True Martial World Chapter 701

Chapter 701: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 701: Old Acquaintances

Divine Wilderness, in the remote mountains.

If one was to say that the Divine Wilderness was a place where very few humans resided, then the remote mountains deep in the Divine Wilderness was where even the Desolate race did not come often.

There were millions of mountains here, in a long winding range. There were lakes in between the mountains that resembled seas.

Other than that, the remote mountains also had vast swamps, deep valleys as well as miasma-filed lands where many powerful beasts lay dormant.

The remote mountains, that was filled with all sorts of mythical creatures, was considered the most terrifying area of the Divine Wilderness. Without the Desolate race that could communicate with desolate beasts, even a human Empyreal King would have to be careful in a place like this. Once they chance upon a large scale beast horde, there was even the risk of death.

The remote mountains was a distant place for penal servitude in the Divine Wilderness. Members of the Desolate race, who had committed crimes, would be banished here.

Other than that, there were also other races detained here.

And of course that included humans.

Humans and the Desolate race were sworn enemies. After human warriors were captured by the Desolate race, they would naturally not be released back to the Human race. Most of them would be imprisoned in the remote mountains, never to leave again.

And it was such a remote and secret place that had become the temporary shelter of the Desolate race.

Due to the large number of Desolate race members settling in here, the prison cells that were there originally were removed. Many of those who had been held prisoner were also given temporary freedom.

Of course, they would not escape either. The remote mountains had arrays sealing them in. Furthermore, with desolate beasts lurking around, the chances of successfully escaping were very low.

At this moment, these prisoners, who had been "chased" out of their cells, were all gathered in front of a pasture.

This was a desolate beast farm established by the Desolate race. The pasture covered hundreds of thousands of miles and they reared all sorts of desolate beasts. These desolate beasts had been domesticated by the Desolate race, and they were used by many of the Desolate race elites as mounts.

In ancient times, when the Desolate race and Human race battled, the Desolate race army would ride such beasts to lead their crusade against the Tian Yuan world. Most of the combat strength from the Desolate race army mostly came from their desolate beast mounts. Furthermore, with some desolate beasts accompanying them in their charge, their battles had an indomitable momentum.

Many of the prisoners in the remote mountains needed to engage in labor. And one of those included caring for the desolate beasts.

At this moment, in the desolate beast farm, an azure-clothed scholarly man was nonchalantly sitting on a lone rock. He was looking at a dozen desolate beasts not far from him.

These desolate beasts were all primordial species. They were irascible and when prisoners fed them, there was a chance of the prisoners being injured.

However, in front of the azure-clothed scholar, these primordial species appeared rather tame. They did not growl and they only lowered their heads to eat meat obediently.

As they wolved down large pieces of meat, the primordial species' mouths were covered in blood.

The azure-clothed scholar only looked at all of this calmly. He had a learned bearing, and compared to these ferocious desolate beasts in front of him or the vast remote mountains around him, he appeared very out of place.

"The world is changing… "

The azure-clothed scholar sighed. Over the past few days, he had seen the Desolate race army withdraw into the remote mountains. Many of them were injured, while the most powerful members of the Desolate race all had solemn expressions on their faces. Clearly, the situation was worse than they originally expected.

A few days ago, the azure-clothed scholar had also listened in to the Desolate race members who had withdrawn to the remote mountains in which they explained the reason for their fleeing.

This was because the Tian Yuan world was currently undergoing a terrible catastrophe. A powerful Black-armored Demon God, who exceeded the strength of the Tian Yuan world and the Desolate race, was engaged in a massacre. With just him alone, he was causing a bloody storm in the Large World. Wherever the Black-armored Demon God went, life would be extinguished, with nothing spared.

Many people guessed that the Black-armored Demon God would likely grow in strength, and become so strong that he could destroy the Tian Yuan world and the Desolate race's martial civilization.

That was definitely an outcome of a calamity.

"I wonder how the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is… Have the citizens of the Divine Kingdom been slaughtered by the Black-armored Demon God… ?" The azure-clothed scholar muttered to himself and looked worried.

This azure-clothed scholar was the Tai Ah Divine City's City Lord.

More than ten years ago, the Desolate race had opened a pathway from the Divine Wilderness into the Tian Yuan world. As such, the Tai Ah Divine City was destroyed by the Desolate race, and all the strongest figures in the Tai Ah Divine City, including the City Lord, were captured.

It was impossible for them to resist the Shepherd Boy. Furthermore, the Shepherd Boy had led a huge army of desolate beasts, and there was even a Primordial True Spirit that was no weaker than a human Empyreal King.

It was definite that the city would be overrun.

Not even the Tai Ah Divine City's City Lord, even the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's royalty, who were stationed along the Divine Kingdom's border had been captured in large numbers.

This included two kings and two princes, as well as a princess of the royal family who had the beauty to topple countries.

As the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's royalty was captured by the Desolate race, the country was greatly eviscerated, causing the country's strength to decline greatly.

And those members of the royal family who were captured, as well as the mighty figures of the Tai Ah Divine City, had all been imprisoned for more than a decade. They were isolated from the outside world and they did not know anything that had happened, nor know if the Desolate race had ever taken the fight to the Tian Yuan world.

Only today, when the Desolate race fled into the remote mountains did they get some information regarding the outside world.

So in the past decade or so, the outside world had undergone upheavals!

They knew that the Desolate race had a new Desolate Queen. She was young and she had obtained the recognition of the Sacred Spirit, inheriting the throne.

They also knew of a hidden organization, Blood Moon in the Tian Yuan world. They were known as the Martial Alliance on the surface, but they were actually an important chess piece that had instigated the ancient war tens of millions of years ago.

With the Blood Moon overthrown, many of the Elders from the Tian Yuan world's major factions formed a Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, so as to maintain a new order in the Tian Yuan world, as well as fight against the Black-armored Demon God, but it was to no avail.

Now, the Black-armored Demon God had attacked the Divine Wilderness, but the Tai Ah Divine City's City Lord did not derive any pleasure from their misfortune. If possible, he wished that the Desolate race could destroy the Black-armored Demon God, while he carried on living out his life in the remote mountains. He did not wish for the Tian Yuan world, especially the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's inheritance, to be destroyed, or to see numerous citizens being slaughtered by the Black-armored Demon God, causing rivers of blood to flow…

Just as the azure-clothed scholar was worrying about the future of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, an old man walked up behind the azure-clothed scholar and said, "City Lord, the Desolate race has sent someone, asking us to go over."

Although they had been imprisoned for many years, those who came from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, were still accustomed to calling the azure-clothed scholar City Lord.

And the old man who called out to the City Lord was the one Elders of the Tai Ah Divine City, Cang Yan.

Back in the Tai Ah Divine City, Elder Cang Yan was a person who had an attitude of frivolous defiance. Despite more than a decade having passed and his imprisonment, he was still living quite a leisurely and carefree life in the remote mountains. He had food and drink here, and this place had abundant primal Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. No one abused them either, so other than not being able to leave the remote mountains, it was actually nothing to Cang Yan.

"The Desolate race wants us there?" The azure-clothed scholar was surprised, before he shook his head with a wry smile. He said, "For the Desolate race to flee to this area, they are probably at the end of their ropes. They are probably thinking of combining all forces, not even leaving out us prisoners imprisoned in the remote mountains. Together, we have to fight against the Black-armored Demon God, and will probably promise our freedom. However, against the Black-armored Demon God, what role can we play?" The azure-clothed scholar said with a self-deprecating tone.

The Tian Yuan world's Elder Consortium was powerless against the Black-armored Demon God, so they had no means of even putting up a resistance.

Cang Yan still had an indifferent attitude as he laughed, saying, "City Lord, why do you keep sighing? Isn't it just a Black-armored Demon God? Even if I can't beat him, I'll also take a bite at him. Even if he is called a Demon God, he's just a single entity. Can he really destroy the entire world by himself? Now, we might not be his match, but there will be someone who will eventually be able to destroy him. I heard in recent years, a peerless genius appeared in the Tian Yuan world. At a young age, this kid was already on equal footing with many of the big figureheads in the Tian Yuan world. It sounds completely outrageous from the sound of it."

"According to what the Desolate race said, this kid not only played an important role in subverting Blood Moon, he is also the hope that to defeat the Black-armored Demon God. If I had a say, in a few hundred years, this kid might finish the Black-armored Demon God!"

The remote mountains were void of information. Cang Yan had recently heard of a terrifying youth appearing in the Tian Yuan world. He was initially very alarmed as the information sounded unbelievable. It completely overturned everything he knew.

However, all the Desolate race who escaped to the remote mountains had said the same thing, so slowly, Cang Yan could only believe it with a pinch of salt.

"Hopefully… I wish this peerless genius was not fabricated by them… " The azure-clothed scholar said as he shook his head.

He had naturally heard of this news, but he refused to believe it.

When people faced times of hardship, they needed a hero. Even without a hero, people would create one, as heroes brought hope to people.

The azure-clothed scholar suspected that the sudden appearance of a genius was to make people have confidence. He would be what kept people going, that as long as they remained resilient, one day, this hero would defeat the Black-armored Demon God.

But was this true?

This person definitely existed to be portrayed as a hero, but to say that he had such fearsome power at such a young age, the azure-clothed scholar found it unbelievable. Many rumors were often exaggerated.