True Martial World Chapter 738

Chapter 738: One Sword Strike to Seal the Throat
Chapter 738: One Sword Strike to Seal the Throat

Put the Black-armored Demon God under his sword?

What Yi Yun said stunned both the Desolate race and Human race. Put the Demon God down? This was the Black-armored Demon God that neither Lin Xintong, the Sacred Spirit nor two powerful arrays could do a thing against.

"You want to put me down? Hahaha!"

The Black-armored Demon God suddenly roared with laughter. He had crossed swords with Yi Yun several times and he had a rough gauge of Yi Yun's strength. All Yi Yun could do was sneak up on him while he was recuperating.

"What a joke. Back when I was recuperating, whenever you sneaked up on me, even a simple counterattack of mine could injure you through the God Advent Tower. You sure have the nerve to make such a bold statement of putting me under your sword!"

With that, the Black-armored Demon God attacked. The lance in his hand looked simple and lusterless, but it was a peerless divine weapon.

The Black-armored Demon God's attacks were always simple sweeps or stabs, yet such simple moves remained unrivaled.

But now, the Black-armored Demon God's lance was stabbing straight at Yi Yun's heart.

There was an enchantment sealing Yi Yun's surroundings, isolating him from the God Advent Tower, so there was no room for retreat. Even if he could retreat, Yi Yun would not do so either. He knew deep down that this was the best opportunity to kill the Black-armored Demon God. Once he missed it, the opportunity would not come again!

That instant, time seemed to slow down for Yi Yun.

The scene of the Azure Yang Lord slashing at the Black-armored Demon God from the disk array in the Great Empress mystic realm kept replaying in his mind.

In the disk array's images, the Black-armored Demon God was holding a lance and he was riding a divine horse, yet he had been destroyed by the Azure Yang Lord with one sword strike!

That single sword strike was like an azure lightning bolt that pierced through the Black-armored Demon God!

Tens of millions of years ago, the Black-armored Demon God was at his peak, and he was far more impressive than he was now.

That strike…

He just needed to produce a hundredth of that strike's power!

‘Back then, the Azure Yang Lord had destroyed the seven Demon Disciples when they were at their peaks. I can only kill one of them, and he is already severely injured. If I can't destroy him, wouldn't attempting to voyage through the 12 Empyrean Heavens be a joke?’ Thought Yi Yun

With the pure Yang broken sword in his hand, he felt his mind being enriched. An indescribable will was augmented on the pure Yang broken sword. This was Yi Yun's Sword Intent, which was much stronger than the Sword Intent he previously had.

The realms of the sword were divided into gaining insight into Sword Intent, followed by condensing one's Heart of the Sword, then tempering one's Sword Soul, and finally creating the Heavenly Dao of the Sword.

Yi Yun spent nearly a year to gain Dao-seeking enlightenment in the Pure Yang Sword Palace and he had already reached the large success stage of Sword Intent. And now, he was already beginning to reach for the threshold of condensing his Heart of the Sword.

Heart of the Sword was also a warrior's temperament. It was not a sword technique, it was a sublime will of Sword Dao.

Pressing forward with indomitable will and irresistible force!

Si Si Si—

Behind Yi Yun, the Nine Neonate and Golden Crow phantom images appeared at the same time. A beam tore through the void, missing the black lance, stabbing straight at the Black-armored Demon God's throat!


Upon seeing this situation, people felt their hearts quaking!

When warriors exchanged blows, it was one party launching an attack while the other first tried to parry it, before thinking of a way to destroy his opponent.

But now, Yi Yun's attack was not for defending, it was offensive!

He had deliberately not dodged the Black-armored Demon God's lance so he could stab at the Black-armored Demon God's throat!

The Black-armored Demon God's powerful attacks made people shudder with fear. Just withstanding his attacks was nearly impossible. Yet, Yi Yun did not even dodge. It was almost like an attack with no return.

"He is about to be pierced through by the lance. Is he trying use death in exchange for a strike?"

"The Black-armored Demon God's offensive strength is just too formidable. If Yi Yun's sword beam were to clash with the lance directly, the sword beam would definitely shatter. It would not harm the Black-armored Demon God at all, so he avoided the lance, but to do that would result… "

People held their breaths. Even if Yi Yun did not care for himself and wanted to exchange death for causing injury with that one strike, what sort of harm could it cause the Black-armored Demon God?

The Black-armored Demon God not only had terrifying offensive strength, his defenses were also phenomenal!


Jiang Xiaorou's heart stalled. She helplessly watched as the Black-armored Demon God's lance had already stabbed into Yi Yun's chest.

The Black-armored Demon God grinned. "You want to die with me? You aren't worthy!"


The black lance pierced through Yi Yun's protective Yuan Qi as it ripped like paper, leaving no suspense.

Just as it seemed like the lance was about to penetrate Yi Yun's body…


From Yi Yun's Dantian, a stream of light flew out and faced the Black-armored Demon God's lance.

In that instantaneous flash, the stream of light rapidly increased in size, turning into a youth dressed in pale gold robes. The youth’s looks resembled Yi Yun greatly, like they were made from the same mold. The only difference was that his skin had a pale gold luster, like his skin had a metallic texture.

The moment the youth appeared, he welcomed the Black-armored Demon God's lance. With a wave of his hands, a series of shiny projectiles shot out of his body. The projectiles were...flying sabers!

999 flying sabers danced through the air in a chaotic fashion, like snow had just fallen from the sky!

This was Yi Yun's Thousand Snow Domain!


The flying sabers clashed with the black lance, causing terrifying shock waves to burst outwards. Despite the momentum of the Black-armored Demon God's lance reducing, it still heavily slammed into the pale gold youth's chest.

The youth's body quivered as he smacked the black lance before flying backwards.

And at this moment, the terrifying energy in the black lance exploded out, sweeping through the surroundings. Even the enchantment that the Black-armored Demon God created burst open and collapsed!

Under such an energetic storm, Yi Yun's body transformed into a stream of light and streaked towards the youth in pale gold robes. After Yi Yun's body merged into the youth's Dantian, he disappeared.


The youth was like a mountain that had been struck. His body fell, smashing through a mountain.

As gravel thundered down, it buried the youth deep underground.

What is this…?

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Jiang Xiaorou was completely baffled. Who was the youth dressed in pale gold robes that resembled Yi Yun so much?

How was Yi Yun after withstanding that strike? Was the youth dead?

People turned extremely anxious. And at this moment, someone suddenly shouted, "Look at the Black-armored Demon God's neck!"

With the exclamation, everyone looked over and saw the Black-armored Demon God holding his black lance in one hand, while his other hand was clasping his neck.

In between his fingers, dark red demonic blood flowed out.

He was injured!

Yi Yun's strike had reproduced the charm of the Azure Yang Lord's strike from back then. At that instant, he had even reached the threshold of the Heart of the Sword.

In order to let the strike's offensive power reach its limits, Yi Yun had avoided the Black-armored Demon God's lance beam. All his Sword Intent had surged right at the Black-armored Demon God's weak spot!

One sword strike to seal the throat!

The Black-armored Demon God slowly removed his hand. There was a wound the thickness of a finger left behind on his neck.

Although the wound was small, it was very deep. Around the wound, his flesh was squirming, like it was attempting to fix itself.

However, there was an undying Sword Intent lingering around the wound. It was constantly tearing the wound open!

The Sword Intent was difficult to extinguish, and it constantly caused damage over time.