True Martial World Chapter 709

Chapter 709: A long-awaited warmth
Chapter 709: A long-awaited warmth

Tian Yuan world's Lin family? Lin Xintong?

"So you are Lin Xintong… I have heard of your name!" Yang Qingyun suddenly spoke out.

Although she had never seen Lin Xintong, she knew that more than ten years ago, Lin Xintong had visited the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Furthermore, she had caused quite a stir amongst the upper circles of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

She was extremely talented and she had outstanding bearing. She was a disciple of a Sage-ranked Desolate Heaven Master, so of course, she attracted the attention of people.

She had everything, talent, looks, bearing and standing. Such a perfect girl naturally caused many of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom princes to pursue her.

They were infatuated with Lin Xintong. Even the Divine Kingdom's Crown Prince wanted to marry Lin Xintong, so she could be Crown Princess.

However, at that time, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's princes only knew Lin Xintong's identity as a Sage's disciple. They did not know that Lin Xintong actually came from the Tian Yuan world's Lin family.

Cang Yan and Jian Ge had lived for long enough, so they had a general idea of the Tian Yuan world's factions. They had heard of the Lin family before. It was one of the top factions in the Tian Yuan world.

For Lin Xintong to come from the Lin family, and from her looks, she appeared to be one of the elites of the Lin family's younger generation. Then naturally, Lin Xintong was not someone that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom's princes was worthy of. So their pursuits from back then became a joke.

But now, Lin Xintong was beside Yi Yun. And from the looks of their relationship, even if they had not become a Dao couple, it looked very promising!

Just thinking of this, Cang Yan and Jian Ge looked forward to it greatly. They did not dare to ask about their relationship, and they only wished that Yi Yun would soon be together with Lin Xintong.

In that way, Yi Yun would truly enter the Lin family. That would great fated luck. All the resources and heritage accumulated over the years by the Lin family would be extremely beneficial to Yi Yun's growth.

"So it's Miss Lin. Qingyun has long heard of Miss Lin's fame. Seeing you today, the descriptions I heard of Miss Lin were far from a tenth of what Miss Lin is."

To Yang Qingyun, Lin Xintong was too amazing. Of course, this was because in the past ten or so years, Lin Xintong was completely reborn. Compared when she was touring the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, Lin Xintong was slowly joining back her naturally terminated meridians, and she had the charm of the ancient Great Empress.

Back then, so many princes chased after Lin Xintong, but they would never have imagined that it was a grassroots youth like Yi Yun, who came from the Cloud Wilderness, who managed to win her heart.

Lin Xintong was not good with words, so towards Yang Qingyun's praise, she only smiled and she did not say anything.

"This Lin Xintong really is… " Jian Ge and the Tai Ah Divine City City Lord exchanged looks. Although they could not see through Lin Xintong's cultivation level, just from the fluctuations of her nomological aura, it was already extremely terrifying. Such a peerless woman had strength and talent that were unfathomable. She was no doubt from a large family clan from the Tian Yuan world.

Now, they felt that the large factions of the Tian Yuan world were much more powerful than they originally imagined. Just a junior like Lin Xintong already caused them to feel apprehensive.

At this moment, Yi Yun said, "Senior Cang Yan, City Lord, this junior wants to go to the Desolate race's camp. I wonder if you seniors can help guide this junior?"

After reminiscing old times with Cang Yan and company, Yi Yun was already a lot more assured. From the looks of it, the second attack from the Black-armored Demon God had not come. If not, the mood would not be that relaxed.

With Cang Yan leading the way, Yi Yun did not need to search by himself, and he could meet Jiang Xiaorou much sooner.

"Oh? You haven't been to the Desolate race's camp? Alright, I'll take you there."

Cang Yan thought that Yi Yun had followed the Lin family and lived in the outer perimeter of the remote mountains, which was not something odd.

On the way, as he had reunited with Yi Yun, Cang Yan was so happy that he appeared like he had drank alcohol. He kept chatting with Yi Yun using his Yuan Qi transmission.

"Kid, you sure are capable to be able to enter the Lin family. This old man has heard of the Lin family when I was in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. That is a great martial art family."

"To be able to enter the Lin family is a rare opportunity. You must cultivate well and grab hope of this opportunity. In the future, you will soar and reach the Heaven Ascension realm. This is much better than when you were in the Tai Ah Divine City."

"And that beauty beside you, you must hold her right and marry her. Not only will you have a beauty in your arms, you can even lessen your struggles by a few thousand years!"

Cang Yan's voice transmission did not stop at all. Yi Yun was at a loss whether to laugh or cry hearing him. However, as he heard old man Cang's exhortations, he felt a warmth that he had not felt in a long time.

The old man was still the same. Yi Yun felt like he had returned to a time more than ten years ago. Old man Cang would tell him many things to consider at the sword and saber tomb, as well as in the library when he was choosing his totem mystic technique.

That feeling was really a cherishable memory now that he thought of it.

Hence no matter how old man Cang rambled on, Yi Yun only quietly listened. He would at times nod and answer with a few words.

"Senior, you can be rest assured. I will naturally work hard in my cultivation. Besides, my current strength has already improved very quickly. If you were to see it, you should be quite surprised."

Hearing Yi Yun's words, Cang Yan laughed out loud. "Kid, when have you not given me a huge surprise. I know your strength increases fast, so what if it's fast? This old man is already mentally prepared, so don't you be complacent. Hahaha!"

Be it Yi Yun entering the sword and saber tomb for cultivation, and how he came back after training outside in the Divine Wilderness, as well as the outcome of the battle with the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, it had shocked Cang Yan at that moment. Hence, Cang Yan was already accustomed to Yi Yun's strength increasing by leaps and bounds. This time, he too was hoping to see Yi Yun's maturing.

It was unfortunate that the Black-armored Demon God was attacking. Yi Yun's environment for maturing was not too good, and even the Lin family's current situation was bad. If they could survive this calamity, the path for Yi Yun was limitless. He would definitely become a person who could cause waves in the Tian Yuan world.

As the few of them chatted along the way, they finally arrived at the Desolate race's camp.

From far, Yi Yun could see the Primordial True Spirits and Primordial Species lurking in the deep mountains. The massive desolate beasts stood between the Heavens and Earth. They would from time to time emit a deep growl that sounded like thunder that shocked people.

There were thousands of Desolate race elite warriors gathered in the square surrounding the meeting hall. With war coming, these elite warriors exuded an aura that formed an invisible force field that blew the clouds in the sky away.

Yi Yun's eyes lit up when he saw this. What a good bunch of soldiers.

The battle against the Black-armored Demon God was not something that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong themselves could handle. He had to rely on the strength of others.

Yi Yun looked at the meeting hall, and with the Purple Crystal's energy vision, he could tell who was inside at a glance.

Sis Xiaorou!

Although he had guessed that everything was fine, only when he saw Jiang Xiaorou sitting in the middle of the meeting hall, dressed in red, with her hand holding a bone staff and other than looking a bit pale, she seemed fine, Yi Yun was completely relieved.

Sis Xiaorou was safe. That was great.

Yi Yun rejoiced and he began walking towards the meeting hall.

Yi Yun's actions stunned the Tai Ah Divine City City Lord. "Yi Yun, you want to go to the meeting hall? The upper echelons of the Desolate race and the Human race emissaries are having a meeting. You might not be able to enter."

In the previous meeting, it was a discussion on the strategies to deal with the Black-armored Demon God, so other large family clan's geniuses and Yuan Opening realm warriors were invited. But for this second meeting, it was to decide whether to fight or take flight. The requirements were a lot more stringent. Even the Tai Ah Divine City City Lord was not qualified to enter.

Yi Yun said, "It's fine."

As he spoke, Yi Yun was already in front of the meeting hall's square.