True Martial World Chapter 760

Chapter 760: Evening out Debts
Chapter 760: Evening out Debts

The Sovereign of the Eventide's words were extremely provocative.

To establish a faction after going to the 12 Empyrean Heavens and obtaining heritage from the 12 Empyrean Heavens was extremely tempting to the Tian Yuan world warriors, especially the younger ones.

They also knew that the strength levels of the 12 Empyrean Heavens far exceeded that of the Tian Yuan world. It would certainly be extremely difficult when they first arrived in the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

However, they believed that the reason that the 12 Empyrean Heavens was powerful was because of its powerful heritage and rich resources. In the Tian Yuan world, they were limited by heritage and resources, destining them to mediocrity.

It was not because they were weak, it was because they were limited by external conditions.

As long as they were in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, they would be able to grow slowly and establish a small faction. By starting from scratch, it was still a possible to develop into something great.

"Today, I will take point here. The Umbriferous Divine Palace will be the place that I set off! In the next twenty years, I will conquer the Divine Wilderness Stage, so we can complete great things! Your future will depend on your choice and your striving. Your hard work will be remembered by me.

"When the forces are built up in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, I will reward you accordingly. All of you envy Yi Yun and Lin Xintong? That's right, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong are powerful. But in the future, when you obtain the heritage of the 12 Empyrean Heavens, you would surpass them sooner or later. They are already dead, dying at the hands of the Black-armored Demon God who they couldn't resist against. A dead genius is no longer a genius."

"And when our faction is established, your children might be on par with Yi Yun in their twenties or thirties. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong are nothing at all!"

The Sovereign of the Eventide gave an impassioned speech, which roused the masses. Even the followers, who were still wavering, could not help but be engrossed in the future described by the Sovereign of the Eventide.

In times of despair, people needed beautiful fantasies, even if they knew that these fantasies might end up bubbles, bursting at any time.

However… for some reason, the audience were no longer excited. They stared blankly at the empty space above the Sovereign of the Eventide. Their eyes turned stiff as many people had expressions like they had seen a ghost in the day.

Astonishment, confusion, disbelief…


The followers' reaction made the Sovereign of the Eventide pause. Everyone's eyes were concentrated on a spot behind and above him. What had happened?

The Sovereign of the Eventide's heart missed a beat. Could it be that something had appeared behind him? With his powerful perception, how could something strange suddenly appear behind him without him knowing? His perception range allowed him to lock onto a small bug even a radius of ten thousand feet.

"What is it!?"

The Sovereign of the Eventide jerked his head back suddenly. In the sky behind him, three figures had appeared out of thin air... These three people seemed to be distorted in the void!

A black-clad youth was nonchalantly sitting on the void. One of his legs was outstretched, while the other leg was bent in front of him. His left arm was casually placed on his knee. In his right hand, he held a strange-shaped tree leaf that was slowly rotating. The leaf veins were shimmering with a charming luster.

And behind the black-clad youth was a white-dressed girl. She held a sword to her chest, and with her cold expression, she seemed to have a outstanding air to her.

Finally, there was a tall, dark skinned man, who had muscles as firm as divine iron that made him look like a metallic tower. He stood behind Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Only a silhouette could be seen as he looked fuzzy.

This stalwart man had a perfectly proportioned body, and although his muscles looked exaggerated, it did not give a endearing feeling. It was more of the beauty that came from the embodiment of absolute strength.

Upon seeing these three people, the Sovereign of the Eventide was completely dumbfounded. As a Sovereign, he was the strongest person in the Tian Yuan world and he had lived nearly a hundred thousand years. Now, because of these three people's sudden appearance, his lips were trembling, and his face turned as white as a sheet.

He failed to recover even after several seconds. He could hardly believe everything he saw in front of him.

Yi Yun! Lin Xintong! As well as… the one that gave him a suffocating feeling…

The Black-armored Demon God!

And at this moment, the Black-armored Demon God's aura was completely converged on himself. He was quietly following Yi Yun, like he was an attendant to Yi Yun.

This… This…

Impossible! Impossible!

The Sovereign of the Eventide felt like his mind was crumbling. He could not believe what he was seeing at all.

"Black-armored Demon God! That is the Black-armored Demon God!?"

Amongst the crowd, someone suddenly yelled. Instantly, there was chaos throughout!

Many of them had never seen the Black-armored Demon God, as nearly everyone who saw the Black-armored Demon God had been killed. Wherever the Demon God passed, life would be extinguished!

However, there were still many people who had seen projectory images of the Black-armored Demon God, so they were able to recognize him. And with the Demon God here, even though he had deliberately converged his aura, the pressure that came from the difference in life's natural order still caused their blood and Qi to boil, and their hearts stop beating.

"That black-clad youth is Yi Yun. And there's Lin Xintong as well! They… They are still alive, and furthermore, why are they together with the Black-armored Demon God!?"

People could not believe the scene in front of them. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong's return was already unbelievable. What made people wonder if they were dreaming the Black-armored Demon God behind Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

Weren't they archenemies?

At this moment, the sitting Yi Yun gently put down the Dao Leaf in his hand. Without looking back, he said to the Black-armored Demon God, "Black Demon Puppet, go!"

With a simple thought from Yi Yun, the Black-armored Demon God moved. He turned around, and his eyes emitted a divine beam that exploded like lightning, tearing the void apart!

His aura also emanated as a result. Whoever came into contact with the Black-armored Demon God's gaze felt a pressure press down on them. The warriors present felt that their blood was in chaos as their faces turned white. They nearly knelt down to the ground. As for those with weaker cultivation levels, they felt like their soul seas were collapsing!

It was too terrifying. It was definitely the Black-armored Demon God. Only the Black-armored Demon God could push their minds so close to collapse with a single look.

And at this moment, the Black-armored Demon God moved. His body transformed into a black flash of lightning, appearing instantly in front of a Eventide Monk.

This Eventide Monk was presiding over the array formation, and he was a slave of the Sovereign of the Eventide. His cultivation level had reached the Yuan Opening realm. However, at the instant the Black-armored Demon God moved in front of him, the pressure that followed seemed to envelop him like a storm. Under this pressure, the monk began to bleed from all his seven orifices while his pupils lost focus. His strength could not bear the frontal brunt of the Black-armored Demon God's pressure.

The Black-armored Demon God put his hand out and grabbed the Eventide Monk's neck before flying upwards, like an eagle catching mice.

The Black-armored Demon God flew towards Yi Yun and threw the Eventide Monk in front of him.

This Eventide Monk had unfocused eyes, and his soul sea already collapsed. With only a few breaths left, it was clear that he would not live.

Translator’s Notes: More impassioned speech from SotE that makes you wonder. Would you have believed him if you were one of those people present? Oh well, doesn’t matter, since Yi Yun just had to just crash the party with his appearance.

The fear the people have of the BADG is pretty well described in this chapter, and indeed, we see why he can garner such reactions. Go go super bodyguard puppet!