True Martial World Chapter 721

Chapter 721: Injuring the Demon God
Chapter 721: Injuring the Demon God

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The pressure that came crashing down with the God Advent Tower fracturing the Yin lake. The lake's water brought with it unquantifiable amounts of mud and stone, surging in all directions. It formed a gigantic mud wave that had the power of the torrential tide.

It was a mystical land formation created naturally by the laws of Creation. The land itself was protected by Yin energy, but even so, soil was still soil. How could it withstand the God Advent Tower's strike?

Before the God Advent Tower reached the Black-armored Demon God, he felt a terrifying pressure surging at him!

The Black-armored Demon God was at a critical stage of his reclusive recuperation. With his existence greatly threatened, the Black-armored Demon God had to forcefully wake up despite being immersed in an ethereal state!


To be interrupted from his ethereal state, Black-armored Demon God was enraged but alarmed.

He abruptly opened his eyes, with his face having an unnatural paleness to it. Instantly, he felt his energy backlash against him. But at this point in time, the tremendous danger he sensed forced him to ignore the chaotic spiritual energy in his soul sea.

He looked up and he saw the black bottom of the God Advent Tower crashing downwards. The wanton aura seemed to be a strike straight at his soul!

He was alarmed. This feeling...

It was a familiar feeling. An impact that he had once felt and feared deeply was embedded deep in his memories. Having been sealed for tens of millions of years had caused his mind to be a blur. Many things were nearly forgotten.

But now, that sudden sensation made him remember something.

That man and that woman!

And that pagoda! That sword!

Tens of millions of years ago, he had been suppressed by the divine pagoda, and pierced through by a sword. Now, that scene was repeating itself.

Although this feeling was much weaker compared to tens of millions of years ago, it still made the heavily injured Black-armored Demon God suffer from his chaotic soul sea!

The God Advent Tower strike at a hidden pain in his heart.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The Black-armored Demon God let out a blood-curling scream, as he used all his energy to forcefully repress the injuries that his soul and body were suffering. As the entire lake exploded, he grabbed the black lance beside him!


The lance pierced through the void. There was no energy fluctuation, but a surging ‘force’ came with this simple stab.

It was like the Heaven Earth Yin energy gathered by the nine Yin flood dragons was condensed together by the Black-armored Demon God's lance.

The lance and the divine pagoda clashed together without any gaudy display. The entire lake collapsed!

The God Advent Tower was forcefully stopped, and it was even sent backwards!

Yi Yun's soul was directly connected to the God Advent Tower. The divine strength that the Black-armored Demon God had exerted was enough to cause his body to shudder. Yi Yun's organs writhed, making him suffer internal injuries.


Yi Yun turned stern. The Black-armored Demon God was too powerful. Despite striking him while he was recuperating, he was still able to withstand his God Advent Tower's attack!


A horrifying voice erupted from the bottom of the lake. The already turbulent flow of water burst upwards once again with this roar.

Ever since the Black-armored Demon God appeared, he had only engaged in massacre after massacre. He did not speak a word, like he was a demonic lord who did not have any intelligence or emotions. But today, he spoke.

The ancient tones he used was very different to the language the present Tian Yuan world used.

It was a result of Yi Yun and the God Advent Tower's appearance that had awoken the memories buried deep in the recesses of his mind. It made him extremely agitated.

This ear-splitting voice resounded throughout the heavens and earth.

At this moment, Yi Yun could not care about his injuries. With a wave of his hand, he retrieved the God Advent Tower.

And almost at the same time…


An explosion occurred at the Yin lake's opening, completely destroying it, as the barebacked Black-armored Demon God charged up. With a black lance in hand, his eyes were like an ancient desolate beast. Just looking into his eyes made one feel like one's soul would be injured.

"It's you!?"

The Black-armored Demon God spoke with a loud but succinct voice, which Yi Yun found difficult to comprehend.

He could sense that the Black-armored Demon God's voice was filled with alarm and disbelief.

The Black-armored Demon God knew Yi Yun, and that he was on his kill list. He had locked onto Yi Yun's position, but he had never expected Yi Yun to suddenly appear above the Yin lake, precisely locating the spot where he was recuperating.

And what was even more unexpected to him was that Yi Yun actually had the God Advent Tower. That divine pagoda that was once held in the hands of that man in ancient times was now in Yi Yun's hands.

He was that man's successor!?

The Black-armored Demon God's eyes flashed with killing intent. "Die!"

As he brandished his lance, he stabbed it straight at Yi Yun!

This attack didn’t have any fanciful moves, but it caused space to lock up, preventing anyone from dodging!

However, Yi Yun was already prepared. He did not move, nor did he try to escape the sealed space. The God Advent Tower spinned above his head before landing over him, enclosing Yi Yun within it.


The God Advent Tower suddenly quaked as the Black-armored Demon God's lance stabbed it. The thunderous impact could crush mountains, but it did not leave a single mark on the God Advent Tower, leaving it flawless.

Although the God Advent Tower was unharmed, Yi Yun, whose consciousness was connected to it, still experienced a tremendous amount of force.

Even with the God Advent Tower protecting him, Yi Yun still felt his soul being injured. The intense force sent the God Advent Tower flying backwards.

This suited Yi Yun's intentions, as he used the momentum in his favor as he controlled the God Advent Tower to fly far into the distance!

After his sneak attack, he immediately retreated.

Naturally, he did not plan to have a head on clash with the Black-armored Demon God. Every attack of the Black-armored Demon God was extremely terrifying. If they were to land on him, it would immediately tear him apart.

"Trying to escape?"

Seeing Yi Yun about to retreat, the Black-armored Demon God was enraged. With the lance in hand, he chased after Yi Yun.

However, at this moment, his body convulsed as his expression turned ugly.

As his body trembled, bloody cracks appeared on the muscles of his upper body. His body was about to crack!

However, as his body was cracking, his muscles were also recovering as fast as the eyes could see.

He was injured.

He was originally in recuperation, and he had been sneak attacked by Yi Yun. He forcefully struck back, but his two attacks were fruitless. This greatly exacerbated his condition.

If he were to carry on chasing Yi Yun, his injuries would worsen.

And the crux of the matter was that Yi Yun had the God Advent Tower!

By hiding in the God Advent Tower, it was the best protection for Yi Yun.

However, the God Advent Tower was not invincible. Once the God Advent Tower's energy was drained of its energy, its protective arrays would turn ineffective. This would allow the Black-armored Demon God to enter the God Advent Tower and kill the hiding Yi Yun.

However, how could the current him drain the God Advent Tower's protective array of its energy?

The Black-armored Demon God's face turn ashen as he watched the God Advent Tower fly far away.

He split out a piece of his spiritual energy so he could tag the God Advent Tower.

The God Advent Tower was a treasure that the Azure Yang Lord brought from the 12 Empyrean Heavens. The moment it used its concealment array, the Black-armored Demon God would not be able to detect the God Advent Tower's presence.

He needed to confirm the location of the God Advent Tower.

However… just as his spiritual energy landed on the God Advent Tower, he felt a tiny prick in his soul sea.


He was astonished to realize that the connection between his spiritual energy and his main body had been severed.

That human had a way to deal with his spiritual energy?