True Martial World Chapter 76

Chapter 76: The Desolate Bones are Poisonous!
Chapter 76: The Desolate Bones are Poisonous!

No one had expected the arena contest to have such a turn in events, Yi Yun’s sudden appearance, the maiming of Zhao Tiezhu and the beating up of Lian Cuihua.
In the vast wilderness, medical procedures were extremely backward. Such injuries would 99% lead to infection, and without antibiotics, the moment they became infected, they would have no chance of surviving.

Even if he survived, Zhao Tiezhu had been crippled off his ability to practice martial arts or work; even getting down from the bed would be a problem.

As for Lian Cuihua, she was disfigured. Of course, to Yi Yun, Lian Cuihua’s looks before being disfigured was terrible. But without her half her set of teeth, Lian Cuihua would have trouble eating grain or vegetables. In the vast wilderness, unless someone gave her something to eat, she would most likely starve to death without anyone taking care of her.

Be it Zhao Tiezhu or Lian Cuihua, the future that awaited them would be a tragic ending.

After Yi Yun maimed Zhao Tiezhu and Lian Cuihua, there was total silence.

Previously, the family members of those who had been infected with the “plague” hated Yi Yun to the bone, but now they were scared stiff.

Yi Yun noticed these people and even recognized them as the children who had attacked Jiang Xiaorou a few days ago.

One of the woman’s facial expression changed. She immediately shielded her child saying with a trembling voice, “Back then…Back then it was instigated…instigated by Lian Cuihua to burn your house…”

Many of the people in the Lian tribal clan knew that with Yi Yun returning strong as ever, he would definitely settle the issue of the burning of his house and the besiegement of Jiang Xiaorou.

Yi Yun took a few steps forward.

The woman’s face turned even whiter, “Throwing…Throwing the cow dung was instigated by Lian Cuihua. We…We…”

The children who had thrown the cow dung were about Yi Yun’s age, and some of them even looked stronger than Yi Yun. Typically, the child would not notice a child like Yi Yun, but today, he was scared stiff.

“You really think that your men got infected with the plague because of me?” Yi Yun’s words was injected with Yuan Qi, so it could be heard miles away. This made everyone hear it clearly.

Everyone was stunned. This was news released by the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan, how could it be wrong?

Also they could not comprehend something; Yi Yun was infected with the plague, and was possessed and fell down a cliff dozens of meters high, how could not die?

Also, how was it possible for him to beat Zhao Tiezhu?

Even till now, many villagers could not believe that Yi Yun had maimed Zhao Tiezhu in two moves. They knew Yi Yun had practiced martial arts with Zhang Yuxian.

But he had only practiced it for a month, how could he be stronger than Zhao Tiezhu who had been practicing for decades?

“Our…Our men…what…is it?” The woman asked with a shiver and at this point, Yi Yun could see by the side of his eyes that Lian Chengyu had already stood up. Both his eyes were like a venomous snake staring at him.

Coldness, killing intent and greed!

All the properties a snake would possess were contained within!

Yi Yun knew that Lian Chengyu was threatening him. But he met Lian Chengyu’s gaze and said without fear, “The desolate bones are poisonous. Your men died because of the desolate bones refinement. It has nothing to do with me!”

Yi Yun’s voice was transmitted far, and everyone heard it crystal clear.

In a moment, the villagers exploded!

The desolate bones are poisonous!?

Our men died from refining the desolate bones!?

The villagers were at a loss and began to flurriedly discuss.

Today, if it was a weak Yi Yun who said it, no one would have believed him. On the contrary, they would in the name of exorcising the evil spirits, burn him by the stake.

But now, Yi Yun had a formidable power backing him. What he said might sound crazy and incomprehensible, but some people would subconsciously believe in it.

This was what strength could bring!

A person’s strength not only determined their position or dignity, it also affected the words they said.

An expert’s words were as good as gold, and each word had its oomph.

A weakling’s words were the same as the sounds of farts, no one would care about it!

The present Yi Yun was relying on his strength to stand in the arena, or as a twelve year old child, how was he to show his might?

Lian Chengyu sneered and remained quiet. At this time, a yellow-robed elder stood up.

“Empty words!”

The elder with a harsh voice was naturally the Patriarch of the Lian tribal clan.

“You kid, how dare you instigate the masses with your wagging lies? The desolate bones were bought using all our savings, and with the help of our tribe managed to refine it successfully after tens of days! How could there be poison!?”

“This desolate bone essence has been eaten by Chengyu; if it was poisonous, the first person to be poisoned would be Chengyu!”

The Patriarch was extremely dignified for after being in charge of the Lian tribal clan for all these years, he had gained the authority.

Even though Yi Yun had the strength, whatever Yi Yun said would not have the weight compared to the Patriarch.

Besides, the Patriarch’s words were very reasonable.

The desolate bones was bought by the tribe at great expense to be refined for Lian Chengyu. If it had poison, it would have been equivalent to the tribe spending a great deal just to harm Lian Chengyu?

“The Patriarch is right! My fellow folks, don’t believe the kid’s words!”

“How can you trust the words of a twelve year old child?”

In the crowd, several people shouted. These people were the people who had Lian as their surname. They had mutual interests as the Lian tribal clan’s upper echelon; and some of them were similar to Lian Cuihua. They were the eyes on the ground for the Lian tribal clan upper echelon, responsible for whistleblowing and the spreading of rumors. By doing so, the upper echelon would give them extra food.

Seeing some of the villagers having doubts, these people said, “You think that little monkey is strong? Compared to Young master Lian, he’s nothing!”

“So what if he beat Zhao Tiezhu, Zhao Tiezhu is just like us, normal mortals. As for Young master Lian, he has already reached the Purple Blood realm. Do you even know what the Purple Blood realm is? Previously the Lord Zhang that came to our village was also in the Purple Blood realm, and he was almost the same as a god in the sky!”

Back then everyone knew that Zhang Yuxian rode a behemoth, and had brought down a large tree with a simple chop. The power of the Purple Blood realm was terrifying, in comparison, beating Zhao Tiezhu in wrestling was nothing.

“Yi Yun may seem strong to us, but compared to Young master Lian, he’s nothing worth mentioning! Only Young master Lian can lead us to a good life. It can’t be that you choose to believe this kid over Young master Lian!”

People began to shout once again.

It had to be said that having ruled the Lian tribal clan for so long, the ruling class was deep-rooted. For Yi Yun to say a few words to affect their standing would be very hard; furthermore, Yi Yun had no proof.

Also, the entire tribe’s efforts had been invested in Lian Chengyu, and Lian Chengyu had “not failed to disappoint the masses”, and “made greater breakthroughs” in his strength, “achieving” the Purple Blood realm.

With all their hopes on Lian Chengyu to change their lives, how could they stop believing Lian Chengyu and instead believe a twelve year old childlike Yi Yun?

It was the same even if Yi Yun defeated Zhao Tiezhu!

Yi Yun had already expected this and it did not matter to him. He did not hope to overturn Lian Chengyu with just words; he simply wanted to plant a seed of doubt within the people.

The vast wilderness was a world where power ruled supreme. Ever since time immemorial, it has been so!

Would a victor need to provide proof? It was superfluous, because the strongest victor’s words were the rules, the law and the truth.

Experts did not need more words to explain themselves. Others would subconsciously believe in it and eventually really believe in it.

By making his appearance today, Yi Yun had already mentally prepared to have a direct conflict with Lian Chengyu.

He knew that Lian Chengyu would not break through to the Purple Blood realm with that energy-less desolate bone “essence”.

Lian Chengyu was at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm, while he was in the beginning stages of the Qi Gatherer realm, but at the same time had reached the realm of Dragon Pulse.

He was confident of this battle!

However, Yi Yun was still worried about Yao Yuan. He did not know Yao Yuan’s strength.

He waited for Lian Chengyu to make his move, and at the same time secretly observed Yao Yuan.

But surprisingly, Lian Chengyu had no plans to make any moves and was just looking at him with a dark look!

Today, Lian Chengyu would not be making any moves!

Yao Yuan had already warned him that he had hurt his heart due to the anger he experienced.

If he ignored his injuries and made a move, it was possible, but he would never recover to his peak at the Kingdom’s selection in a few days!