True Martial World Chapter 742

Chapter 742: A Leaf to Cover the Skies!
Chapter 742: A Leaf to Cover the Skies!

As Yi Yun and Lin Xintong combined forces, the Yin and Yang energies within their bodies blended together. Because of them combining forces, the "Great Empress Heart Sutra" experienced a harmonious reconciliation, resulting in a qualitative change in strength.

As the starlight showered down from the nine heavens, they flowed onto Lin Xintong's sword. As pure Yang flames surged, Yi Yun imbued the pure Yang broken sword with the flames. The entire Divine Wilderness' Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was at this moment, surging turbulently over.

Swords used in unison!


The two swords tore through the Heavens and Earth, as they slashed at the Black-armored Demon God at the same time!

The Black-armored Demon God, who was currently suffering from his chaotic soul sea, surprisingly did not block or dodge the two strikes. The blades slashed across his body, as his muscles cracked apart, leaving two dreadful gashes!

As blood splattered, the Black-armored Demon God eyes turned ferocious.

"The both of you are not strong enough to kill me!" The Black-armored Demon God suddenly roared. Ignoring the blood oozing out of his body, he turned around suddenly and threw his black lance at Yi Yun, who was flying backwards after having successfully attacked.


The black lance was like a black, punishing lightning bolt from a god. It tore through the void, as it shot straight at Yi Yun's back where his heart was!

This lance was formidable, for it was injected with all of the Black-armored Demon God's strength. That terrifying penetrating force seemed like even the Tian Yuan world could be penetrated with just this one strike!

There was no way Yi Yun could resist it with his body. Even the Draco First True Gold avatar would be severely injured if it resisted this attack, whatmore Yi Yun himself!

And at this moment, the Draco First True Gold avatar had previously used the Thousand Snow Domain to tear the spatial dimension storm apart. It was still a good distance away from Yi Yun himself, so there was no time for it to return to save Yi Yun.

As for the God Advent Tower, it had been bound by the spatial dimensional forces the Black-armored Demon God produced from before. There was no way Yi Yun could hide inside it.

He had to face the strike directly!

The black lance contained an extremely terrifying "forcefield". It had locked on to everything, so there was no way to dodge as such a powerful forcefield couldn't be broken through. Even if he broke through, it would be too late!

Yi Yun!

The black lance came flying at him like a divine arrow of death. People held their breaths as they saw this scene unfold before their eyes. The Black-armored Demon God had even thrown out his weapon. In a battle between warriors, it was taboo to let go of one's weapon. Once it was let go, it meant someone was going for broke!

Who could withstand a strike from the Black-armored Demon God when he was going for broke!?

The Human and Desolate race warriors tightened their hearts. Jiang Xiaorou's heart stopped beating, as for Lin Xintong who was right beside Yi Yun, she could only watch helplessly. She had similar been bound by the "forcefield", so there was nothing she could do. Lin Xintong, who was usually calm, felt extremely anxious at this moment. Her watery eyes were filled with worry and fear. She could not imagine Yi Yun dying.

In a split second!

Against this strike, Yi Yun's heart turned cold as death approached!

At this point in time, he could only take a gamble.

He twisted his body and faced the black lance head on. With the pure Yang broken sword in hand, a green beam flew out of his Dantian!

It was a leaf.

A tiny tree leaf an inch in size was in no way eye-catching. On the tree leaf, it was interlaced with rows of runic patterns that contained the Great Dao of the world.

This was the Dao Tree's leaf.

Billions of years ago, at the birth of the Universe, the Dao Tree had been born out of Chaos. Its existence preceded the Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner.

The Dao Tree's 3000 Dao Leaves represented 3000 Great Dao. On every Dao Leaf, it was a sublimation of the way of the Heavenly Dao, as such, this Dao Tree was itself like a God.

A green leaf that seemed negligible moved towards the indomitable black lance.


The black lance struck straight into the middle of the Dao Leaf!

It was a collision with unbalanced proportions. People did not realize what the black lance had collided into at the beginning. Only when the black lance's forcefield weaken, as if it had crashed into a divine mountain, did people realize that there was a leaf at the tip of the lance!

A leaf managed to withstand the Black-armored Demon God's lance!?

Rumble! Black lightning flashed as spatial dimensional forces surged. All of the Black-armored Demon God's energy had surged out, as the unassailable lance was like a black flood dragon, charging forcefully forwards.

As for the Dao Leaf, there was Dao and Truth interleaved together with Heaven and Earth laws. These profound divine runes interleaved to form a large net that resisted the black lance's momentum.

For peerless mighty figures, a grain of sand could suppress the land, while a tree leaf could cover the skies!

To do all of this required Heaven and Earth laws.


The nomological net deformed as mysterious and profound runes began to imprint themselves on the cold lance.


The Black-armored Demon God was alarmed. He did not know where Yi Yun obtained that leaf. Although he was well-learned, he had never seen a Dao Tree born during the time of Chaos.

He only knew that the leaf was extraordinary!

"You want to stop me with just a leaf?"

The Black-armored Demon God roared as all his muscles began to split outwards. His long hair began to flare up behind him.

He flew towards the black lance and wanted to punch at the lance's pole, so as to shatter the nomological net completely!

However, at this moment, Yi Yun's avatar rushed over with the Thousand Snow flying sabers. Under the Thousand Snow Domain, there were countless numbers of saber flashes that resembled snow.

At the same time, Lin Xintong also began to brandish her sword, causing snow lotuses to bloom in mid air!

Lin Xintong along with Yi Yun's avatar slashed apart the spatial dimension forces that bound the God Advent Tower!


With the God Advent Tower released from its shackles, it came suppressing straight away like a divine mountain, smashing right at the Black-armored Demon God!

At the instant the God Advent Tower was smashed downwards, Yi Yun rapidly retreated with all his might. Although the Dao Leaf's nomological properties were intricate, Yi Yun had to expend energy to power the Dao Leaf. Similarly, the God Advent Tower required Yi Yun's energy as well!

By using two paragon treasures consecutively, Yi Yun felt like his life force was being completely drained!

"Be defeated!" Yi Yun roared angrily. He knew the Black-armored Demon God's life force was nearing on collapse, but his situation was not much better than the Black-armored Demon God. He was much weaker than the Black-armored Demon God, and to power such powerful laws and treasures, his Yuan Qi was being depleted like a dam.

His cultivation level was after all limited. With such a cultivation level and such excessive expenditure of his energy, even with the Purple Crystal Origins constantly absorbing Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to replenish his energies, he was also on the brink of being completely exhausted.

He had to quickly defeat the Black-armored Demon God, if not the first to not hold out would be Yi Yun himself!


With the lance no longer in hand, the Black-armored Demon God had no weapons to use. To everyone's surprise, he used his large arms that were like tempered divine metal to forcefully hug the God Advent Tower's base!

As the God Advent Tower came suppressing downwards, the impact was unrivalled. As the Black-armored Demon God hugged the God Advent Tower, he slammed heavily into the ground!

Seeing the Black-armored Demon God being struck down, the Human and Desolate race warriors felt their hearts drum out loud while their blood boiled.

He had managed to parry it!

Yi Yun had managed to parry the Black-armored Demon God's invulnerable strike, and had powered the God Advent Tower to slam him downwards!

"Everyone, attack!"

The Sanctuary Island couple shouted. They could tell that it was already extremely difficult for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to do all of this. They had to take this opportunity to help Yi Yun. This was also the best opportunity for them to strike the Black-armored Demon God!