True Martial World Chapter 727

Chapter 727: Blood Aura Covers the Sky
Chapter 727: Blood Aura Covers the Sky

The Black-armored Demon God's killing intent melted into a blood mist that locked onto the Divine Wilderness as it emanated throughout the world.

When the Black-armored Demon God used all his strength, just passing above those weaker desolate beasts was enough to cause their bodies to explode, turning into mangled bloody messes. Powerful primordial species lay prostrate on the ground as they trembled.

This was the huge difference that came from the difference in life's natural order. In front of a life form of the Black-armored Demon God's level, they did not even dare look up.


This was the sonic boom the Black-armored Demon God emitted when he was flying. It was tumultuous like thunder, and with a sudden boom, he would disappear into the distance.

And in the God Advent Tower, Yi Yun, who was prepared to receive the Black-armored Demon God's second attack's aftermath, frowned.

Heaven Earth Yuan Qi… The surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had been suddenly drained. It had formed an air current and it was directed in a particular direction in the distance.

It was the Black-armored Demon God!

"Has he given up on me?" Yi Yun sensed that the Black-armored Demon God had left. The extremely fast speed that he was traveling at and his powerful aura was enough to sweep away all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, causing this region to nearly become a vacuum.

Yi Yun felt that something was amiss. The Black-armored Demon God would not give up so easily.

Such a proud life form would smash any puny life form that had angered him.

However, the Black-armored Demon God had indeed left. He did not conceal his departure. The mighty Demon God did not need to be bothered to use such means to trick Yi Yun out.

However, for the Black-armored Demon God to leave at this moment, could it be… ?

Yi Yun's breathing stalled as he felt an ominous feeling.

Oh no!

Yi Yun immediately controlled the God Advent Tower and flew back above the Yin lake. The land, that was formerly a land of death, was now in ruins.

From the cracks that dived deep underground, a red mist surged out. It was the Demon God's killing aura. This place was not only a land of death, it would soon become a land that no living creature would approach in the future.

Yi Yun had no time to sigh as he looked at his surroundings.

The land had been ravaged. A scorch mark on the land extended into the distance.

And in the sky over where the trail led, there was a blood line. It was piercing to the eyes and it looked like a tidal wave that was rolling far away.

Killing aura!

That was the manifestation of the Black-armored Demon God's killing aura. In the Tian Yuan world, wherever the blood cloud arrived, it was the arrival of a massacre. Whenever people mentioned the blood cloud, their expressions would drastically change as they would tremble without fail.

The blood cloud represented the Black-armored Demon God in the Tian Yuan world. It was an indication that he was about to begin his massacre.

And that direction...

Yi Yun's pupils constricted as he felt his a heavy blow on his heart!

That was the direction of the area where the Desolate race was hiding. It was where Jiang Xiaorou and Lin Xintong were!

The Black-armored Demon God had not given up. He had only turned his spearhead and diverted his killing intent to Jiang Xiaorou!

The Black-armored Demon God had already locked onto Jiang Xiaorou. He had made her a target, and now, as retaliation against Yi Yun and to make him appear obediently, he decided attack Jiang Xiaorou immediately!

The blood cloud seemed to cover the sky, extending hundreds of thousands of miles. And wherever the Black-armored Demon God passed, the land beneath it would be ravaged, a wipeout of all life. Under such circumstances, it no longer mattered if there was a spiritual lock or not.

The Black-armored Demon God's pressure seemed to envelop the entire Divine Wilderness. As he proceeded forward without any resistance, no matter how the Desolate race hid, they would not be able to escape from the Black-armored Demon God.

"Black-armored Demon God!" Yi Yun immediately activated the God Advent Tower as he stared at the red line along the horizon. He followed it at an extremely fast speed!

The God Advent Tower's speed was pushed to the extreme by Yi Yun. It issued a screeching sonic boom midair. The powerful air flow tore apart trees and sent soil splashing.

The God Advent Tower pierced through the chaotic aura and continued flying forward!

Hurry! Faster!

Compared to the Black-armored Demon God's full speed, Yi Yun was still slower!

And at this moment, in the Desolate race's territory.

Panshi was an elite warrior of the Desolate race. He happened to be on duty today.

The Divine Capital had 18 elite squads patrolling at every moment in time. He led one of those squads.

And today, there was nothing different.

Panshi and his Desolate race warriors were riding desolate beasts and they arrived at the top of a hill.

He first looked far into the distance. The Divine Wilderness was filled with endless mountains and was silent.

Then, Panshi looked at the ground and quickly scanned through it.

Suddenly, a disdainful smile appeared along the corners of his mouth.

It was those humans...

Upon Yi Yun's return, he had rejected the Human race's request in their negotiations. These members of the Human race were beginning to leave.

Now, Panshi was seeing the first human group leave.

They had chosen a direction and they were slowly entering the Divine Wilderness.

After the negotiations failed, the Human race did not obtain anything from the Desolate race. The expressions of their legendary figures had turned purple from Yi Yun's sarcasm.

However, not every member of the Human race planned on leaving.

Amongst the Human race, there had their differences. A group of humans were led by the Sanctuary Island couple, so they decided to fight alongside the Desolate race.

Most humans feared the future reprisal of Yi Yun and they also feared the desolate beasts in the Divine Wilderness. Although they were inclined to leave, they found it hard to make up their minds.

A final small group of people, which was those who were determined to leave, believed that staying behind to resist the Black-armored Demon God was just sending themselves to their deaths.

Instead of dying now, they might as well risk the danger and leave. At least, there would be a chance.

In front of Panshi was the humans who were eager to leave the Desolate race.

From their point of view, due to Yi Yun's willful act, the Desolate race was doomed. They naturally did not wish to stay here any longer, sacrificing their lives along with the Desolate race.

As for Yi Yun… These people were now wishing that Yi Yun could deal a severe blow to the Black-armored Demon God before he died.

These people probably accounted for a fifth of the total number of humans. The others were still hesitating or planning. Be it evacuating or fighting to the death, there was a need for a plan.

These people who were in a hurry to leave were led by Mystic Tiger Immortal. With him leading these elites, traversing the Divine Wilderness was not too big a problem.

Amongst all the humans, Mystic Tiger Immortal was the one who hated Yi Yun the most. He had lost face and suffered humiliation, so he naturally wanted to leave early.

Panshi saw these people look back at the Desolate race's campgrounds. Their eyes were filled with a look of schadenfreude, like they were looking at a bunch of people that were about to die.

"Those people are really infuriating!" A Desolate race warrior said angrily.

Panshi said nonchalantly. "It doesn't matter. Let them leave. Our life and death battle does not need those people anyway."

"Indeed." The other Desolate race warriors nodded.

They watched as the humans left.

"If we leave in this direction, we can put a distance between us and the Desolate race campground and Yi Yun. When the Black-armored Demon God attacks, we will be hiding in the Untraversable Sea." Mystic Tiger Immortal said.

Yi Yun had threatened to demolish his family clan's power and kill all his descendants. Hence, by bringing away all the elites, Mystic Tiger Immortal wanted to see what Yi Yun, who had to fend for his life, could do.

As they entered the Divine Wilderness, the Desolate race campground was left far behind them.

At this moment, a young disciple of a large faction looked up into the sky and suddenly narrowed his eyes slightly.

He seemed to see a red line that had appeared on the horizon.