True Martial World Chapter 735

Chapter 735: Devouring Souls
Chapter 735: Devouring Souls

The Sacred Spirit had expended all of its energy. The Skyfox, which was nearing the end of its life, had been injured. And compounded with it burning its life force, it struck out its final strike before its death.

The Desolate race warriors felt terrible about this. Their Sacred Spirit came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, and it had silently protected the Divine Wilderness for tens of millions of years. Now, it died in battle for the Desolate race.

They were upset over the Sacred Spirit's death, but the battle was still ongoing. They had no time to hold a memorial ceremony for the Sacred Spirit.

The Sacred Spirit's phantom image turned increasingly faint, as it was about to disperse at any moment.

At this moment, even the human warriors felt an explicable sense of sorrow, much less the Desolate race.

Against a calamity that could destroy the world, all prejudice, and the hatred between the races no longer mattered.

"All of you… "

Suddenly, a low and raspy voice echoed from the sky. The Black-armored Demon God's hair was disheveled and he was covered in blood. Several cracks had even appeared on his black armor.

However… his aura was still exceedingly powerful. In fact, his killing aura was even more intense!

"All of you have completely infuriated me. All of you are to die. Die!"

The Black-armored Demon God roared. His body looked like it was made of blood only. The rate at which his muscles were recovering was much slower, and his life force was getting closer and closer to eventual collapse.

However, he still was a god of death. His terrifying combat powers made the Human and Desolate race despair.


This was an enemy no one could defeat. They had used every means they had and each strike had consumed their life force, expending all that they had!

Now, the Sacred Spirit was dead. All the legendary human figures were grievously injured, yet the Black-armored Demon God still had ravaging killing intent!


Every warrior could only feel a strong sense of despair at this moment.

There were still ten chains twined around the Black-armored Demon God's body. As he held onto his bloody lance, he suddenly reached out and grabbed his armor.

He grasped his armor tightly!

And with that…

Wu Wu Wu Wu!

A shrilling and ghastly wail echoed as numerous souls appeared from the Black-armored Demon God's armor as they writhed in pain.

The souls had twisted faces and miserable expressions. Their spiritual soul flames were dim, and they were filled with despair.

They were the warrior souls that had been sealed in his armor.

Amongst these souls, a large number of them were Yuan Opening realm human experts, and even quite a number of human Empyreal Kings!

After being killed by the Black-armored Demon God, their bodies were devastated, while their souls were trapped, experiencing endless pain. Yet, they still managed to retain their thoughts back when they were alive.

Amongst them was Shen Tu Patriarch and Mystic Tiger Immortal.

Nearly a year ago, Shen Tu Patriarch was killed by the Black-armored Demon God and his soul had been sealed in the armor. He had endured such extended period of torture to the brink of collapse!

As for Mystic Tiger Immortal, he had been killed only a short while ago. Although his body was dead, he realized that he still possessed his consciousness. Other than feeling extreme fear, he still had fantasies, hoping that he would one day be able to escape from the Black-armored Demon God's armor, possessing a body and carry on living.

Mystic Tiger Immortal and Shen Tu Patriarch had been grabbed simultaneously by the Black-armored Demon God. Previously, while they were in the armor, they knew about the intense battle happening outside. They even had a vague understanding of the details of the battle.

Now that Mystic Tiger Immortal was suddenly released, he felt extremely excited seeing the outside world.

As for Shen Tu Patriarch, he seemed to regain a bit of hope from his despair.

"Wu Wu Wu… Save… Save me…"

"Save me!"

Mystic Tiger Immortal pleaded for help with great difficulty. He could see the Sanctuary Island couple and the Desolate race's Desolate Queen.

Just thinking of his soul undergoing the torture in the Black-armored Demon God's armor made him turn crazy from the pain.

Now, the Desolate Queen and the Sanctuary Island couple had become the only people that could save him.

"It's Mystic Tiger Immortal… "

Some people recognized Mystic Tiger Immortal. Although he was in soul form, as a human Empyreal King, his aura was still extraordinary. Anyone who was familiar with him could recognize him.

"Didn't he lead his family clan in a bid to escape? Why was he also killed?"

"That scum escaped faster than anyone else. Now that he has been killed and his soul trapped, he wants us to save him? To save him, we need to approach the Black-armored Demon God. That is sacrificing our lives in exchange for his half-dead soul. He can dream on!"

People say in a disgruntled manner. At this moment, even the Human race despised a lowlife like Mystic Tiger Immortal, much less the Desolate race.

"Save me!"

Mystic Tiger Immortal shouted in pain, yet everyone ignored him. And at this moment…


The Black-armored Demon God lifted his hand, and forcefully put a large handful of tortured souls into his mouth.

"Ah Ah Ah Ah!"

The souls that were bitten by the Black-armored Demon God let out wails of pain as they were being eaten by the Black-armored Demon God!

The moment the souls entered his body, they dissipated immediately, turning into pure soul energy that he absorbed!

This is…

People looked in shock at the Black-armored Demon God and felt their hearts go cold. The Black-armored Demon God had stored souls in his armor, and at this moment, he was absorbing the soul energy to recover his power!

They had no way of preventing the Black-armored Demon God from eating the souls and they could only watch helplessly.

"All of you shall die!" The Black-armored Demon God's eyes were filled with killing intent!

"Peng! Peng! Peng!"

A series of sounds resounded as soul after soul exploded as they were devoured by the Black-armored Demon God.

When Mystic Tiger Immortal and Shen Tu Patriarch saw this scene, their souls turned cold and they felt unfathomable despair.

It was not as horrifying as if they were just being killed. Now, not only had their bodies been destroyed, their souls would also be dispersed, turning into energy for him. This way of dying was extremely horrible!

However, after the Black-armored Demon God ate 80% of the warrior souls, he suddenly stopped.

By a stroke of luck, Mystic Tiger Immortal and Shen Tu Patriarch were spared.

For the Black-armored Demon God, these souls were enough for his treatment.

Visible blood and Qi rapidly emanated through the Black-armored Demon God's arms, as blood lines appeared, before they rapidly spread throughout his body.

The Black-armored Demon God's chest rose and fell violently as the red blood lines quickly covered his entire body. They glowed intermittently, and even reached his pupils. Like a layer of totem runic patterns, it spread all over his body, making the Black-armored Demon God look even more demonic!

The Black-armored Demon God's wounds were slowly recovering as his muscles bulged. Like divine metal, his bones began to issue explosive sounds, with each one sounding like tumultuous thunder.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" sounds came out of the Black-armored Demon God's throat as his eyes looked extremely frenzied.

His soul sea was originally in a mess, and now with him suddenly devouring large amounts of souls that could provide nourishment to his body, the large quantity of memory fragments also surged into his body, stimulating his soul sea, and making his soul sea even more unstable.

However, at this moment, the Black-armored Demon God was on the brink of madness. He did not care about this at all.

The Black-armored Demon God suddenly lifted his head and looked at everyone with a feverish gaze. It made these people seem to hear a resounding boom in their ears that came from their pounding heartbeat.