True Martial World Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Desolate Queen Token
Chapter 710: Desolate Queen Token

Seeing how Yi Yun was walking towards the Desolate race warriors who were guarding the meeting hall, the azure-clothed scholar, Cang Yan and company were stunned.

Cang Yan and company were members of the Human race after all. In their impression, the Desolate race and the Human race did not have much courtesy between them. Once they were offended, they might be killed without any forgiveness.

Yi Yun did not seem to walk fast, but he actually only took a few steps to arrive on the square. The thousands of elite Desolate race warriors guarding this zone immediately stopped Yi Yun and Lin Xintong when they saw them.

They sized up Yi Yun and said, "Who are you? The Desolate Queen is discussing matters with the Human race now, entry is forbidden!"

These Desolate race warriors were not members of the Skyfox team, so they naturally did not recognize Yi Yun.

"Kid, what are you doing? If you are so rash and careless, be careful of being captured. If anything happens, the Lin family can't protect you."

Cang Yan hurriedly came forward. He had been imprisoned by the Desolate race in the remote mountains for more than a decade, and prison discipline had been inculcated in him. Who knew what would happen if they ran afoul with the Desolate race.

The current situation was that even though more than ten large family clans from the Tian Yuan world were gathered together, they were considered relatively weaker than the Desolate race. Even the strongest people in the Tian Yuan world, the Sanctuary Island couple, were equally vulnerable in front of the Desolate race, what more the Lin family. None of them would dare cross the Desolate race.

Cang Yan was just about to pull Yi Yun away when Yi Yun smiled and touched his interspatial ring.

With a flip of his hand, Yi Yun took out an ancient bronze token, and waved it in front of the Desolate race soldiers.

Yi Yun did not need to explain anything to those Desolate race warriors who blocked his path. He just needed to take the token given to him by Jiang Xiaorou out.

The simple token was engraved with three ancient Desolate race characters, and the back had a lifelike six-tailed Skyfox engraved on it.

Upon seeing this token, the few Desolate race warriors were shocked.

Desolate Queen Token!?

This was a token only the ruling Desolate Queen was qualified to give. Throughout the Desolate race, people who had the Desolate Queen Token were people on the level of the Shepherd Boy. And this male youth in front of them did not look like he was a member of the Desolate race from his clothing, and he looked more like a member of the Human race. He actually had a Desolate Queen Token?

The Desolate Queen Token was something that these Desolate race warriors never had the chance to see in person before. They had only seen pictures in books. With their status, it was not easy to come into contact with a Desolate Queen Token.

However, they knew that the Desolate Queen Token was not fake. Once the Desolate Queen Token was taken out, it would resonate with the bloodline of the Desolate race members. It was a reverence and awe that came from the difference in life's natural order when facing the Desolate Queen!

The few Desolate race warriors did not say another word and they bowed towards the Desolate Queen Token.

Seeing the Desolate Queen Token was like meeting the Desolate Queen in person. Other than Desolate race Empyreal Kings, all of them needed to bow.

"You are… "

After the bow, a person who looked like the team leader of the Desolate race warriors asked Yi Yun politely. He had a rough idea already. For a human to have the Desolate Queen Token, he had to be the Desolate Queen’s younger brother, Yi Yun.

As the Desolate Queen's brother, with Yi Yun also being extremely powerful, and him saving Jiang Xiaorou and the Skyfox team in the Soul Tomb, Yi Yun enjoyed great prestige amongst the Desolate race. He was equivalent to royalty in the Desolate race, no less inferior to Shepherd Boy.

Besides, Yi Yun was even younger. His future was limitless, hence Yi Yun had already become the idol of many Desolate race warriors, especially the younger warriors.

"Can I enter now?" Yi Yun asked.

"Of course! Of course!"

The few Desolate race warriors hurriedly made way and guided Yi Yun. They were extremely polite and from the looks of it, they wished that they could get a sedan chair to carry Yi Yun over.

This respect towards Yi Yun was from their heart, and not due to the deference derived from the Desolate Queen Token.

And behind Yi Yun, Cang Yan and Jian Ge were completely dumbfounded when they saw this situation.

Even the azure-clothed scholar, who always looked calm, seemed to have his words stuck in his throat, unable to speak a word.

"This… What's going on?" Yang Qingyun's mouth opened up like the size of a small quail egg. Her eyes were fixed on the token in Yi Yun's hand. That Token was so magical?

What sort of token was it, and how did Yi Yun have it? To be able to have and use such a token, what sort of status did Yi Yun have in the Desolate race?

She naturally knew that this token was not stolen or picked up, or Yi Yun would not have used it.

Yang Qingyun felt like her brain wasn't big enough to process all of this. She could not figure it out.

The Desolate race was the strongest superpower in this world. Although the Human race and the Desolate race seemed to be equals, that was only when they were considered in their entirety. In fact, the various large Human race factions were independent from one another and they continuously fought each other. As for the Desolate race, they were almost monolithic. Under such circumstances, not a single Human race's faction could compare to the Desolate race!

Amongst the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom people, Cang Yan was the most impatient person. At this moment he was surprised, curious and excited. He could not help but rush over to Yi Yun's side and whisper, "Yi Yun, quickly tell me. Where did you get that token from?"

Cang Yan was previously imprisoned for more than ten years. The Desolate race, who appeared impersonal and fierce, had suddenly turned respectful towards them. Although they were only being respectful to Yi Yun, Cang Yan decided to be the fox that assumed the majesty of the tiger, as it did not prevent Cang Yan from having a psychological climax.

For a lowly prisoner of more than ten years, wasn't it exciting to be able to suddenly walk with his head held high?

Besides, the way Yi Yun took out the token so calmly and casually waved it made the curiosity in Cang Yan's heart itch like a monkey's bottom.

Cang Yan knew that although the Lin family enjoyed an extraordinary status in the Tian Yuan world, they were also nothing much under the Desolate race. They would definitely not be able to receive such an important token.

Yi Yun smiled and said casually, "This token is because I have some relations with the Desolate race. I received it more than half a year ago, and I didn't know it was so good to use."

When Jiang Xiaorou gave him the token, it was to make things convenient for Yi Yun. After all, the number of Desolate race members who knew Yi Yun only added to about a hundred. This would prevent Yi Yun from encountering any problems when traveling amongst the Desolate race.

Yi Yun did not think too much about this token that made things more convenient. Only today did he know that such a token was extremely rare in the Desolate race. If not, the guarding Desolate race warriors would not have guessed his identity just based on the token.

The casual explanation that Yi Yun gave nearly made the few Desolate race warriors in front of him stumble when they heard him.

He was the present Desolate Queen's brother, and the person that the Desolate Queen cared about the most. You call that some relations with the Desolate race?

The Desolate race warriors were quite speechless. However, they would not complain about what Yi Yun said. Was there any reason for soldiers to shoot their mouth when an emperor was speaking?

"You have relatives in the Desolate race?" When Cang Yan heard this, he was completely dumbfounded.

Jian Ge and Yang Qingyun were also stunned. How did Yi Yun, a human, have a relative in the Desolate race?

Besides, what sort of relative of Yi Yun was this? How could a typical relative have such an important token? And to have the right to give it to Yi Yun?

Yang Qingyun was also extremely curious. Just as she wanted to ask Yi Yun, they suddenly heard an explosive boom from the meeting hall. A divine beam shot up into the sky, piercing through the meeting hall's dome. In the sky, it formed a gigantic ancient beast phantom image. It was an Aspect Totem!


Yi Yun was surprised. What just happened in the meeting room?