True Martial World Chapter 720

Chapter 720: Yin Spring
Chapter 720: Yin Spring

Yi Yun looked down from high in the sky and he discovered that there were nine rivers in the pine forest. These nine rivers winded around and they eventually converged in the center of the pine forest.

Here, there was a lake that wasn't very large. It looked like a beast's eye from high in the sky.

The nine rivers constantly provided it with spring water, but this lake was less than a mile in radius. There was no outlet, so it was unknown where the water flowed to.

After watching it for a while, Yi Yun suddenly had a feeling that the nine rivers were like nine flood dragons that revolved around a dragon pearl.

This is…

With a sudden thought, Yi Yun probed his perception underground!

Previously, Yi Yun's energy vision was radiated in all directions so as to search the pine forest quickly. But now, Yi Yun reduced the scope of his energy vision. Most of his spiritual energy was used to probe underground.

With his energy vision constantly going deeper, Yi Yun's heart jumped when he saw the scene underground. What looked like a tranquil pine forest actually had underground network of Yin roots. Every Yin root corresponded to a river. The rivers meandered and they eventually came together.

And that lake was where all the underground Yin roots eventually converged. The lake was extremely deep. Instead of calling it a lake, it was better of describing it as a well!

This well-like lake extended deep underground, becoming the gathering point of the Yin energy. This made Yi Yun shudder because he felt like this lake was a passage to the underworld.

"So that is the reason. This strange land gathers all the Yin killing energy of the ground together. The Divine Wilderness is so vast, so it's no surprise that such a place exists. And for the Black-armored Demon God to actually find such a place, he used it as a place for his recuperation.

The Black-armored Demon God's energy leaned towards Yin killing energy. It was not limited to the Black-armored Demon God, even Blood Moon was the same. Back then, the reason they chose the Soul Tomb as the Blood Moon's core was all for this reason.

By recuperating under this Yin Spring, the Black-armored Demon God could achieve double the results with half the effort.

Yi Yun closed his eyes, and he carefully extended his energy vision into the deepest depths of the lake. And indeed, he sensed distorted spatial dimensional laws.

The Black-armored Demon God was hiding in a warped space in the deep lake.

But even such a warped space could not block Yi Yun's probe. He finally 'saw' the Black-armored Demon God.

The Black-armored Demon God had a majestic build. He was completely naked and his black hair sprawled down, covering his back.

He was dark-skinned and it was like divine metal that had been tempered thousands of times. Muscles with trenchant looking lines entwined around him like a dragon.

The Black-armored Demon God's muscles looked like they would burst at anytime, but surprisingly, they did not look jarring. In fact, his body's proportions were perfect. From top to bottom, his body was filled with the beauty of strength.

In front of the Black-armored Demon God, he had taken off his black armor and he had arranged it in a human form.

The empty helmet was facing the Black-armored Demon God, like the armor had a life of its own.

The Demon God had taken off his armor!

When generals were leading battle campaigns, they would never take off their armor while leading the troops, resting or sleeping. They would remove their armor only when they were injured.

As Yi Yun looked at the Black-armored Demon God, he seemed to see the scenes of the Black-armored Demon God wearing his armor, ruling the world in battle.

However, the Black-armored Demon God was not a general in charge of the world, he was a demon that slaughtered all sentient beings. He was filled with the stench of blood and death!

As Yi Yun observed the Black-armored Demon God, he had converged all his aura. But even so, Yi Yun noticed that the Black-armored Demon God had suddenly opened his eyes at one point in time.

They were a pair of black eyes with a touch of crimson seemed like a ghostly fire in the darkness, emanating coldness in all directions.

The Black-armored Demon God definitely could not sense the Purple Crystal's presence, but the battle instincts of the Black-armored Demon God woke him up.

However… when he probed his surroundings with his spiritual energy, he did not discover a thing. With the Purple Crystal and the God Advent Tower's double protection, there was no way that he could discover Yi Yun.

Under these circumstances, even with the Black-armored Demon God's battle instincts, he eventually quietened down.

There was no way for him to stop his recuperating process just because of a feeling that suddenly appeared and that disappeared just as quickly.

He still had many things left to do.

And at this moment, Yi Yun was like a patient hunter, waiting high above the lake.

Through his energy vision, Yi Yun could see the Black-armored Demon God's energy flow clearly.

The Black-armored Demon God was indeed injured. The wounds left behind by the Sacred Spirit had not only injured his physical body, but it had also wounded his soul sea.

In the Black-armored Demon God's soul sea, Yi Yun could sense extremely chaotic spiritual energy, like his condition was extremely unstable.

Yi Yun was waiting... waiting for the critical moment in the Black-armored Demon God's recuperation.

Be it seclusion for breakthroughs or circulating their cultivation techniques for healing, warriors needed an absolutely safe place. At times, they would even need people to protect them. This was because they could not be disturbed at a critical moment. If not, they would suffer the backlash of their energies. If it was any more serious, they might even suffer a Qi deviation.

Yi Yun was waiting precisely for that opportunity, allowing him to severely injure the Black-armored Demon God!

Time slowly passed as the bright moon set in the west. The eastern horizon suffused a glowing layer as the stars in the night sky dimmed. It was nearly dawn…

The Black-armored Demon God had already completely ignored that unknown sense of foreboding. He was completely immersed in his recuperation, and now, he was undergoing a critical step in his healing process. He was fixing the wounds in his soul sea, wiping out the chaotic energy flows from his soul sea bit by bit.

A human's soul sea was the weakest. Even the Black-armored Demon God was no different.

In the energy vision, Yi Yun spotted his chance as his eyes lit up!

Now was the time!

After waiting for hours, Yi Yun had constantly kept himself in peak condition. All his energy was poised to strike, all for this very moment.

His ’Great Empress Heart Sutra’ circulated as his Yuan Qi exploded. His two powerful Aspect Totems, the Golden Crow and the Nine Neonate appeared in the sky.

For the strike after converging his strength for so long, Yi Yun did not use his sword, but instead, he used… the God Advent Tower!

Even if his strength improved greatly, Yi Yun was still unable to fully control the God Advent Tower. In a true face off, Yi Yun could not use the God Advent Tower at all. He would be like a three year old child waving a sledgehammer. It would be slow and it would be unable to strike anyone. It would also be extremely draining.

But now, to strike a fixed target, the God Advent Tower was most appropriate. The force of the entire God Advent Tower slamming down was much more powerful than the pure Yang broken sword.


The God Advent Tower mercilessly came slamming down, collapsing the void.

There was a tumultuous explosion on the surface of the Yin lake, as endless amount of lake water flew up into the sky. The God Advent Tower kept falling straight down, slamming the Black-armored Demon God right at the bottom!

Yi Yun had used all his strength for this strike without holding back. He knew that he only had one chance to strike with the God Advent Tower! And if he fought with the pure Yang broken sword, it would be difficult for him to produce power of this scale again!