True Martial World Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Crazy Idea
Chapter 757: Crazy Idea

As the storm raged on, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong began to drift deeper into its core. The membrane of light created by the Dao Leaf began to vibrate intensely, and it seemed like they would forever be lost in the void.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong held hands, and using their Yin and Yang energies, they maintained the membrane of light, preventing it from rupturing. However, if this carried on, it was equivalent to being sitting ducks.

Yi Yun was anxious. In this scenario with death assured, he could not think of any ways out.

What could he do? What?

Yi Yun's mind raced with thoughts, and at this moment, he suddenly saw a shadow flash past in the turbulent spatial storm!

Oh? That is...

Yi Yun's eyes flashed as he made out the shadow in the spatial storm clearly. It was actually a floating corpse... the dead Black-armored Demon God's corpse.

The Black-armored Demon God's soul sea had collapsed and it had been completely extinguished. However, his powerful body had managed to remain intact in the spatial storm.

Corpse… Black-armored Demon God's corpse...

Yi Yun lit up his mind in a flash of brilliance. Yes, the Demon God's corpse! The evil energy!

In the Black-armored Demon God's soul sea, there was the evil energy, and it was taking advantage of his shattered soul sea, wantonly devouring his spiritual energies.

The evil energy had an uncanny ability to grow. Previously, it had devoured the masked man's soul, and many of the Yin specters in the Soul Tomb. It had absorbed all this soul energy to aid its growth!

The evil energy could not only devour soul energy, it could also control a soul unnoticed. Back then, the masked man from Blood Moon had been controlled by the evil energy, and it was eventually made into a puppet by Yi Yun.

With the masked man as a puppet, Yi Yun had even managed to read a portion of his memories. This allowed him to have a smooth experience during the battle in the Soul Tomb, allowing him to successfully crush Blood Moon's plan.

Controlling puppets! Reading memories!

A crazy idea suddenly developed in Yi Yun's mind. Since he could use the evil energy back then to make the masked man his puppet, then why couldn't he do the same thing now? He could make the Black-armored Demon God his own puppet, right!?

The moment he had this idea, it began to take root in Yi Yun's mind, as he got obsessed with the idea!

Puppet! It was a Demon God puppet!

The Black-armored Demon God was indeed powerful, but no matter how powerful he was, he was already dead!

After his soul sea collapsed, his powerful soul could only be used as nourishment for the evil energy.

By absorbing the Demon God's soul, the evil energy could rapidly grow, and even grow to the point of being able to control the Black-armored Demon God's body.

As for the Black-armored Demon God's body, it had been honed and it could be compared to a peerless enchanted object. However, without a soul supporting it, it was just a dead item. It was impossible to control it.

If he possessed such a Demon God puppet, then in the future, be it Yi Yun's strength or his nomological insights, they would take a big step forward.

In addition to the Draco First True Gold avatar, he would then have a puppet and an avatar. Together with himself, they would be practically redoubtable!

Besides, the evil energy could obtain a portion of the original soul's memories through its devouring. The Black-armored Demon God had deep knowledge of spatial dimension laws. But of course, these nomological insights could not be exactly replicated into Yi Yun's brain through the evil energy, as the memories obtained through the evil energy were generally very vague.

But even so, they would give Yi Yun great inspiration and guidance.

The spatial dimension laws that Yi Yun understood at this moment were through trial and error. He lacked heritage, but with the Black-armored Demon God's memories, it was equivalent to having a teacher.

With the Black-armored Demon God's strength, leaving this void would not be a problem!

After all, this void was opened up by the Black-armored Demon God to begin with!

If Yi Yun controlled the Black-armored Demon God, it was equivalent to holding the key to opening this space!

"We can go out!"

In the storm, Yi Yun said this anxiously as his eyes flickered with excitement.

"Oh?" Lin Xintong was surprised. At this moment, Yi Yun had begun interfacing his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal. His perception emanated, projecting itself onto the Black-armored Demon God's corpse.

The suppression brought by the Purple Crystal had long left a deep impression on the evil energy. Probably no matter how powerful the evil energy grew, it would not be able to defy the Purple Crystal's will.

It was a suppression that derived from the Origin of Laws!

"Come over here!"

Yi Yun waved his hand as the Black-armored Demon God's corpse began to rapidly approach them in the spatial storm. Finally, the corpse entered the membrane of light, allowing Yi Yun to retrieve it successfully.

Devour! Devour the Black-armored Demon God's soul! Completely control this body!

Yi Yun issued an order to the evil energy through the Purple Crystal. His life and everything he held dear now lay with the evil energy. With the Black-armored Demon God puppet, Yi Yun could even forcefully break through the void!

All this while, Yi Yun had used the evil energy to do many things. But similarly, the evil energy also relied on Yi Yun greatly.

By following Yi Yun, it had devoured all the Yin specters in the Soul Tomb, and now, it could devour the Black-armored Demon God's soul, allowing it to grow rapidly.

It would take time for the evil energy to control the Black-armored Demon God's body. By now, the spatial storm was gradually weakening as Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had already drifted deep into the void.

With Lin Xintong's Jade Marrow Spiritual Energy, she nourished Yang with Yin, allowing Yi Yun to continuously maintain the light membrane through the Dao Leaf. The energy membrane looked like a gigantic, transparent egg in the void that enclosed Yi Yun and Lin Xintong in layers.

And the Demon God puppet underwent embryonic development in the gigantic egg...

Yi Yun believed that he could perfectly control the Demon God puppet in a few months time, at the most.


Time quickly went by, and in a blink of an eye, several months passed. As Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were refining the Demon God puppet, the Tian Yuan world was undergoing tumultuous changes!

Before the Black-armored Demon God entered his slumber, he had declared that he would back in twenty years, returning to the Tian Yuan world at his peak to slaughter all that lived under the heavens. Although the legendary human figures had intentionally concealed this matter to ensure stability, there were just too many people who knew of this matter. This news had proliferated in the Tian Yuan world!

Immediately, a sense of despair emanated throughout the Tian Yuan world!

The Black-armored Demon God's appearance had swept the Tian Yuan world in an indomitable fashion. In twenty years time, he had threatened to return in peak condition. When that happened, who could stop him?

Didn't that mean that everyone only had twenty years left in their lives?

The Sanctuary Island couple and some legendary human figures had announced news that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had only been sucked into the alternate dimension, and they had not died. They could still return in twenty years to battle the Black-armored Demon God.

However, very few people believed their words!

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were strong, but they were still far weaker than the Black-armored Demon God. How was being sealed with the Black-armored Demon God in an alternate dimension different from a mortal being locked in a cage with a tiger?

Was it even possible that they could survive? Without Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, there was no one who could stop the Black-armored Demon God!

And as people were feeling despair, a twist occurred. The Sovereign of the Eventide appeared, and he declared that he had found an escape route for all the warriors in the Tian Yuan world…

Translator’s Notes: That sure was an ingenious solution, wasn’t it? The BADG is now like a gift that keeps on giving. Spatial dimension laws teacher? Check. Super powerful puppet? Check. And somehow, I feel like someone is going to shit his pants when he sees the BADG. Also, the imagery of the BADG puppet being an embryo born from the couple felt kind of weird but funny.

Many readers seem to worry about the evil energy gaining sentience, but this chapter seems to reiterate that Yi Yun would not allow it to nor would it be able to do so anytime soon, and even if it did gain sentience, it might not be a trouble for Yi Yun.

In the final part of the chapter, we see the SotE proceeding with his plans, feeding on the despair and helplessness people were feeling. But with this chapter foreshadowing that Yi Yun’s return will be soon, the SotE won’t be acting so freely for long...