True Martial World Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Late Night Sneak Attack
Chapter 719: Late Night Sneak Attack

Ever since Cang Yan, Jian Ge and company were locked up in the remote mountains, they had led secluded lives. They did not know what had happened all these years. As for the Desolate race, they had also forgotten about them.

Later on, when they were conscripted into the Desolate race army, their freedom was limited, and they were fated to die under the hands of the Black-armored Demon God.

And because of Yi Yun, a Cloud Wilderness youth who had entered the Tai Ah Divine City more than ten years ago, they had regained their freedom, and they had also receive unprecedented treatment from the Desolate race.

This made Cang Yan, Jian Ge and company feel as if they were in a dream.

They were sent to the Lin family's domain.

These days, the Lin family enjoyed an outstanding status in the remote mountains. They did not join the Human race's alliance, but the various factions of the Human race would visit the Lin family on a daily basis in continuous streams.

The Lin family had produced Lin Xintong, a proud daughter of Heaven that would one day become a peerless Great Empress as well as Yi Yun, a prospective son-in-law who was in no way weaker than Lin Xintong. Without any surprises, the Lin family would one day become the number one faction in the Tian Yuan world. No faction would dare to offend such a family clan.

"Your Majesty."

After settling in Cang Yan and company, Yi Yun looked at the former Desolate Queen.

"Yi Yun, I really have to thank you this time." The former Desolate Queen looked lovingly at Yi Yun. Jiang Xiaorou's brother was indeed remarkable. At today's meeting, if it wasn’t for Yi Yun, no one knew how it would have developed.

"Your Majesty, I have an array formation here that I'll be passing on to you."

As Yi Yun spoke, he took out the God Confining Lock array's array disk and array flags.

"Array formation?"

When the former Desolate Queen heard this, she was delighted. So Yi Yun also had an array formation, no wonder he could reject the Human race in such a manner.

There were 81 array flags in the God Confining Lock array. They were all sealed in the central array disk.

This array disk was about a square foot in size. When the former Desolate Queen received it, she did not find anything special about it.

However, she understood that for Yi Yun to produce this array formation, it had to be extraordinary. It might even greatly exceed the Cosmic Infinite Array.

"Xintong, you stay with the Desolate race to study this array. Senior Shepherd Boy, please follow me."

Yi Yun took a deep breath. As he spoke, for precautionary measures, he had used the Purple Crystal to isolate the surrounding energies. He did not know when the Black-armored Demon God would recover from his injuries, so he had to make haste.


Shepherd Boy looked calm, while on the other side, Jiang Xiaorou and Lin Xintong were worried. From Yi Yun's words, they could tell that Yi Yun was planning something, and he was about to go into action.

"Yun'er, are you going to make a move on the Black-armored Demon God now?" Jiang Xiaorou asked.

"Yes, if there's no surprises, I'll be going tonight."

"In such a rush? Are you going in alone?" Lin Xintong's eyebrows pricked up slightly. She believed that she would accompany Yi Yun.

If the two of them joined forces, their combat strength would be even stronger.

Yi Yun said, "Xintong, the responsibility of the God Confining Lock array is yours. Me going alone is enough. I'll be even more flexible this way. It's better to do it sooner than later. If the Black-armored Demon God has recovered from his wounds, then there will be no meaning for me to go.”

"Xintong, you organize the Desolate race's experts and practice the God Confining Lock array overnight. Be prepared for the Black-armored Demon God to attack at any time. The battle might happen not too far away."

In a few words, Yi Yun had readied the battle instructions.

No one questioned Yi Yun's ideas. They could only follow them at this point in time.

With that, Yi Yun went into a cultivation chamber with Shepherd Boy. Be it the conversation from before or the transference of the energy mark, Yi Yun isolated all possible forms of probing with the Purple Crystal.

After six hours, Shepherd Boy came out of the cultivation chamber with a weary expression. The spiritual energy of the Black-armored Demon God had been transferred into his body.

And when the spiritual energy was transferred by Yi Yun, Yi Yun also used the faint spiritual connection to roughly locate the Black-armored Demon God.

Yi Yun had guessed that the Black-armored Demon God was sleeping. With the Purple Crystal's perception, the Black-armored Demon God's spiritual energy was maintaining a weak state most of the time.

Yi Yun did not know what would happen during his sneak attack on the Black-armored Demon God. But even if it did not achieve the desired effect, it was definitely better than facing the Black-armored Demon God at his peak condition.

Late into the night, Yi Yun shot up into the sky and flew far away from the remote mountains. After that, a miniature pagoda flew out of his body.

The miniature pagoda was spinning in front of Yi Yun, and following that, Yi Yun's body constantly shrunk till he was sucked into the miniature pagoda.

Yi Yun hid himself in the God Advent Tower, and then directed the God Advent Tower in the direction of the Black-armored Demon God's hiding location.

By doing this, it was a matter of precaution. Yi Yun did not know if the Black-armored Demon God was able to be aware of his presence while treating his wounds. With the God Advent Tower's array protecting him and the Purple Crystal's energy isolation, this double level of insurance made Yi Yun believe that there would be no problems.

With that, a miniature pagoda shuttled through the night sky.

After Yi Yun flew out of the remote mountains, he flew tens of thousands of miles until he came to a spot above a pine tree forest.

High in the sky, the light rays around the God Advent Tower distorted slightly as it was hidden with array techniques. It disappeared under the moonlight, with no one being able to detect the God Advent Tower's presence.

Yi Yun used his perception to bypass the God Advent Tower and he looked at the pine forest beneath him.

He could vaguely sense that the Black-armored Demon God was hidden here, but as for the actual location, Yi Yun had no way of confirming it.

Since the Black-armored Demon God was recuperating, he had to conceal himself. If not, in the Divine Wilderness where there were numerous Primordial True Spirits, if one Primordial True Spirit was attracted to him, it might affect his recuperation process even if it could not harm him.

The Black-armored Demon God's powers were unfathomable. With him having the intention to hide, no ordinary person would be able to find him. However, Yi Yun was different. He had the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

Under the energy vision, nothing could hide!

With Yi Yun's cultivation level and nomological insights improving, his energy vision could already encompass 50 kilometers. If he was patient enough, he would not take more than four hours to scan through the vast pine forest.

The moonlight flowed down like water as the pine forest remained silent. In the pine forest, there was a clear mountain stream flowing. It meandered around with all forms of bends, with a source high in the sky. It looked like a haven of peace.

Without any murderous intent or gathering of Yin energy, there was only the occasional breeze that rustled the forest. A thin layer of moonlight seemed to transform into a silver mist that slowly flowed through the forest.

Just from this scene, it was hard to believe that this was the hiding spot of the Black-armored Demon God.

However, Yi Yun did not have any doubts as he searched area by area.

Soon, he discovered a strange spot in the pine forest. There were almost no desolate beasts in this pine forest. Other than the sound of the clear spring water flowing, it was as silent as a cemetery, giving people a shuddering feeling.