True Martial World Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Statue Shatters
Chapter 750: Statue Shatters

In the alternate dimension where the Black-armored Demon God was sealed, Yi Yun sat quietly in meditation. A green leaf floated not far away from him. As the green leaf spun, it fluttered through the void slowly, entering the spatial barrier at times before appearing once again.

A spatial barrier that could isolate Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was completely ineffective against the Dao Leaf.

As the Dao Leaf entered the spatial barrier time and time again, Yi Yun's consciousness followed the Dao Leaf as he experienced the spatial dimensional powers in the spatial barrier, so he could be enlightened on spatial dimension laws.

The spatial dimension laws in the Dao Leaf were far closer to the Origins of spatial dimension powers than the spatial barrier. It was formed out of the Chaos when the Universe first was formed. Back then, heaven and earth had yet to appear and space itself had yet to form.

The Universe began from Chaos before Yin-Yang and space-time formed. Finally, the five elements appeared, forming all matter.

The spatial dimension laws of Chaos could be said to be the essence of spatial dimensions.

Hence, when the Dao Leaf flittered through the spatial barrier, the power of the spatial dimension's barrier would even open up, like it was evading the Dao Leaf. Wherever the Dao Leaf passed, there would be energy flow left behind. All this could be clearly seen in Yi Yun's energy vision.

For Yi Yun to have the Dao Leaf and the Purple Crystal at the same time, this unique method of Dao-enlightenment was truly unrivaled.

Unfortunately, this method of Dao-enlightenment could not be shared with Lin Xintong.

The Dao Leaf had fallen for Yi Yun, while Yi Yun had been sitting under the Dao Tree for more than half a year to seek enlightenment. Furthermore, it was done in the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

Now, even though Lin Xintong could see the Dao Leaf, the insights in the Dao Leaf could not leave as deep an impression on her as much as Yi Yun.

However, Lin Xintong's perception was surprisingly good. She was extremely focused on her martial path. Even if gaining insight in her present situation was extremely difficult, she did not falter one bit.

Suddenly, Yi Yun frowned, and opened his tightly shut eyes. It was like two lightning beams that flashed in the dark alternate dimension.

"God Advent Tower!?" While Yi Yun was in a mystical state of meditation, he suddenly sensed the abnormal changes to the God Advent Tower.

It seemed like someone was attacking and refining the God Advent Tower.

He had been pulled into the alternate dimension by the God Advent Tower, while the God Advent Tower had been left behind with the Desolate race. No one in the Desolate race would use this treasure, what more attempt to refine the God Advent Tower.

Yi Yun guessed that something had happened to the God Advent Tower. Someone had used some trick to steal it from the Desolate race.

Now, that person was trying to wipe the imprint he had left in the God Advent Tower away.

As the possessor of the God Advent Tower, his spiritual connection with the God Advent Tower had weakened a lot due to the spatial barrier. However, he was the first to realize it when someone attempted to refine the God Advent Tower.

Regardless of who that person was, it was impossible for that person to take it for himself. That was the Azure Yang Lord's enchanted treasure. It was not something that anyone could refine, however… the spiritual imprint he had left in the God Advent Tower was different.

If that person kept draining the God Advent Tower's arrays of their energy, and by cutting the provision of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, the God Advent Tower would not be able to replenish its energy. Then, the energy in the God Advent Tower's arrays would slowly dissipate, and it would not be able to protect the spiritual imprint that he left in the God Advent Tower.

When that happened, his spiritual imprint would be forcefully wiped away. This would cause non-trivial damage to Yi Yun's soul.

Things went from bad to worse. Yi Yun took a deep breath and he ignored the God Advent Tower. He shut his eyes once again.

Despite knowing of something happening, it did not cause any changes to his mental wellbeing.

It was useless being anxious while trapped in the alternate dimension. The only thing he needed to do was gain insight into the spatial dimension laws, so he could finish the Black-armored Demon God!


In the Umbriferous Divine Palace.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A deafening explosion happened again and again.

The Sovereign of the Eventide had once again put his pale gold seal away and looked at the undamaged God Advent Tower.

He would slam on the God Advent Tower every day and night. The blood sacrificial array was also constantly in a circular motion, but this was an extremely slow way of draining the God Advent Tower of its energy. If this went on, it would take them at least another seven or eight years before they could fully drain the God Advent Tower of its energy.

Back then, in Yi Yun's fight with the Black-armored Demon God, the Black-armored Demon God had attempted to break through the God Advent Tower's array, but he did not do so. Instead, he used spatial dimensional forces to bind the God Advent Tower. This was because breaking through the array required a long period of time.

And compared to the Black-armored Demon God's strength, the augmentation of the Sovereign of the Eventide's pale gold seal and the blood sacrificial array were inferior to the aftershocks of the Black-armored Demon God's blow.

Although the God Advent Tower was drained of a great deal of energy, the remaining energy could be described as being as massive as an ocean.

It was extremely difficult for the Sovereign of the Eventide to use such methods to drain the God Advent Tower of its energy.

The Sovereign of the Eventide was beginning to feel impatient. After all, there was still the threat of the Black-armored Demon God. He needed to speed things up.

If he could increase the pale gold seal's offensive strength, it would be much easier to drain the God Advent Tower of its energy.

And for this to happen, the Sovereign of the Eventide had long figured out a solution. This was also the second thing that the Sovereign of the Eventide thought of doing!

After taking another look at the God Advent Tower, the Sovereign of the Eventide revealed a sinister smile. With a flash of his figure, he disappeared from the Umbriferous Divine Palace.

His goal was the Desolate race!

And at this moment, in the Desolate race's territory.

After having the God Advent Tower stolen under their eyes, many members of the Desolate race were furious. They also felt that they had let down Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had saved the Desolate race, yet they could not even protect Yi Yun's treasure well.

However, they also knew that the person who stole the God Advent Tower was a Heaven Ascension realm expert. Even the Shepherd Boy and the Sanctuary Island Lord had failed to catch up to that person. So even if they were furious, they could not do a single thing.

Here, they could only guard the void where Yi Yun had disappeared. They longed for the day where Yi Yun and Lin Xintong would return, despite knowing their hopes were extremely slim.

On this day, the remote mountains were enjoying good weather. The fog of war had dispersed, but the entire Desolate race's territory was enshrouded by a dark shadow.

Jiang Xiaorou was silently sitting in front of the Sacred Spirit's statue.

Ever since Yi Yun had disappeared, she had been sitting there day and night in arduous cultivation.

In a warrior's world, strength was everything.

Jiang Xiaorou had heard from her mother that she possessed this world's strongest bloodline. She had just been unable to develop the full powers from her bloodline at the moment.

If she possessed enough strength, would she have been helpless when the Black-armored Demon God attacked the remote mountains? That she eventually had to see Yi Yun get sealed in the alternate dimension, without knowing what had happened to him?

Jiang Xiaorou had been meditating in front of the Sacred Spirit's statue for more than a month. Today, Jiang Xiaorou felt her heart suddenly tinger. She felt a deep ominous feeling.

She suddenly opened her pair of beautiful eyes. This was...

She held the bone staff in her hand tightly as she got up. Suddenly…

Ka Ka Ka!

The sound of crisp cracking echoed in Jiang Xiaorou's ears. In front of Jiang Xiaorou, a series of cracks had appeared on the Sacred Spirit's statue.

The Sacred Spirit statue that had existed for tens of millions of years… had suddenly shattered today. What was going on?

Jiang Xiaorou felt a sense of doubt and anxiousness. She crushed a voice transmission charm, sending the news of the Sacred Spirit statue shattering.

Now, nearly all the Desolate race's Empyreal Kings were gathered in the remote mountains. Informing all the legendary Desolate race figures of the situation was the safest option.

Jiang Xiaorou took a deep breath as she walked out of the hall with her bone staff in hand.