True Martial World Chapter 717

Chapter 717: Going Against the Flow
Chapter 717: Going Against the Flow

"I'm being locked onto by the Black-armored Demon God? To be able to lock his spiritual energy onto me through such a distance, what sort of magical power is that?"

Jiang Xiaorou's words made Yi Yun's heart wince. He could indeed feel the cold spiritual energy from the Black-armored Demon God forming a mysterious connection with his body at this very moment.

It was most likely an extremely powerful spiritual energy law.

Could it be that the Black-armored Demon God had been using the spiritual connection with Jiang Xiaorou to watch the situation in the meeting hall?

Just thinking of this tightened Yi Yun's heart. This Black-armored Demon God was indeed not trivial!

After the Black-armored Demon God's spiritual energy firmly locked onto Yi Yun, the pressure that enveloped the meeting hall slowly weakened, and shortly after, it disappeared like the receding tide.

Everyone felt their bodies lighten. Their bodies' Yuan Qi and blood flow were no longer repressed.

The Demon God had left.

After the pressure completely disappeared, people were sweating profusely. The pressure was too great, making them feel like the Black-armored Demon God would arrive at the very next moment and begin another massacre.

"What a close call! I thought that the Black-armored Demon God was coming."

"Fortunately, he left. He must not have recovered from his injuries. He extended his presence mainly because of Yi Yun." A human elder said as his eyes landed on Yi Yun.

Actually, even if Jiang Xiaorou did not mention it, the people in the hall had already realized that the spiritual energy pressure from the Black-armored Demon God was mainly concentrated on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was the focus of the Black-armored Demon God's enveloping spiritual energy.

"Yi Yun has been spiritually locked onto by the Black-armored Demon God!"

The legendary human figures quickly realized this fact. This was similar to Jiang Xiaorou, and it was equivalent to appearing on the kill list of the Black-armored Demon God.

"It is most likely that the Black-armored Demon God has been monitoring the meeting through means beyond our comprehension. Yi Yun's arrogant remarks must have incurred the Black-armored Demon God's wrath. Indeed, if I were the Black-armored Demon God, I would not let such an insolent genius, who might one day threaten myself, exist."

Yi Yun had been aggressive and insolent with his words. Other than threatening many factions amongst the Tian Yuan world, he did not even seem to show any fear towards the Black-armored Demon God.

"Haha!" Mystic Tiger laughed. There was an obvious sense of schadenfreude in his laughter.

"What did that kid just say? Something like when facing the Black-armored Demon God, even if he was no match for him, he would have quite the confidence at escaping. And something like him having plenty of time and he can slowly drag it out. Unfortunately, he has been targeted by the Black-armored Demon God, what time does he have left?"

"With the present situation, does he still have thoughts of ruling over the Tian Yuan world's new order? He even said that he could influence the new order by about 80 or 90% and that it was something that he admitted he was capable of. Now, with Death at his doorstep, what arrogance is there left for him? Hahaha!"

Mystic Tiger was soothed in his heart. Many of the legendary human figures had been completely repressed by Yi Yun's aura and arrogance a moment ago. They were infuriated with nowhere to vent their anger. They could not do anything to Yi Yun, but the Black-armored Demon God could.

Anyone knew how to brag. Behind the Black-armored Demon God, you could say anything that disparaged the Black-armored Demon God. But now, with the Black-armored Demon God marking you with a kill order, how are you to carry on with your charades?

"Being overly-arrogant indeed doesn't let you live long. This Yi Yun basically caused his own death. Just a momentary slip of the tongue gave him a spiritual lock on by the Black-armored Demon God. He will definitely be pursued by the Black-armored Demon God till the ends of the world in the future. He's doomed!"

The legendary human figures privately discussed this matter through voice transmissions. They naturally did not dare say such things openly in front of Yi Yun.

Actually, they too were afraid that after Yi Yun was killed by the Black-armored Demon God, the Black-armored Demon God would slaughter the world.

The best outcome was that Yi Yun would heavily injure the Black-armored Demon God before being killed, then that would be perfect.

However, what made Mystic Tiger and company surprised was that they did not see any flustered or panicked expressions on Yi Yun's face.

Yi Yun was only silent and he had not spoken a single word.

He did not look at the humans, but instead, he quietly sat at his seat. He looked at his palm, like he was considering something.

"What is this kid up to?"

"Ignore him. We can just leave. Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou have been targeted. This battle is already inevitable for the Desolate race and Yi Yun."

As the legendary human figures left, it was surprising that the Sanctuary Island Couple remained.

The two of them looked at Yi Yun and they did not disturb his thoughts.

In fact, ever since Yi Yun appeared in the meeting hall, other than the couple exchanging a few pleasantries with Yi Yun, they barely spoke.

Towards the Human race's departure or their conditions, the two of them did not express any of their views.

Yi Yun looked up and glanced at the Sanctuary Island couple. For the two of them to stay behind, it was apparent that they had something to tell him. However, he did not engage in conversation with them. He had something important to do.

The Black-armored Demon God was locking onto him using a spiritual mark. It was a connection that reached across space-time. After the planting of the lock, the Black-armored Demon God could precisely locate him at any time.

This spiritual mark was after all just a form of spiritual soul energy.

As long as it was energy, Yi Yun was not afraid. He had the Purple Crystal Origins that controlled energy. A divine item like the Purple Crystal could absorb and manipulate energy, even if it came from the Azure Yang Lord, much less the energy condensed by the Black-armored Demon God.

As such, as long as Yi Yun carefully examined it, he would have the ability to dispel the energy.

However, what Yi Yun was thinking wasn't about dissolving this energy.

He had the God Advent Tower and several hidden cards up his sleeve. He was already planning on fighting the Black-armored Demon God. Even if the Black-armored Demon God did not lock onto him, he would also not escape. There were no effects from being locked onto, so Yi Yun wasn't afraid at all.

What was on Yi Yun’s mind at the moment was how the spiritual soul energy lurking in his body was constantly connected to the Black-armored Demon God. This allowed the Black-armored Demon God to lock onto him, but then, could he use this faint link to travel upstream and lock onto the Black-armored Demon God's location instead?

With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun felt that it was not something difficult!

If the legendary human figures knew about his thoughts, they would be absolutely stunned, rendering them speechless.

Typically, if someone was locked onto by the Black-armored Demon God, it was equivalent to a death sentence. It would be not bad if one could welcome death. Others, who were more resolute, would think of means to wipe away the mark planted by this god of death. But just think of the Black-armored Demon God's power, could his killing mark be so easily wiped off?

However, Yi Yun, who could use the Purple Crystal to wipe out this killing mark, not only did not do so, he even wanted to follow the vines to the melon, and find the Black-armored Demon God, taking action against the Black-armored Demon God.

Such a crazy idea was probably something that the Desolate race would not accept if they knew about it, much less the Human race. Was he afraid of not dying earlier?

This thought of Yi Yun’s was not made at a spur of a moment. Finding his enemy's location definitely had its benefits.

As for what to do after the Black-armored Demon God was found, it will depend on the situation of how injured the Black-armored Demon God was at the moment.

Be it the Human race or Desolate race warriors, they were all thinking of how the Black-armored Demon God would come with a forceful stance after he recovered from his wounds.

But Yi Yun's take on the matter was why not take the initiative to attack as compared to waiting for a prepared Black-armored Demon God, which would mean fighting him at his peak?