True Martial World Chapter 741

Chapter 741: Withering with a single sword strike
Chapter 741: Withering with a single sword strike

The Black-armored Demon God was indomitable. As his muscles were bombarded by Lin Xintong's sword Qi, the sword Qi were shattered relentlessly. His black lance was locked onto Lin Xintong as it drew closer!

And at the same time, the God Advent Tower was being restrained by the Black-armored Demon God using spatial dimensional forces. The Black-armored Demon God was extremely fearful of the divine pagoda. While battling Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, he had to divert a large portion of energy to restrain the God Advent Tower, if not, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong could hide into the God Advent Tower at any moment. He would then have to expend a great deal of life force just to completely drain the God Advent Tower's arrays of their energy.

He withstood the sword Qi as his damaged body was still draining his life force. But even so, he still wanted to kill Lin Xintong in that one go!

As long as he killed either Lin Xintong or Yi Yun, then the other would be much easier to kill.

However, how could Yi Yun sit idle and watch Lin Xintong being killed?


The Golden Crow screeched forward with Yi Yun standing on its back!

The Draco First True Gold avatar was injured and had been kept inside Yi Yun's actual body's Dantian. Now, Yi Yun was pointing the pure Yang broken sword straight at the Black-armored Demon God!

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had no means to have a frontal clash with the Black-armored Demon God. Their hearts were telepathically connected, so with both of them tying him down, they enjoyed great teamwork!


The Black-armored Demon God sneered. He knew what was on Yi Yun's mind. Yi Yun planned on using that strike, forcing him to defend, hence, saving Lin Xintong.

The Black-armored Demon God knew that if he were to stop his attack to respond to Yi Yun, Lin Xintong would be out of danger, then he would have endured Lin Xintong's sword Qi for nothing.

Just Lin Xintong alone wasn't much trouble, but with the God Advent Tower, with Yi Yun and his avatar combining forces with Lin Xintong, then leaving Lin Xintong alive would spell disaster for the future.

He decided to kill Lin Xintong even at the cost of being struck by Yi Yun's sword!

With his mind made up, the Black-armored Demon God's black lance did not lose any momentum!

Upon seeing this scene, the Human and Desolate race warriors, especially the Lin family, felt their hearts shrink. The Black-armored Demon God had decided on killing Lin Xintong, and for Yi Yun's strike, so what if it landed on the Black-armored Demon God? He could not save Lin Xintong at all, and it probably would be very difficult for it deal any serious damage to the Black-armored Demon God!

The Black-armored Demon God completely ignored Yi Yun and just as Lin Xintong's life was on the line, Yi Yun held his breath. His eyes flashed with phenomenological images of the growth of thousands of living beings, and the withering of plants.


Out from Yi Yun's Dantian, a piece of deadwood shot out. It was the Death Soulwood!

The Death Soulwood flew up into the sky and behind Yi Yun, it condensed a phantom image of a divine tree.

The divine tree looked lush initially, but then instantly dried up. As a countless number of leaves fell, they looked like butterflies of death.

Withering...The falling of leaves was withering, the drying up of trees was withering, the death of people was also withering...

Yi Yun injected the Withering concepts he understood from the Pure Yang Sword Palace into his sword. This was the first Sword Dao Yi Yun created for himself!

Withering Sword Dao. Withering with a single sword strike!

Yi Yun's blade aimed straight at the Black-armored Demon God's eyebrows.

This strike contained an air of death and withering, but on the surface, it did not look like anything special. Even the sword Qi was very stable and calm, as if it did not possess any lethality.

"Oh? You think of harming me without using the Azure Yang Lord's Sword Intent?"

The Black-armored Demon God grinned. Tens of millions of years ago, he had nearly been destroyed by the Azure Yang Lord's attack. He feared the Azure Yang Lord's Sword Intent the most.

As for a Sword Dao created by Yi Yun himself, he was not worried about it at all.


All of Lin Xintong's Sword Qi was shattered by the lance, as Lin Xintong's slim body quivered vigorously. Her face was pale as she looked at the storm swept up by the black lance about to annihilate her completely. And at this moment, Yi Yun's sword had stabbed at the Black-armored Demon God's head.

The sword tip tapped lightly in the middle of his eyebrows, as if it was a strike that could not deal any damage.


The Withering concept burst out as if it was a bleak autumn scene. It blew from the middle of the Black-armored Demon God's eyebrows straight into his soul sea.

Although it looked like a weak bundle of energy, the moment it entered his soul sea, the Black-armored Demon God's life force rapidly withered!

Oh!? The Black-armored Demon God was alarmed.

The Black-armored Demon God's soul sea was already on the brink of collapse, and he was currently at his weakest. A weak life force was just like a withering tree.

At this moment, the Black-armored Demon God was like a blighted piece of wood. If he experienced the withering of his life, then the damage would increase even more.

This was an extremely rare concept, created by Yi Yun himself. Even the Black-armored Demon God had never experienced it before. Hence, he was momentarily at a loss how to dissolve it.

As his spiritual energies were rapidly disappearing, the Black-armored Demon God's soul sea was drying up and shrinking. Excruciating pain made the Black-armored Demon God let out a blood-curling scream.

"Ah, ah, ah!"

He clenched his head while his body shot out like a meteor. He was struggling violently, trying to dissolve the Withering concept Yi Yun had shot into his soul sea.

And at this moment, the surging storm was still before Lin Xintong's eyes!

After losing the Black-armored Demon God as its energy source, this storm was much weaker, but Lin Xintong alone, would find it very difficult to withstand it.

Yi Yun gathered his Yuan Qi as the Draco First True Gold avatar, which was injured, shot out from his Dantian.

999 flying sabers shuttled through the void as the Thousand Snow Domain came crashing down, sweeping up a spiraling flying saber tornado!

Lin Xintong also bit the tip of her tongue and circulated the "Great Empress Heart Sutra", forcefully striking out.

With the Thousand Snow Domain and Lin Xintong's fluttering snowflakes combined, they harmoniously broke apart the Black-armored Demon God's storm.

Yi Yun's actual body took the opportunity to charge forward and grab Lin Xintong by the waist. The two of them passed through the void in a sideways fashion, finally dodging the core of the storm.


The storm exploded, while Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were already far away from it. Although they experienced a portion of the aftermath, they did not receive any serious injuries.

The Black-armored Demon God's attack was too terrifying. Even if they had used all they had, just experiencing one of his attacks put them into such a pathetic state, with their lives on the line.

"Black-armored Demon God..."

Yi Yun took a glance and saw the Black-armored Demon God holding his black lance in one hand, while his other hand was grabbing his head. He seemed like he was in a frenzy!

The withering that began from his soul sea was equivalent to the blighting of his soul. This was an inhuman torture for the Black-armored Demon God who had nothing much left in his life force.

The pain that came from the soul was difficult to bear. Previously, the legendary human figures, who had their souls absorbed by the Black-armored Demon God, had experienced a similar pain, and now it was the Black-armored Demon God's turn to experience it.


The frenzied Black-armored Demon God slashed out with his lance, as the few remaining blood clouds in the sky were swept up. A storm began to wantonly brew in the clouds, while snakes of lightning flashed.

The entire world seemed like it was torn apart by this void, as mountains began to crumble. The Desolate race's protective array began to shatter like flaking pieces of paper. There were Human and Desolate race warriors, who were too close to the fallout, that were torn into shreds.

Under such power, lives with weak strength were just ants.

"Xintong, let us attack together!"

He had to take advantage of his perilous situation! At this moment, Yi Yun could not care about those young warriors of the Human and Desolate race who fell victim to the storm. With the Black-armored Demon God's soul sea in chaos, slashing out that lance attack meant he had just finished his move and having used up his energy, he was at his weakest. This was the best opportunity to kill the Black-armored Demon God!