True Martial World Chapter 722

Chapter 722: Seamless Body
Chapter 722: Seamless Body

After the spiritual energy was devoured by Yi Yun's use of the Purple Crystal, the God Advent Tower quickly disappeared from the Demon God's vision. And immediately after that, the God Advent Tower's concealment array was activated, and with that, Yi Yun and the God Advent Tower disappeared in thin air!

The Black-armored Demon God watched as the God Advent Tower disappeared. He could not detect the God Advent Tower despite extending his perception, making his face turn ashen.

His lips twitched gently. His muscles were still cracking and healing. As blood flowed out of the cracks on his flesh, and on the surface of his naked muscles, it did not coagulate. Instead, it was absorbed by his skin. It was like his flesh was like a sponge, never wasting a single ounce of blood or energy.

This sort of body was termed a Seamless Body. The 360 acupuncture points were cultivated perfectly, allowing him to freely absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Yet, not a single acupuncture point would let energy leak out. His body itself had no weakness, be it in terms of recovery and endurance, they were absolutely phenomenal!

In the Tian Yuan world, a Seamless Body of such quality had never been recorded in the historical books, as it was something that could not be trained. Even in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, such a body was the envy of numerous warriors.

"The God Advent Tower has appeared. It's that man's successor… " The Black-armored Demon God said with a deep, low whisper while the muscles on his face were twitching violently.

Yi Yun's appearance made him feel that there was a crisis on his hands!

Such a crisis awakened some of his consciousness. It made a portion of his memories resurface from the depths of his mind once again.

"Ah!" The Black-armored Demon God suddenly held his head. The excruciating headache and the turmoil of his soul sea made the Black-armored Demon God experience even more pain than what his originally damaged soul sea was experiencing.

The Black-armored Demon God suddenly lifted his eyelids and he looked into the void with eyes turning crimson from the blood vessels exploding behind his retinas. It was like he was looking at the God Advent Tower despite being separated by space-time. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

It was that person from just now that brought him this pain!

"Kill!" The Black-armored Demon God repeated those words with his ancient tone.

Despite Yi Yun's disappearance, the Black-armored Demon God was unsure if Yi Yun would return or not.

And at this moment, he was seriously wounded. His soul sea was in chaos, and he needed immediate healing. If not, his condition would only become worse.

Although his Seamless Body did not allow him to lose blood or energy, for a Seamless Body to constantly repair his flesh and meridians, it required energy,


The Black-armored Demon God's body sank downwards suddenly as he rushed back into the Yin lake.


Water from the Yin lake flew upwards. What was previously less than a mile in radius had now been expanded to over five miles in radius due to the battle from before. And the water level of the lake had been greatly reduced.

Even so, the Yin lake was still connected to the land's Yin roots. Yin killing energy was gathered here and this was still considered to be a healing shrine for the Black-armored Demon God.

"He is injured too."

The Black-armored Demon God postulated that Yi Yun could no longer power the God Advent Tower again, and he would not appear again.

Besides, Yi Yun did not have a Seamless Body, and he would need at least a day or two to recover. And in this amount of time, although insufficient for him to heal completely, it was enough for him to recover to 60-70%. That was enough.

With 60-70% of his strength, the Black-armored Demon God was confident that he could prevent Yi Yun from escaping.

Even if Yi Yun entered the God Advent Tower, he could also lock the God Advent Tower down.

Although the defenses of the God Advent Tower were a force to be reckoned with, once it was locked down, he could slowly drain the God Advent Tower's protective array, and when that happened, it was impossible for Yi Yun to escape.

The Black-armored Demon God was not fully awoken. His brain was filled with chaotic memories and thoughts, but the killing intent for Yi Yun was extremely clear.

The Black-armored Demon God released his 360 acupuncture points, connecting them to the land's nine Yin roots, and he began his recuperation.

And at this moment, thousands of miles away.


The God Advent Tower smashed deep into a mountain's belly!

The God Advent Tower's concealment array automatically activated and completely concealed the hole that had been smashed open.

After that, Yi Yun sat in the cultivation chamber on the 5th level of the God Advent Tower. With his spiritual energy interfaced with the Purple Crystal, he made a perfect connection with Heaven Earth energy.


Heaven Earth Yuan Qi flooded from all directions, and it swirled right into the Purple Crystal, forming a gigantic Yuan Qi vortex.

The God Advent Tower itself had an array that gathered Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, but no matter how powerful that array was, it was far inferior to the Purple Crystal Origins.

And a warrior in it was also limited in his ability to absorbing the energy gathered by the God Advent Tower.

However, with the Purple Crystal inside Yi Yun's heart, it could be said to be one with him. With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun's body was even more perfect than a Seamless Body.

He could control every ounce of energy in his body. With sufficient energy provided to him, the injuries to his meridians healed rapidly.

Yi Yun entered an ethereal state as he felt every inch of his vessels and meridians. Every flow of energy harmoniously followed the Purple Crystal's laws. It was the truth of the Heavenly Dao.

Under such circumstances, in about six hours, Yi Yun had recovered about 80-90% of his strength.

It was enough!

The meditating Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes.

He did not need to fully recover. The combat power he currently possessed was sufficient enough to power the God Advent Tower.



The God Advent Tower broke through the mountain and formed a stream of light as it flew into the horizon.

Yi Yun used the same strategy and activated the God Advent Tower's concealment arrays and the Purple Crystal. With the double layer of protection, not a single shred of his energy or aura leaked out. With that, he successfully arrived above the Yin lake.

Six hours was enough for the Yin lake to return to normal. To prevent himself from alerting the enemy, Yi Yun did not even use his energy vision to look at the Black-armored Demon God.

The Black-armored Demon God was extremely sensitive. The moment he was being peeped at, even if through the energy vision, it was something he could sense. He might have thought that it was an illusion the first time, but he would definitely not shrug it off this time.

Hence, Yi Yun only shut his eyes to concentrate. He slowly sensed the flowing killing Yin energy in the lands.

He instantly determined that the nine killing Ying energies were gathered in the central point beneath the Yin lake. Without needing to probe, Yi Yun knew that the Black-armored Demon God was located at the core.

For a powerful being like the Black-armored Demon God, he could only treat his wounds here.

Yi Yun flew out of the God Advent Tower, and like the last strike, he could use the God Advent Tower for his first attack and it was his only chance.


The God Advent Tower began spinning as Yi Yun's "Great Empress Heart Sutra" circulated to its limits.



The roar of two distant ancient beasts echoed as the Golden Crow and the Nine Neonate charged out of Yi Yun's body, conjuring pure Yang Heavenly Fire and pure Yang Heavenly Thunder to fall from the sky!

One of the two divine beast totem was engulfed in heavenly fire, while the other was baptized in heavenly thunder!


The God Advent Tower crashed down like the stars, creating a suppressive force!

With a powerful energy wave surging downwards, deep in the Yin lake, the Black-armored Demon God, who had recovered only about 30-40%, abruptly opened his eyes.


That familiar killing aura, that familiar Heaven Earth energy.

It's him again!?

The Black-armored Demon God was shocked. It had only been six hours. Yi Yun had also suffered from an energy backlash. But now, he could recover in such a short period of time, and attack once again. Yi Yun's recovery speed exceeded his Seamless Body!?

Translator’s Note: Seamless Bodies had previously been introduced in Chapter 33-34