True Martial World Chapter 725

Chapter 725: The Land Withers
Chapter 725: The Land Withers

As Yi Yun was suspended above the Yin river, he gently touched the textured surface of the Death Soulwood.

The aura of Withering and Death twirled between Yi Yun's fingers. It was like he saw the lush, verdant appearance of this enchanted tree back when it stood between the Heaven and Earth.

It went through numerous days, with other plants flourishing and faltering. Yet, in just a single night, it withered and died as a result of being covered in demonic blood. It was like it had seen through the luxuriousness of the world, seeing through the years of vicissitudes, and then finally, extricating itself from all of that.

A life of flourishing ended with withering overnight. This was the Dao that the block of wood eventually formed.

The Death Soulwood flew out from Yi Yun's hands and it slowly sank into the Yin lake.

It happened without a sound, nor was there a single ripple.

The concept of withering emanated, allowing itself to be carried by the river flow.

The withering of a tree was like the death of humans, and the drying up of rivers.

The Death Soulwood began to absorb the Heaven Earth Yin energy that flowed through the Yin river.

However, despite absorbing so much Yin energy, the Death Soulwood remained dead and silent.

In contrast, the Yin root was drying up at a speed that the naked eye could notice.

As the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi decreased, it was slowly truncated.

Comparatively, for a divine item at the level of the Death Soulwood, severing a Yin root in the Divine Wilderness was just too simple.

One source of the Yin lake's energy had now disappeared. What was once nine Yin roots was now eight.

With the use of the Death Soulwood and the concept of Withering, Yi Yun had forcefully caused this Yin root to wither and dry up.

The withered Yin root transformed into a black wisp of air that tossed and turned in the air, like a small flood dragon.

With a wave of his hand, Yi Yun put the black flood dragon in the Death Soulwood.

This black flood dragon may be an embodiment of the Yin root, but it did not contain much Heaven Earth Yin energy. It was more a concept and law.

If Yi Yun extracted all the Heaven Earth Yin energy at once, the Black-armored Demon God would quickly discover it. However, if the concept and law was extracted, then on the surface, the Yin root might not have any changes as the Heaven Earth Yin energy in the Yin lake was still as dense as before.

However, what Yi Yun had done was equivalent to removing the naturally formed array runes of the Yin lake's array formation. Without its essence, the drying up of the Yin roots was just a matter of time.

After Yi Yun kept the Yin root, he entered the God Advent Tower and he flew to the next Yin root without any delay.

He planned to draw in all the nine Yin roots, and refining them into the Death Soulwood.

Maybe, these nine Yin roots could form an array formation in the Death Soulwood.

Array runes and array concepts were part of a law itself. As long as one comprehended the law, one could control the world as an array.

And at this moment, deep at the bottom of the Yin lake, there was no change despite the disappearance of the Yin root.

This Yin lake was formed from the world's power of creation. It was the product of tens of millions of years of accumulation. The nine Yin roots were like the nine pillars of support of the Yin lake. Severing one root would not have disastrous consequences, unless all of them were severed, only then would the Yin lake collapse.

And at this moment, the Black-armored Demon God had long severed his connection with the Yin lake so he could concentrate on the incoming sneak attack by Yi Yun, stopping his recuperation.

The Black-armored Demon God was not familiar with the concept of Withering. The gaps between laws were like hundreds of thousands of mountains separating them. Furthermore, with his perception with the Yin lake severed, the Black-armored Demon God had no way of sensing what Yi Yun was doing, nor would he know that the nine Yin roots around him were withering and drying up

Yi Yun's non appearance became a competition of patience for the Black-armored Demon God. He breathed slowly and evenly. His body would constantly produce tiny cracks that slowly healed. He was like a timeless stone structure that was completely silent.

For the Black-armored Demon God, who was used to spending tens of millions of years, a few days of wait was just like a blink of an eye. He had the sufficient patience.

The Yin lake remained calm, while Yi Yun had silently arrived at the second Yin root.

Taking the Death Soulwood out once again, he slowly extracted the second Yin root's law and concept.

These nine Yin roots were independent, but at the same time, they were interlinked. The combination of the nine Yin roots formed a large array formation that gathered the Heaven Earth Yin energy.

Yi Yun extracted one root after another, but he did not incur any changes in the Heaven Earth Yin energy.

And the Black-armored Demon God was still waiting in the heart of the Yin lake. It was like he had become one with the Yin lake, preventing one from telling them apart.

As Yi Yun took root after root away, the Heaven Earth laws were gradually changing, but it did not present any qualitative changes.

If Yi Yun were to stop at this point, the Yin roots he had extracted would still not recover. And in hundreds of years, this large array would gradually dry up and eventually disappear.

Finally, Yi Yun arrived at the final Yin root.

This Yin root was like a blood vessel of the land, and it was also the last blood vessel left in this vast piece of land.

"Death Soulwood, go!" Yi Yun conjured the Death Soulwood.

After absorbing so much Yin energy, this enchanted piece of wood had a tiny change in appearance.

The moment it was conjured, the Yin root seemed to freeze. The smell of death lingered, slowly devouring the Yin root.

With the final Yin root being extracted, it was equivalent to the complete collapse of the Yin lake's nine pillars!

The Heaven Earth array formed naturally by the law of Creation crumbled!

"Oh?" The Black-armored Demon God suddenly opened his eyes as a red beam of light flashed past his eyes.

He sensed the ground rumbling

What had happened?

Suddenly, the mountains and rivers quaked. The entire Yin lake began to dry up quickly to the naked eye. Even the surrounding plants were withering along with it!

The Heaven Earth Yin energy was dissipating rapidly.

The Withering concept emanated as it radiated in all directions!

The nine Yin roots’ withering caused the vast piece of land to also wither with them!

If humans or desolate beasts were to die, their blood would become dry and their flesh would decay. Even their bones would eventually return back to the earth.

But for the death of a piece of land, the river flow and spiritual veins would dry up. The life of this piece of land would be exhausted, and any plant that was rooted in this piece of land would wither.

"Oh!?" The Black-armored Demon God suddenly stood up. The Yin lake had already dried up beneath his feet. The ground was rapidly drying up and splintering, with cracks appearing at the bottom of lake.

What happened!?

The Black-armored Demon God was alarmed as he rushed out of the withered Yin lake. He emanated his perception around him, connecting himself to the nine Yin roots.

Suddenly, he was dismayed to see that the nine Yin roots had been completely severed.

The Yin roots had withered from within. This excellent healing shrine was finished.

It was that human!? What did he do!?

How could the Black-armored Demon God expect Yi Yun to have an enchanted piece of wood like the Death Soulwood? He was also unable to understand the mysterious concept of Withering that Yi Yun had.

A Withering concept was sufficient enough to make the nine Yin roots to wither, and cause the land to wither together with them.

The concept of Withering was extremely rare. This was a Dao that Yi Yun managed to figure out completely by himself. It was a Dao that the Black-armored Demon God had no idea about!

Hence, the Black-armored Demon God had no way of sensing it when Yi Yun had made all of this happen!