True Martial World Chapter 723

Chapter 723: The Demon God’s Wrath
Chapter 723: The Demon God’s Wrath


Before the Black-armored Demon God could give it any thought, the God Advent Tower had broken through the lake's surface, stirring a tremendous explosion.

As immense hydraulic pressure repressed downwards, the bottom of the black pagoda was already thirty feet above the Black-armored Demon God's head.


The Black-armored Demon God let out a deafening roar as the meditating him grabbed the black long lance beside him, and his joints issuing cracking sounds. He stabbed upwards with his lance!


The sound of a horrifying collision echoed as the God Advent Tower was sent flying upwards by the Black-armored Demon God's single blow!

But at the same time, the Black-armored Demon God, who was in the midst of recuperation, was now suffering from his muscles being on the brink of collapse. Blood was spurting out as the huge impact caused him to sink deep to the bottom of the lake!

It appeared as if this Yin lake was bombarded by meteorites. Large amounts of mud, rocks and water evaporated due to the wanton energy. The Black-armored Demon God was pushed tens of meters deeper into the ground.


The bottom of the lake exploded as the Black-armored Demon God charged out with disheveled hair and his lance in hand.

Having his recovery interrupted meant that the past few hours of meditation had been for naught!

The Black-armored Demon God appeared above the Yin lake, his eyes as red as blood while he was in a frenzied state!

He was extremely infuriated, but when he searched for traces of Yi Yun, all he saw was a tiny pagoda along the horizon. And in a split second, the tiny pagoda disappeared from his vision.

This time, Yi Yun had fled even faster. Yi Yun knew that he was no match even for a severely injured Black-armored Demon God. Hence, after his strike, Yi Yun immediately escaped. He would not even stay behind to see the results of his attack.


The Black-armored Demon God's long hair stood up like an enraged beast.

He was obviously much stronger than Yi Yun, yet, Yi Yun had chosen to strike him with his most powerful blow at the moment that he was healing his wounds. And he would immediately flee, ignoring the outcome of his efforts. All Yi Yun wished was to interrupt his recovery, letting him experience the backlash of energy. However, he could do nothing to Yi Yun despite him employing such a battle strategy.

This made him incensed.

However, Yi Yun was already long gone. Although the Black-armored Demon God was furious, he was in a dilemma as to whether to chase Yi Yun.

To him, Yi Yun was just a lowly being, even if he had inherited the Azure Yang Lord's heritage.

In comparison, the Azure Yang Lord… he was a great Empyrean Heaven's Divine Lord.

In the entire Yang God Empyrean Heaven, there were 72 Divine Lords, and the Azure Yang Lord was one of them!

Tens of millions of years ago, the Black-armored Demon God had been sealed by the Azure Yang Lord. For that, he had nothing to say. As the difference in strength was too great, being sealed was just an expected outcome.

However, Yi Yun was a human of a lower realm. He had, through some form of dumb luck, obtained the Azure Yang Lord's inheritance.

And despite obtaining a Yang God Empyrean Heaven Divine Lord's inheritance, this Yi Yun only used the God Advent Tower to launch sneak attacks. He did it time and time again, escaping after each strike, never to face him directly in battle. Such a combat strategy was disgusting and shameless.

If he were to chase Yi Yun, the Black-armored Demon God would have to pay a great price. He had not recovered from his wounds and he would expend his life force's essence. He had been sealed for tens of millions of years, and his life force essence had been greatly consumed. Although he had been engaging in mass slaughter in the Tian Yuan world, plundering the life force of those he killed… it was still insufficient!

Those lowly lives had equally weak life force and they were even impure. After refining away the impurities, there was not much left to replenish his draining life force essence.


The Black-armored Demon God retreated back into the Yin lake. And at this moment, Yi Yun had returned to the mountain belly thousands of miles away.

He had suffered some injuries in this round of sneak attacks, but they were lighter than the last.

Controlling the God Advent Tower was still quite a considerable and difficult task for Yi Yun. It was like a child swinging a sledgehammer. The recoil from just slamming the hammer on an anvil would cause the child to feel numb in the arms and his blood surging.

Yi Yun grasped all the time he had and he used the Purple Crystal to recover his Yuan Qi.

The Black-armored Demon God remained vigilant. As he recuperated, he split a bit of his consciousness, causing his healing to slow down.

He was constantly probing the Yin lake's surroundings, and he did not fully focus on healing. But when he was distracted probing, Yi Yun would not come. And just as the Black-armored Demon God reduced his probing, and began the critical stage of healing his soul sea's injuries, Yi Yun appeared once again.

He seemed to have a special ability at perceiving things, by striking decisively at the instant that the Black-armored Demon God could not be disturbed!

It was the God Advent Tower again. It was another sneak attack!


The Yin lake exploded, rocking the mountains.

This time, Yi Yun fled even faster. He did not even take a look and he fled far away.

Three consecutive sneak attacks allowed Yi Yun's control of the God Advent Tower and his familiarity with the Black-armored Demon God to increase.

This was also what allowed him to successfully finish his sneak attacks.

And such changes were apparently noticed by the Black-armored Demon God.

He felt that although this human was weak, he was like a little worm that was constantly harassing him, and from that, find a method to give him the most painful bite.

And it turned out, he was staying still at the same spot to cooperate with him!

These Yin roots collected the Divine Wilderness's Yin energy, and the Black-armored Demon God had not found a second place better than this land of recuperation. If he were to leave, the Black-armored Demon God would find it harder to restore his life force essence.

His sea soul was already in chaos, and he had been injured by the Desolate race's Sacred Spirit. Now, his essence was unstable, and it was on the brink of collapse!

He had killed so many warriors in the Tian Yuan world, but the energy he had plundered was impure. All of that had little real effect!

If he could not stabilize his life force essence in one sitting, in the coming days, he will slowly be drained of his essential force. There will come a day when his life force essence was too weak, so weak that it could not support his powerful body, which will eventually result in his body cracking and falling apart!

A Seamless Body was powerful, but it needed a powerful life force essence to support it.

The Black-armored Demon God did not wish to leave, and he could not leave this spot because of a puny human. That would be an insult to his proud life.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The Black-armored Demon God roared with his ancient tone. The next time, he would make sure that the human was to come, but never leave.

He did not split his consciousness this time. But instead, he locked onto his surroundings with a thousand mile radius. He may not be able to detect the concealed God Advent Tower, but before it struck, it had to pool the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and at the same time, its concealment array would turn ineffective.

He had been at the critical moment of his healing the past few times, so not only was he slow to react, he had to risk the danger of an energy backlash. So it was very difficult to kill Yi Yun at the instant that Yi Yun conjured the God Advent Tower.

But now, the Black-armored Demon God decided to forgo his healing temporarily and concentrate on killing Yi Yun. This time it was different.

With his strength and his comprehension of the laws, he could tunnel through the void to arrive in front of Yi Yun at the moment he made his move. He could then deal Yi Yun a killing blow!