True Martial World Chapter 704

Chapter 704: The Desolate Race’s Decision
Chapter 704: The Desolate Race’s Decision

Are we still left with no choice but to withdraw?

Withdrawal was equally something that made many of the warriors present have a heavy feeling in their hearts. It was unknown how many people would survive in this act of withdrawal.

Even so, there was always hope. If they were to fight to the death and without the Desolate race's Sacred Spirit, there was probably a few who would survive.

A few Human race legendary figures exchanged looks and they came to a unanimous decision to flee. There was no other way.

They would attempt to escape into the deep depths of the Divine Wilderness as far as they could go.

A Empyreal King from the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium stood forward and said to the former Desolate Queen, "Your Highness, my race has decided on evacuating this premises. To ensure all of our survival, we plan on splitting up to move in multiple directions. We wish the Desolate race would work with us by splitting up too. Every group would both have members of the Desolate race and the Human race. In this way, we can take care of each other on our fugitive paths."

The Empyreal King's mention of taking care of each other was actually just the Desolate race taking care of the Human race. This was because the chances of survival of the Human race escaping through the Divine Wilderness was very low.

The desolate beasts did not care if the Human and Desolate race were on the brink of destruction. They would attack humans the moment they saw them, treating these human warriors like food.

They had to have powerful members of the Desolate race following them. They could not be too weak either, for they needed to be able to communicate with the primordial desolate beasts that filled the Divine Wilderness, so as to ensure their safety.

However, the former Desolate Queen rebuffed the human expert's suggestion. "Sorry, I am afraid that I cannot agree to your suggestion!"

The former Desolate Queen had an unquestionable tone, with no room for discussion.

When the legendary human figures heard this, they were momentarily stunned. The Desolate race did not plan on dividing their forces to go with them? Then how were they going to flee?

Even those Empyreal Kings, who could have a relatively easy time entering and exiting the Divine Wilderness, did not want to waste their strength fighting Primordial True Spirits. Furthermore, Yuan Opening realm warriors lacked the ability of self-preservation. There was no need for the Black-armored Demon God to kill them, for a large number of them would likely end up in the bellies of the primordial desolate beasts in the Divine Wilderness!

"Your Highness, what do you mean by this?" A legendary figure from the Human race frowned. "Don't you agree that we should split up while escaping, and instead we are to go as one? Wouldn't it be a clean sweep if the Black-armored Demon God catches up to us!?"

"You misunderstood what I meant." The former Desolate Queen shook her head. "I do not plan on my people to escape with you."


The former Desolate Queen's words made many of the legendary figures of the Human race have an ugly expression.

"Your Highness, at this point in time, can't you let go of the differences of race? Are you bound on seeing us Humans die?"

"Is Your Highness planning on abandoning the principles of righteousness so as to see all of us die in the Divine Wilderness?"

One legendary figure after another turned anxious. Some of the more grumpy ones were already furious. The Desolate race was abandoning them? Wasn't this adding insult to injury!?

The former Desolate Queen did not respond. At this moment, an elder from the Desolate race stood forward and said calmly, "You have all misunderstood us. Our race is not abandoning the Human race, we have already come to a unanimous decision to fight the Black-armored Demon God. If you want to leave, you are free to leave!"


The elder's words stunned many of the human warriors.

Fight the Black-armored Demon God?

The Desolate race's Sacred Spirit was already injured, so what else did the Desolate race have to fight the Black-armored Demon God. Wasn't this equivalent to suicide?

Furthermore, the crux of the issue was that the death of the Desolate race would implicate them. How were they to flee in that case?

A young genius from the Human race stood up anxiously and said, "It's alright if you are determined to fight to the death. However, by doing so, aren't you pulling us to join you in death? This is a form of abduction. You are forcefully binding us to your war chariots, forcing us to fight for you. Your Desolate race may want to uphold the glory of your race, but we don't have the obligation to!"

As he was anxious, the genius spoke without mincing any of his words. He was still young and he did not want to die here.

The moment he said those words, it immediately made many of the warriors from the Desolate race find it jarring.

Who did this person think he was?

"Shut up!" At this moment, the Sanctuary Island's Island Lord spoke. This shout contained the will of an Empyreal King. The young junior, who spoke mindlessly, immediately turned pale from the shout. With a grunt, he took several steps back and immediately lacked the courage to speak.

He did not dare to rebut the Sanctuary Island Lord's reprimand.

"This lad is young and foolish and he has been rude to Your Highness. Please forgive him!" The Sanctuary Island Lord said humbly and courteously. Even the Desolate race felt deep respect for the Sanctuary Island couple.

He was strong and modest. He was easily well-liked.

"The Desolate race's determination to fight is naturally your race's freedom. We are do not the right to interfere. Furthermore, your race has no obligation to protect my race. Escorting my race to escape is a kind act, and not escorting is simply to be expected. After all, our race's escape into the Divine Wilderness was our race's choice. It was not an invitation by your race."

"But… " When the Sanctuary Island Lord said this, he switched gears and carried on, "This lowly one has something that he doesn't understand. What is the reason for the Desolate race to want to fight the Black-armored Demon God to the death?"

When the Sanctuary Island Lord asked this, the former Desolate Queen turned silent.

Beside the former Desolate Queen, Jiang Xiaorou had a complicated look. She looked at her mother, wanting to speak but she decided against it.

In fact, she never knew about her mother's decision prior to this meeting. Only when her mother said that they were to fight to the death did she know. Her heart had skipped a beat and guessed something bad.

This guess made her feel repressed, nearly suffocating.

At this moment, she felt that she had to say something so as to make things clear.

However, just before Jiang Xiaorou opened her mouth, a legendary figure of the Human race spoke up first. He was the one who had previously witnessed the Black-armored Demon God's invasion of the Desolate race's headquarters.

At the moment he was shocked by the Desolate race's Sacred Spirit's power, he was puzzled about a particular detail in the battle. That was at the moment the Black-armored Demon God appeared, breaking through the Desolate race palace's defensive array, he had reached out his hand, forming a gigantic black hand, grabbing at Jiang Xiaorou!

Jiang Xiaorou had no way to resist him and she was immediately lifted into the air!

If he wished, a simple squeeze would have killed Jiang Xiaorou. However, the Black-armored Demon God, who had always been bloodthirsty, did not do so. Instead, he seemed to want to take Jiang Xiaorou away.

And at this moment, the Desolate race's Sacred Spirit appeared and engaged the Black-armored Demon God in combat!

The Sacred Spirit's attack saved Jiang Xiaorou. During the battle between these two terrifying existences, the shockwaves from the battle were extremely terrifying. The legendary figure believed that this would spell certain death for Jiang Xiaorou who was in the middle of these two existence's battle. However, he never expected Jiang Xiaorou to miraculously survive.

For this to happen, it only meant that these two existences had deliberately avoided harming Jiang Xiaorou.

The Desolate race's Sacred Spirit was extremely powerful, and it was able to call on the worldly Power of Desolates, allowing it to send the Black-armored Demon God in retreat.

The Black-armored Demon God was injured. Just as he was about to flee, he reached out his hand once again, hoping to abduct Jiang Xiaorou before he escaped.

To be distracted during a battle and forcefully abduct Jiang Xiaorou was an extremely risky maneuver. It was even more so when facing the Desolate race's Sacred Spirit.

Hence, the Black-armored Demon God revealed a flaw in his movement, allowing the Skyfox Sacred Spirit to injure him once again. As such, he had no choice but to retreat in defeat.

However, this scene was imprinted into this legendary figure's mind.

The Black-armored Demon God was clearly seeking Jiang Xiaorou!

Hence, during this meeting between the Human and Desolate race that debated on the topic of whether they should flee or fight, this legendary figure stepped forward and asked, "Your Highness, I have something that I want to know. The reason why the Desolate race is planning to fight to the death, has it got to do with the new Desolate Queen? If I didn't guess wrongly, the Black-armored Demon God seemingly wanted to capture the new Desolate Queen? And it is likely because of this reason that the Desolate race cannot split up and escape, and have to fight the Black-armored Demon God to the death. If not, the moment you split up, your race's warriors would have no chance of withstanding the Black-armored Demon God!"

When the legendary human figure said this, it started many of the people present.

The Black-armored Demon God was planning on abducting Jiang Xiaorou? As such, the Desolate race had to fight to the death? Was this true?

Everyone's eyes suddenly landed on Jiang Xiaorou.

Jiang Xiaorou's body slightly turned stiff. She gently lowered her bone staff, with her face turning slightly pale…