True Martial World Chapter 731

Chapter 731: Snow Lotus
Chapter 731: Snow Lotus

Not many could understand the conversation between the Black-armored Demon God and Jiang Xiaorou, but from the transmissions between the legendary figures of the Desolate race, they got to learn the contents of their conversation.

The content was alarming to them.

The Black-armored Demon God was currently the Tian Yuan world's strongest warrior and he was unrivaled. He killed Empyreal Kings like he was cutting through grass. What sort of scene would it be if one became the Black-armored Demon God's successor?

Not only that, the Black-armored Demon God had also mentioned a place that they found alien. The 12 Empyrean Heavens!

Very few of the legendary human figures had seen any mention of this place in books. It represented a wider world, a world with higher martial arts.

However, everyone also knew that with the Black-armored Demon God's savage personality, he would not be thoughtful to a disciple he took in. The war spirit he mentioned probably was to make Jiang Xiaorou his weapon, one that would fight only for his sake, and with no other thoughts.

However, the other choice would then be death. Besides, it was a death that the Black-armored Demon God would personally execute.

Right in front the Black-armored Demon God's pressure, whose heart wouldn't feel a sense of trepidation?

The Black-armored Demon God's aura grew stronger as Jiang Xiaorou took a deep breath. Her aura also rose another notch as the Skyfox phantom image behind her suddenly rose up into the sky, facing the Black-armored Demon God on the same level.

The Sacred Spirit's cold pair of eyes were identical to Jiang Xiaorou's. It was the embodiment of the Sacred Spirit, and it was also a manifestation of Jiang Xiaorou's will, it was one with Jiang Xiaorou.

"Since you want to drink my blood, then come get it!" Jiang Xiaorou's voice was clear as it resounded through the world, clearly entering everyone's ears!


The Black-armored Demon God erupted into laughter. His voice was cold and cruel and it shook the world, constantly echoing. People immediately felt their eardrums hurting and all their blood turned chaotic, like their bodies were about to burst open.

Those legendary human figures began injecting even more Yuan Qi into the protective shields, but they were only able to withstand a portion of the terrifying pressure. Even they themselves shuddered from the laughter and had their Yuan Qi suppressed.

It was too terrifying. Jiang Xiaorou and the Black-armored Demon God's terrifying momentum were wantonly facing off each other. One stood on the ground, while the other stood in the clouds. The clash of their aura emitted numerous lightning sparks that seemed to tear through the world.

"Then die!" The Black-armored Demon God's killing aura was released. Ever since he awoke, he had met two arrogant people. One was Yi Yun and the other was Jiang Xiaorou.

Amongst these two, one was insidious and crafty by sneakily attacking him, while the other did not know what was good for herself and thought too highly of herself, and dared to reject him.

These two people were going to be killed by him!

Accompanying his roar, the lands suddenly trembled. Outside the Desolate race's protective array, mountains began rupturing as boulders started crashing down!

The moment the roar echoed, the Black-armored Demon God's lance was suddenly stabbed towards Jiang Xiaorou. Immediately, the blood cloud in the sky swirled and a violent wind howled, the heaven and earth seemed to be compressed together.

It was just a simple lance, but at this point, in everyone's eyes, this lance was infinitely huge. It was like it was the only thing that existed in the world and it was looming against their heads.

Without being able to dodge, much less withstand it, how could humans stand up to something that resembled the forces of nature?

The Human race geniuses involuntarily trembled under such an impressive show of force. They had no doubts that the residual power of the Demon God's lance was enough to instantly turn them into smithereens. They would be left without bodies and their souls might even be destroyed in the resulting storm.

Even the legendary human figures found it bleak. With such a powerful Demon God, even if they were to join forces, how much change was possible?

He was too powerful, there was no way to beat him!


Against the Demon God's attack, the Skyfox Sacred Spirit behind Jiang Xiaorou issued an angry growl.

The mighty sound waves dispersed the Black-armored Demon God's roar!

At the same time, Jiang Xiaorou lifted the bone staff and gently waved it at the Black-armored Demon God.

Her actions looked very gentle, but at the same time, the Skyfox Sacred Spirit behind her was moving its six tails, gathering the Power of Desolates and using the power of the Divine Wilderness, it struck out at the Black-armored Demon God's attack!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The land trembled! Distant mountain peaks crumbled instantly!

This was simply the most extreme show of force. This erupting power and Jiang Xiaorou's gentleness formed a strong contrast, but yet they strangely merged together.


The first clash between both parties resulted in remnant shock waves instantly flattening the ground around them. What were once mountainous regions were now forcefully transformed into plains!

The world changed colors!

It was blocked!

Before people had any time to react, the Black-armored Demon God had already struck a second time with his lance.

The terrifying energy collision twisted space itself, as the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was already extremely chaotic.

The Black-armored Demon God's second strike was still in full force, one that could destroy the world.

As the Black-armored Demon God laughed boisterously, his boldness mounted as the battle progressed.

His body had already fractured into tracks of wounds, with blood seeping out of them wantonly.

However, the flowing of this blood did not seem to weaken or slow his attack. Instead, it stimulated him to become even crazier.

He had not recovered from his injuries, and this was all due to Yi Yun's harassment and sneak attacks. But it was alright, even if he was injured, annihilating the Desolate race and Yi Yun was more than enough!

It was impossible for these lowly life forms to put up a struggle in front of him!


The Skyfox Sacred Spirit suddenly turned vapory, and Jiang Xiaorou's face turned pale.

The Sacred Spirit was unable to hold on!

Members of the Desolate race felt their hearts tightened as their expressions changed.

The Sacred Spirit was originally seriously injured. It had forcefully woken itself up, and it was barely sustaining itself.

Under the Black-armored Demon God's ravaging attacks, it suffered a relapse from its injuries and it quickly approached its limits.

The Sacred Spirit was old. It had lived for tens of millions of years, and it could not undergo its third Heavenly Tribulation, so it was already approaching its death.

The legendary human figures felt their hearts sink.

The Sacred Spirit wasn't able to hold on anymore?

"Where's Yi Yun? Where did Yi Yun go?" Someone asked.

Although they thought of Yi Yun as a huge threat, the Human race was accustomed to relying on Yi Yun, even if their logic told them that against the terrifying Black-armored Demon God, even if Yi Yun appeared, nothing would change.

"Yi Yun went to search for the Black-armored Demon God prior to this. Now with the Black-armored Demon God here, Yi Yun has yet to return." A legendary human figure said.

They were informed of the news prior to this.


Yi Yun went searching for the Black-armored Demon God? And now with the Black-armored Demon God here, did Yi Yun fail to find him? Or was he already…

People did not dare to think any further. Why did he search for the Black-armored Demon God before this? Wasn't that simply courting death?


"Hahahaha!" The Black-armored Demon God could not stop laughing. He could sense the Sacred Spirit weakening. If this carried on, in just a while, he could kill Jiang Xiaorou.

The Black-armored Demon God aimed at Jiang Xiaorou's head and ruthlessly stabbed once again.


However at this moment, a fleeting series of shadows flashed. A stunning sword beam, as cold as the luminous moon, like a blooming snow lotus, stabbed at the Black-armored Demon God silently.


The Black-armored Demon God immediately sensed it as he instantly pulled back the lance that he had stabbed towards Jiang Xiaorou!

Ka Ka Ka!

The lance did not strike that figure, but instead, it struck a closed snow lotus bud.

This snow lotus clashed with the lance and immediately bloomed. Instantly, frost Qi surged out, and the frost crystals quickly traversed down the lance!