True Martial World Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Yi Yun’s Appearance
Chapter 73: Yi Yun’s Appearance

“Who else wants to come up and try?” Zhao Tiezhu was in high spirits, “Dongzhi, you want to come up here and play with me?” Seeing no one coming up, Zhao Tiezhu began calling out names.
“Brother Zhao, don’t joke with me. How can I win against you? Just now the punch you sent out had a ring in your joints. Isn’t that the Thunder something, and bow shooting down flock realm or something?”

All kind of methods of kissing ass was used by this young warrior by the name of Dongzi. He understood that to survive in the warrior preparation camp, he had to grab on to someone great, so that when the meat was handed out, he would receive more.

“Hahaha! It’s ‘Thunder in the nine clouds, Surprise Bow Drops Flock!’. This phrase had taken a long while for Zhao Tiezhu to memorize before he could spout the mouthful.

He was still a light-years away from that realm, but looking at Zhao Tiezhu’s expression, it was as if he had already reached that state.

Noticing that no one in the audience was willing to face him, Zhao Tiezhu felt there was no need staying pretentious and said loudly, “if no one is coming up on stage, then I’ll gladly accept this spot!”

Originally, Zhao Tiezhu’s rules were like so, if no one dared to face the person in the arena, then that person would take a spot away. This was how the nine spots were chosen.

No one had any disagreements because they were convinced of Zhao Tiezhu’s strength.

“Is there anyone in disagreement?” Zhao Tiezhu deliberately slowed down the speed at which he collected the wooden tablet. It was akin to the feeling of an auctioneer counting down in order to tease for higher bids.

To Zhao Tiezhu, this was just another of his pretentious acts, but no one expected that, just as he asked that question, a voice came from the crowd, “You sure are detestable, why can’t you just take the wooden tablet? Do you need to act in that infuriating manner, asking people to go against you? If so, then I’ll fulfill your wish and go against you.”

“Who? Who?” Zhao Tiezhu was just about to finish his perfect act, but someone had actually jumped up to oppose him!

And in between those lines, he had accused him as being detestable!?

That’s right, everyone could tell that Zhao Tiezhu was just putting on a pretentious act. He had used it to announce to the entire Lian tribal clan that he was the strongest in the warrior preparation camp, but who dare to speak out?

“Whoever who said that, come out here. I want to see who is sick of living!”

Zhao Tiezhu had already considered the Lian tribal clan as his, if Lian Chengyu was a tiger, then he was the jackal henchman of Lian Chengyu. How could he tolerate being hit in the face in his own territory?

But, if someone were to step forward now, he could set an example, establishing his authority!

He had decided that he would kill the person who had caused trouble in front of everybody!

In the lawless vast wilderness, there was nothing wrong with the strong killing the weak; furthermore, it was in the arena, thus making it even more justified.

Thinking of this, Zhao Tiezhu swept through the crowd with his bloodthirsty eyes.

Zhao Tiezhu was looking for the person who had said those words, but the person was hidden within the sea of people and not coming forward.

After about the time taken for ten breaths, someone had pushed through the crowd to the forefront of the stage.

The people gave way as they saw a small-sized kid walk out to the front of the stage, and leisurely climb up the stage.

This small-sized kid only reached Zhao Tiezhu’s chest and was dressed in rough linen clothes. His clothes were clean but tattered, with several large patches.

Seeing this body size and posture, question marks filled the brains of the crowd. Was this child the person who called out?

The people had originally thought that the person who called out was some warrior with a lot of confidence in his strength, and he was most likely a member of the warrior preparation camp, but unexpectedly, it was a child! Does he not want to live?

It was no wonder he could not be seen earlier, because he was short and was hidden below the crowd!

“You…how could you…” Zhao Tiezhu was shocked at the child in front of him, “Yi Yun!? You aren’t dead?”

Yi Yun’s back was originally facing the people, so many had not noticed. Now, they could see clearly that the person on stage was none other than Yi Yun.

“Brother Yi Yun! It’s really brother Yi Yun!” Yi Yun’s neighbour Aunt Wang and her daughter Zhou Xiaoke were in the audience. Zhou Xiaoke, having seen Yi Yun alive, was pleasantly surprised, but seeing the immediate scene, she worried for Yi Yun.

At this time, Zhou Xiaoke grabbed Aunt Wang’s rough hands tightly with her heart in her mouth.

“Kiddo Yun is still alive, but why would he go up the stage now to antagonize this dangerous person?”

Aunt Wang was worried as she did not know what Yi Yun was doing.

And at this time, Yi Yun who was standing on stage, slowly turned his body towards the animal skin chair in the Lian tribal clan’s courtyard, where a frail Lian Chengyu was sitting!

The other party’s eyes were like bullets shooting at him!

Lian Chengyu was motionless in his seat, yet the four maidservants around him could not help but shiver.

They could feel that Lian Chengyu had suddenly turned into a ferocious beast!

How many times was it? Yes…, it was the third time!

Lian Chengyu placed the teacup in his hand down, and carried on staring at Yi Yun.

The first time, Yi Yun was resurrected after falling down while picking herbs.

The second time, Yi Yun had escaped after being attacked secretly by Lian Chengyu.

The third time, after being poisoned by both the desolate bone’s frost toxin and the Blood Thinning Pill, and bleeding from his seven orifices and falling down a big cliff, he still survived.

Lian Chengyu’s eyelids began to jump. The way he looked at Yi Yun was like a poisonous snake looking at its prey with traces of ruthlessness and greed.

“His body has a secret!” Lian Chengyu believed that Yi Yun had a treasure that protected his life. Although he did not know what the treasure was, it was of no matter, because the treasure would soon be his.

After killing Yi Yun, he would obtain the treasure. He could then slowly examine it and eventually figure out its usage.

When he thought of this, Lian Chengyu slowly regained his composure.

His expression was calm on the surface, but within his body was excited and hot blood. He gently licked his lips, flashing eyes that thirsted for blood.

Good! Very good! The Heavens are finally fair to me for once!

The Heavens may not have given me a glorious family background, nor had it given me the resources needed for practicing martial arts, and it had even cut me off just as I was about to break through into the Purple Blood realm!

But today, you have given me a chance, sending this treasure that can protect one’s life right to me.

As the ancient saying goes: if you do not grab an opportunity presented to you, harm will fall unto you!

If I were to ignore the object that the Heavens give me, it will invite future disaster. I, Lian Chengyu is not sure a stupid person.

Surprisingly, this kid named Yi Yun as a starving little slave can have such a blessed live—no, it should be said that I have a blessed life. By killing him, I’ll get the treasure. Whoever had the treasure in hand, whoever had the blessed life!

Many thoughts flashed within Lian Chengyu’s mind. A grinning Zhao Tiezhu had already began walking towards Yi Yun without any orders from Lian Chengyu.