True Martial World Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Distinguished Elites Gathered
Chapter 702: Distinguished Elites Gathered

In the remote mountains, a magnificent Desolate race palace stood erect.

This palace was an enchanted companion treasure of the former Desolate Queen. She could keep and take it anywhere she wanted. As such, this palace was brought to the remote mountains. As for the other palaces that were not refined into enchanted treasures, they were left in ruins back in the original territory of the Desolate race.

At this moment, there were already large numbers of warriors gathered in the Desolate race's palace's meeting hall, numbering more than ten thousand.

Amongst these people, there were not only members of the Desolate race, but also people from the Human race.

When the Tai Ah Divine City City Lord and Cang Yan arrived at the meeting hall, they were started when they saw the scene. They were previously held in prison deep in the remote mountains, so they had only heard some murmurs about what had happened in the external world. They only believed that the Desolate race had retreated into the remote mountains, and they did not really know that there were so many members of the Human race gathered here.

From the looks of these humans, they were most likely from major factions in the Tian Yuan world. Even the Human race had withdrawn to the remote mountains?

"City Lord!"

"Uncle Yang!"

After the Tai Ah Divine City City Lord walked into the crowd, they were received by a few people. The two in front were dressed in black long robes. The two of them were kings of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, and following right behind them was a girl in her twenties. She was a princess of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

As for the others, they were the Elders of the former Tai Ah Divine City, including Elder Jian Ge.

With the calamity before them, the prison rules were no longer upheld. These people were for all purposes, practically freed.

"The people involved in the meeting are all inside. Only people at the peak of the Dao Seed realm can enter."

A few of the Desolate race guards stopped a large number of warriors outside the meeting hall. As for the Tai Ah Divine City City Lord and company, their cultivation level was high enough. They were led into the grand hall by the Desolate race's guards.

As they walked through, there was a solemn atmosphere lingering in the air. The birth of the Black-armored Demon God gave all of them an apocalyptic feel.

"Former Backwater East's Tai Ah Kingdom's Yuan Opening realm warriors have arrived."

The Desolate race guard said a sentence to simply introduce the azure-clothed scholar and company's identity. Be they once a City Lord or a member of royalty, that did not matter. To be in this meeting hall, only their cultivation level and strength mattered.

The azure-clothed scholar also knew that no matter what status they held in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, that was actually negligible here.

The guards outside the meeting hall, pushed the door open with deadpan expressions.

As the azure-clothed scholar and company walked into the grand hall, they were met with a wide room. There was a round table in the middle with more than twenty people sitting around it. These people all had powerful auras and they gave off a strong repressive feeling.

Even at this moment, despite them already converging their auras, they still made anyone who glanced at them palpitate in their hearts.

Without a doubt, these people were the strongest figures of the Desolate race and the Human race. They were figures given the title of Empyreal Kings.

And what was most surprising was that amongst this group of strong warriors, there was a girl who looked like she was in her teens. She sat high above on a seat of honor and she held a bone staff that was engraved with runic patterns. She wore a red long dress and she had three cinnabar marks on the spot in the middle of her eyebrows. She really had the unsurpassed beauty of a generation.

The girl's aura was clearly weaker, but her bearing was no less weaker than any of the mighty Empyreal King figures present.

"She should be the new Desolate Queen… ?"

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom contingent secretly thought. They had recently heard news of the new Desolate Queen, that she was young in age, but she had a bloodline that was unparalleled. She had obtained the recognition of the Sacred Spirit, inheriting the position of Desolate Queen.

As for what past this girl had, they did not know.

"The new Desolate Queen sure is exceptional… "

The azure-clothed scholar exclaimed in whispers. For the girl in red to not lose out in her aura despite being amongst so many mighty figures, this alone was quite amazing.

Her strong bloodline meant that her life force was a level higher. A powerful life meant that even if her cultivation level was not high enough, her aura would not be much weaker.

However, it was such a peerless beauty that led so many members of the Human race and Desolate race's Empyreal Kings, as well as so many of the Primordial True Spirits gathered in the remote mountains. Despite having so many powerful existences present, they could do nothing against the Black-armored Demon God who would come.

The atmosphere in the meeting hall was extremely heavy. People were not in a panic, but they were silent. These peerless figures were all waiting, waiting for the moment where the final judgment of their lives was determined.

After the azure-clothed scholar and company arrived, they were left standing on the outer perimeter of the meeting hall. Inside, only about twenty people sat down, all Empyreal Kings. As for the Yuan Opening realm warriors, they could only stand as there were too many people.

The azure-clothed scholar also knew that in this calamity, the role they could play was nearly negligible. The upper echelons of the Desolate race had probably mentioned in passing to release all the prisoners in the remote mountains' prisons, and they did not put it much at heart.

The hall was quickly filled with people and soon, they numbered in the hundreds. The people present were at least at the peak of the Dao Seed realm, but not every peak-Dao Seed realm warrior could enter. They had to be the peerless geniuses nurtured by large factions.

"Everyone, today in this meeting hall, we have gathered the most elite force of both the Human and Desolate race. The purpose of gathering everyone here today needs no saying. It is to discuss the final moment, and how we are to deal with it."

The person who spoke was Jiang Xiaorou's mother, the former Desolate Queen, and also the true person who decided on matters in the Desolate race.

As she spoke, the former Desolate Queen glanced at a couple sitting beside her.

They were the highest-level decision makers in the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, the Sanctuary Island couple. Back then, it was also them who had discovered the corpses of the upper echelons of Blood Moon who had fled.

There was another decision maker in the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, the Sovereign of the Eventide. He was the only person in the Tian Yuan world who managed to reach the middle-stages of the Heaven Ascension realm, but he did not appear.

About half a year ago, there were droves of factions from the Tian Yuan world who escaped into the Divine Wilderness.

Like the Lin family, many large Tian Yuan world factions realized that the Divine Wilderness was much safer than the Tian Yuan world.

To those factions seeking refuge, the Desolate race did not turn them away. The Desolate race knew that the entire world was on the brink of death. They had to put aside the differences regarding their species. They could not watch these large factions die without doing a thing, letting the Black-armored Demon God drain the Tian Yuan world of its strength.

At the same time, the Desolate race could not let these factions enter the Desolate race's headquarters. If that happened, the Desolate race headquarters would have too many experts gathered, which might lead to them being a target of attack of the Black-armored Demon God. That was equivalent to suicide.

Hence, many of the fleeing Human race factions could only hide in various enclaves in the Divine Wilderness.

Eventually, the Black-armored Demon God still came to the Divine Wilderness. The vast Divine Wilderness with its large swaths of forests and mountains was nothing in the eyes of the Black-armored Demon God. He could easily find any of the hiding spots of the refugees in the Divine Wilderness.

The massacre that continued made people feel hopeless.

Many refugee factions were either destroyed or escaped further into the depths of the Divine Wilderness…