lin family escape was pretty good. And from the looks of it, the Desolate race and Lin family managed to survive relatively well in this disaster. It was completely a miracle.

Of course, it was now not the time to consider this. They had to first find out where the Desolate race and the Lin family went.

"Xintong, let us search carefully. Something must have been left behind."

Yi Yun entered the collapse palace, while Lin Xintong flew into the Lin family's residence. They began to search for any clues left behind.

With disaster suddenly befalling them, the Lin family and the Desolate race should still leave some clues for Lin Xintong and Yi Yun even while fleeing.

No matter how chaotic the fleeing was or how tight time was, it was not to the point of not being able to do this tiny gesture.

Very soon, Yi Yun found a map jade slip in the ruins. It was very easy to find because it was placed in Jiang Xiaorou's palatial bedroom. Although the bedroom had collapsed, some of its structure remained intact.

On the jade slip, there were remnants of Jiang Xiaorou's aura!

Yi Yun's heart tightened up as he stretched out his hands, splitting the collapsed roof above the bedroom open.


Rocks and dust scattered everywhere as a jade slip shot out of the dust cloud, landing on Yi Yun's hand.

As he injected his consciousness into the jade slip, Yi Yun held his breath.

There was a very messy map inside the jade slip, and on the corner of the map, there was a mark.

Behind the map were the words—

"Yun'er be careful."

The words were nearly illegible, and it was probably left behind by Jiang Xiaorou in a hurry. Yi Yun's heart relaxed. With the arrival of the Demon God and in their fleeing, Jiang Xiaorou had no means of telling him anything else. Just a simple sentence contained all of Jiang Xiaorou's feelings.

Sis Xiaorou should be fine…

The hope in Yi Yun's heart grew. He knew that the map in the jade slip indicated where the Desolate race and the Lin family fled to.

The mark on the map was a teleportation array used by the Desolate race to a secret location. Previously, Jiang Xiaorou had informed Yi Yun of all the locations of the Desolate race's teleportation arrays, hence Yi Yun knew where it was.

If someone did not know where the teleportation arrays were located on a map, even if someone received the jade slip, they would not know where the Desolate race and the Lin family had escaped to. Jiang Xiaorou had done this to be safe.

"Xintong, I found it." Yi Yun transmitted his voice to Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong left the Lin family ruins and flew to Yi Yun's side. The Lin family did not understand the Divine Wilderness much after all, so it was not easy to leave anything behind in their haste.

Lin Xintong did not understand a thing when she looked at the map. However, she did not ask what the map represented, but asked Yi Yun, "Are we leaving now?"

She was also anxious to confirm the safety of Matriarch Lin.

"Yes, let's go now. We must be careful of not being tracked."

"Being tracked? You are talking about the Black-armored Demon God? That can't be… " Lin Xintong was stunned. She found it impossible that the Black-armored Demon God would track them. According to the Black-armored Demon God's actions in the past, he would directly attack to kill the moment he discovered them.

Yi Yun nodded and said, "Just to be sure. I had always believed the Black-armored Demon God was just a killing machine, but maybe we do not fully understand him. I never expected that the Black-armored Demon God could use the Desolate race teleportation array to find the Desolate race's residence. For the Black-armored Demon God to abandon the resource-rich Tian Yuan world to the sparse Divine Wilderness puzzles me."

Yi Yun did not know what the Black-armored Demon God was plotting. Yi Yun had even believed that the Black-armored Demon God lacked any intelligence. From the moment the Black-armored Demon God appeared, he had only been engaged in wanton killing, killing everything alive that he saw.

He was completely like a killing puppet that did not have any intelligence.

Yi Yun knew that the Black-armored Demon God was injured by the Azure Yang Lord and he had been sealed for tens of millions of years. His soul had been inflicted with a great deal of trauma.

And before the Black-armored Demon God appeared, Blood Moon had seemingly conspired against the Black-armored Demon God. As for what actually happened, or if the Black-armored Demon God's soul was irreversibly damaged, Yi Yun did not know.

Now with the Black-armored Demon God in such a mental state, Yi Yun also did not know if he had intelligence or just killing instinct.

"Alright… " Lin Xintong nodded.

Being careful was never wrong. She did not know what means the Desolate race and the Lin family had used to escape the Black-armored Demon God's grasp. Even if they managed to escape once, it did not mean that they could escape a second time. She did not dare take the risk.

Due to the long-distance travel of them flying tens of millions of miles, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were also tired. So they rested in the ruins for an entire day.

Late at night on the second day, the sky above the Divine Wilderness was filled with stars and a crescent moon. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong flew away from the Divine Wilderness's palace ruins.

Yi Yun opened his energy vision in the air. After seeking enlightenment in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun's spiritual energy had improved once again. By using the Purple Crystal, he could easily see everything in a five mile radius.

Although the Black-armored Demon God was powerful, it definitely was no match for a worldly divine item like the Purple Crystal. He definitely could not escape the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

After confirming that there were no powerful life forces around them, Yi Yun led Lin Xintong and flew to a small teleportation array placed around the palace.

This teleportation array was not damaged. Using it, they traversed a distance of about 5000 miles. After that, Yi Yun destroyed the teleportation array. He then locked onto a particular direction and traveled at super speed ahead.

The two figures very quickly disappeared in the starry night sky…

The land that they escaped to, which Jiang Xiaorou had marked, was about a few million miles away from Yi Yun's present location. It was located in deep mountains and marshlands. The location was hidden and remote. Yi Yun knew that this place was originally the Desolate race's prison!