True Martial World Chapter 712

Chapter 712: Embarrassed
Chapter 712: Embarrassed

After Yi Yun took his seat, the black-dressed elder stood on the side like a wooden stake.

His expression was extremely ugly. Previously, Yi Yun had said to him, "What's the matter? Can't we sit down and discuss?"

However, after Yi Yun said that, the black-dressed elder didn't even have a place to sit.

With so many people in the room, other than the Empyreal Kings sitting in the middle, they were surrounded by peak-Yuan Opening realm warriors. Everyone was looking at the black-dressed elder, making him feel very embarrassed.

At this moment, the former Desolate Queen waved her hand, indicating to the Desolate race guards to bring a chair over and place it beside Yi Yun.

Seeing the chair being brought over, the black-dressed elder's face relaxed. With a cold grunt, he was about to take the seat. But to his surprise, Yi Yun gently pressed down on the chair's armrest and waved to Lin Xintong.

"Xintong, come over here and take a seat."


The black-dressed elder was startled. His foot that had just moved forward suddenly froze.

He watched as Lin Xintong, in her white dress, slowly walk over. In the dark hall, she was like a fairy walking in the dark night.

At this moment, the black-dressed elder was much closer to the chair. He just needed to take two steps to reach the chair before Lin Xintong, but…

He did not have the guts!

It was not that the black-dressed elder was afraid that Yi Yun would do anything to him. Under the current circumstances, he could ignore the aura that was released by Yi Yun to suppress others, but there was no way that he could start a fight.

The real reason why the black-dressed elder lacked the courage was because of Lin Xintong, who was slowly walking over.

Every step of Lin Xintong formed nomological runic patterns under her feet. Her strength was long unfathomable.

She was usually low-key, and she followed behind Yi Yun most of the time. She seldom made moves, and she had never shown her prowess.

The black-dressed elder knew deeply that he was absolutely no match for Lin Xintong.

In a warrior's world, the strong were respected. Under such circumstances, the second chair was only right for Lin Xintong.

How would he have the guts to compete with Lin Xintong? Without strength, if he were to bite the bullet and fight Lin Xintong over the seat, even members of the Human race would think that he was not qualified.

Hence, he could only watch helplessly as Lin Xintong calmly sat beside Yi Yun.

The black-dressed elder's face had turned completely black.

At this moment, Cang Yan and company, who had witnessed all of this not far away, finally understood one thing thoroughly. It was a matter that seemed completely unimaginable and unbelievable.

That was that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had extraordinary status. Even their strength, for some particular reason, had reached the peak of the standards of the Tian Yuan world!

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had not only been given Empyreal King titles already, and they were amongst the cream of the crop amongst Empyreal Kings. In front of the two of them, the black-dressed elder could not even bring himself to make a fuss.

Just as the black-dressed elder was feeling extremely embarrassed, the former Desolate Queen gestured to a Desolate race soldier, who slowly brought a second chair over.

This chair was only placed at a corner by the meeting table.

"Mystic Tiger Immortal, you don't mind sitting over there, right?" The former Desolate Queen said nonchalantly.

There was a lazy and derisive smile hanging on her face. Mystic Tiger was the black-dressed elder's title. It was obtained from the form of his Aspect Totem.

The former Desolate Queen did not have a good impression of this black-dressed old man.

The black-dressed elder grunted. He was about to flick his sleeves to leave, but he knew that if he were to leave in a fit at this moment, it was even more shameful. Besides, the negotiations between the Human and Desolate race were not over.

He could only endure the grievance that he had and sit down. However, he no longer had the formidable stance to break out his Aspect Totem.

"Mystic Tiger. Don't mind it. We are now more vulnerable. So what if we let them be all high and mighty at this meeting. Besides, the Black-armored Demon God is about to arrive soon. Jiang Xiaorou has been locked on to by the Black-armored Demon God, and she basically has her name struck off from the Book of Life and Death. So how long can the Desolate race remain haughty? Besides, would that Yi Yun ignore Jiang Xiaorou? If he doesn't, I want to see how he protects her!"

While the black-dressed elder was feeling aggrieved, a Yuan Qi transmission echoed in his ears.

The person who transmitted the voice was another Tian Yuan Elder Consortium member.

More than half a year ago, Yi Yun had been invited to Greatsword Mountain, and he had witnessed Yi Yun's strength. He naturally did not wish Yi Yun, who would easily be in control of his life, to mature.

Mystic Tiger snorted and transmitted his voice, saying, "You are right. I want to see how much longer they can remain haughty. That Desolate race witch girl won't be able to live past the next few days. If only the Desolate race and Yi Yun would perish together!"

As Mystic Tiger had such thoughts, he hatefully glanced at Yi Yun. If Yi Yun perished in an internecine struggle, Yi Yun, the Desolate race and the Black-armored Demon God would all be destroyed in one go. It would be a joyous occasion.

Of course, he was only thinking. He knew very well that the Black-armored Demon God's strength was tremendously strong. It would be nearly impossible for Yi Yun and the Desolate race to perish together with him.

Yi Yun could sense Mystic Tiger's animosity. After gaining Dao-enlightenment in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun felt that everything around him was in his control. He did not even need to look over with his eyes.

"Young master Yi, ever since our separation at Greatsword Mountain, it has been less than ten months. Yet to meet Young master Yi today again, your strength have improved once again. It's really unbelievable." The Sanctuary Island's Island Lord spoke to Yi Yun politely.

As Yi Yun conversed happily with the Sanctuary Island couple, he engaged in a voice transmission with Jiang Xiaorou.

He had to understand the background of the negotiations. In a few words, Jiang Xiaorou had told him everything that had happened.

When he heard that Jiang Xiaorou was being locked onto by the Black-armored Demon God, Yi Yun's heart tightened. "Sis Xiaorou, why is the Black-armored Demon God locking onto you?"

"I do not know either." Jiang Xiaorou sighed. She felt her own existence brought the Desolate race and Yi Yun a great deal of trouble.

For Yi Yun to arrive in the remote mountains now, Jiang Xiaorou inevitably felt happy, but she also felt even more worried.

Back when the Black-armored Demon God invaded the Desolate race's headquarters, they had only managed to escape with the Sacred Spirit's resistance.

Back then, Jiang Xiaorou had left a message to Yi Yun before evacuating, telling Yi Yun their direction of escape.

But following that, the situation had changed. The Black-armored Demon God followed closely behind and it had locked onto Jiang Xiaorou. This caused the Desolate race to begin their second escape. At that moment, Jiang Xiaorou did not wish for Yi Yun to be in the remote mountains.

Up to now, Jiang Xiaorou could faintly feel the Black-armored Demon God's vague spiritual lock onto her. Maybe in the next second, the Black-armored Demon God would suddenly arrive!

The Human race could also sense that the Black-armored Demon God's next attack would happen in the very near future. Hence, their negotiations with the Desolate race had turned so intense.

The Human race had no way to request the Desolate race to do anything for them, but it was not like the Human race did not have anything.