True Martial World Chapter 726

Chapter 726: Patience
Chapter 726: Patience

This was the first time that the Black-armored Demon God was in such a rage ever since he had woken up after tens of millions of years. When he slaughtered thousands of lives in the Tian Yuan world, he always did so in a deadpan manner. This was because those lowly life forms were not worthy to stir his emotions at all.

But now, because of Yi Yun, the Black-armored Demon God had suffered setbacks and had become frustrated.

While consecutively attacking three times, Yi Yun had grasped the perfect opportunity and chose the points at which he was weakest, at the moments where he could not be disturbed, preventing him from using any of his strength!

As for the fourth face off, the Black-armored Demon God had even given up treatment, and he had dedicated himself to hunting Yi Yun, but he was only met with such a bizarre outcome.

All the nine Yin roots had been extracted by Yi Yun, and the Black-armored Demon God only had a rude awakening of this fact in the final moment.

A proud life form like him had been hoodwinked by such a lowly human!

The Black-armored Demon God's chaotic soul sea was churning as his eyes emanated a cold killing aura!

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The Black-armored Demon God let out an angry roar as the land trembled, causing landslides and killing beasts and birds! These lives could not withstand the concepts that the Black-armored Demon God's angry roar contained. The moment they were struck by the Black-armored Demon God's killing aura, their bodies disintegrated into a mess of flesh and blood!

The Black-armored Demon God hovered midair, as his disheveled hair fluttered. He had his lance in his hand, while numerous bitter-looking faces appeared on his armor. It was like they were about to tunnel out of the armor. These suffering souls were the warriors that the Black-armored Demon God had killed and sealed. Only those warriors with sufficient strength were qualified to be sealed in the Black-armored Demon God's armor. Amongst them was Shen Tu Patriarch.

As the blood aura emanated and killing aura diffused, the Demon God's wrath caused the sky to change color!

Yi Yun, who was in the God Advent Tower, immediately felt a strong surge of pressure!

At this moment, Yi Yun was a huge distance away, more than five thousand miles. But, he could still sense the remnants of the Black-armored Demon God's might.

At the instant that Yi Yun extracted the last Yin root, he immediately entered the God Advent Tower and retreated far away.

He knew deeply that by destroying the Black-armored Demon God's healing shrine, it was equivalent to forcing the Black-armored Demon God out. This way, the Black-armored Demon God would definitely want him dead.

As Yi Yun controlled the God Advent Tower, he converged all energy fluctuations and activated the God Advent Tower's concealment array. He quietly hid in the void.

As for Yi Yun himself, he held the Death Soulwood in his hand, and shut his eyes.

There were nine tiny, black flood dragons twirling around the Death Soulwood. These were the Yin energy laws that Yi Yun had extracted.

Sensing these nine Yin energy hovering around the Death Soulwood, Yi Yun suddenly had a feeling that this Death Soulwood would also mature alongside him, becoming a powerful treasure of his.

Unfortunately, the Death Soulwood was still too mystical for him at the moment. Although he had relied on the Death Soulwood and used the concept of Withering, he still could not gain the true intent of the Heavenly Dao contained in the Death Soulwood.

And now, after absorbing the Yin energy laws, the Death Soulwood's aura became even more profound. It was like taking a few more looks at it would cause one's consciousness to sink right in it. Once someone was immersed in the Death Soulwood, their life would be gradually drained, and by the time they realized that, they would already be mostly on the brink of death.

The Death Soulwood was a strange wonder. It was now slowly harmonizing with Yi Yun, and other than Yi Yun himself, no one could hold the Death Soulwood in hand. That would only cause their life to rapidly drain.

Yi Yun concentrated on comprehending the Death Soulwood and refining the nine Yin roots. He was in no hurry to engage in a showdown with the Black-armored Demon God.

The outcome he wanted was to harass the Black-armored Demon God time and time again, attacking when he least expected it, causing the Black-armored Demon God to become more and more irritated and crazy, so that he would not have time to recuperate.

When his soul was extremely chaotic beyond measure, while he slowly matured and gained strength during the battles, he would be able to face the Black-armored Demon God eventually.

However... The proud Demon God would not allow Yi Yun to repeatedly provoke him...

In the eyes of the Black-armored Demon God, Yi Yun was just a lowly life form. Not only had he hoodwinked him, he even dared to hide in the vicinity, enjoying his reactions.


The Black-armored Demon God brandished his lance forcefully. Instantly, the sky changed color once again, as mountains exploded, splitting the land apart and rocks tumbled! The Land spanning thousands of miles immediately flipped! The Demon God's enraged strike was enough to destroy the lands and shock everyone!

In the God Advent Tower, Yi Yun turned stern when he sensed the Demon God's wrath.

Despite being thousands of miles away in the God Advent Tower, he could still sense the surging aura. The energy fluctuations were still tremendous despite the distance. However, Yi Yun only quietly endured the surging energy and he did not activate the God Advent Tower's arrays to withstand the blow of the energy wave.

If the surging energy was to be reflected by the God Advent Tower's defensive arrays, just a tiny amount would allow the Black-armored Demon God to sense it.

For an existence at the level of the Black-armored Demon God, every ounce of energy he radiated was tied to himself. This attack he sent out was a probe to find Yi Yun.

This secretly alarmed Yi Yun. He knew that the Black-armored Demon God was very strong, but Yi Yun did not expect that despite him being injured, his attack could still destroy large swaths of land spanning thousands of miles. The Black-armored Demon God was trying to locate his position from the reflection of his radiating energy.

This technique gave him quite a shock.

After the Black-armored Demon God struck, the muscles on his body began to split, causing blood to flow out of them. This not only made the Black-armored Demon God look extremely pathetic, it also made him look more terrifying!

As he looked at the void around him, the Black-armored Demon God's eyes turned cold and furious.

His large scale attack failed to find the God Advent Tower, much less Yi Yun.

He knew that the human was definitely hiding. Even if he continued attacking despite his injuries, the human would ignore it. He could even deactivate the God Advent Tower's arrays, and let the surging energy pass through the God Advent Tower. Even if he was slightly injured, he would not appear either.

So crafty, yet timid like a mouse!

The Black-armored Demon God gripped his lance tightly. That weak human was maddening. He had never encountered such an opponent that dealt his cards in an erratic fashion. He was also extremely careful and he did not reveal any flaws. He was extremely shameless in his martial arts and character!

Why did the wild and intractable, yet proud Azure Yang Lord, choose such a wretched person as his successor!?

The Demon God scanned his surroundings coldly. Suddenly, he locked his gaze in a particular direction.

That direction… the Black-armored Demon God remembered that he had locked onto a Desolate race girl who had the bloodline of someone from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, and he had also locked onto Yi Yun.

Yi Yun and that Desolate race girl were in once place, and appeared to have a close relationship.

The Black-armored Demon God was extremely prideful. He did not want to have a confrontation with a lowly life form here, and be continuously teased by that lowly life form.

His wrath naturally would be born by someone.

The Black-armored Demon God looked in that direction as a sinister smile suffused on his lips.

Let me see if you can continue hiding in silence after I kill that Desolate race girl and everyone in the Desolate race!