True Martial World Chapter 763

Chapter 763: Returning to the Desolate Race
Chapter 763: Returning to the Desolate Race

Divine Wilderness, in the remote mountains.

Ever since the Sanctuary Island couple and a number of legendary human figures had settled in the remote mountains, more and more mighty human figures came to the remote mountains through a passage built through the Divine Wilderness.

This place had become the front line command post in the allied war against the Black-armored Demon God.

They knew that in twenty years time, the Black-armored Demon God would appear again, so the Human and Desolate race certainly could not sit idle.

At this moment in time, the sun had yet to rise. The remote mountains were covered in clouds, as endless mist slowly rose up through the night, blanketing the mountains and valleys.

Under this mist, there was a palace and immortal caves that spread for more than a hundred miles!

It was a residence built for warriors.

There was nothing in the remote mountains to begin with, but through the combined efforts of the mighty Human and Desolate race figures, a series of buildings in the palace compound with arrays had sprung up in a few short months!

With these arrays, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in a radius of tens of thousands of miles was gathered towards the remote mountains, supporting the cultivation of warriors!

Not only that, the Desolate race had rebuilt their most defensive array, with the Divine Bone Altar at its core. This array enveloped the entire remote mountains. The moment that this array was set up, it began to accumulate energy. As long as an enemy came attacking, the array would be activated, releasing all the energy that it had previously accumulated.

Of course, against the Black-armored Demon God, it was hard to tell how effective the array would be.

There were many warriors, and there were many arrays. To allow warriors to cultivate daily and to power these arrays would naturally consume a lot of resources. Hence, there would be a group of high-level Desolate Heaven Masters in the remote mountains who would refine all sorts of relics on a daily basis, giving them to the allied Desolate race and Human race army.

At the break of dawn, the mist was suddenly dispersed by the cries of warriors. In front of the palace compound, the aura from the Human race and Desolate race warriors' cultivation swept up like a strong wind, dispersing all the clouds in a fifty mile radius.

As the clouds dispersed, the scene in the remote mountains could clearly be seen. More than ten thousand array flags were inserted into the ground of the Divine Wilderness. Each array flag was engraved with runic patterns, and as the strong winds blew the flags, they created a strong, fluttering sound.

For the weak to fight the strong, they could only rely on arrays to gather all their strength, a tactic that took advantage of their numbers so they could resist the strong.

"Ha! Ha!"

Earth-shaking roars echoed in the valley as the Human and Desolate race warriors were relying on their individual arrays to engage in an intense opposing combat exercise!

Instantly, all sorts of divine beams flashed as energy storms surged wantonly. The entire remote mountains began trembling!

Activating such large arrays expended a lot of energy and large quantities of relics. But in the face of the destruction of the Tian Yuan world and the Divine Wilderness, the various human race factions and the Desolate race couldn’t selfishly hid their possessions any longer. All sorts of valuable resources that were accumulated over millions of years were taken out without any delay and they were provided to the warriors.

"Weak! Too weak! What are all of you doing? Ten arrays burned up more than ten thousand relics in an instance. Look at the attack that all of you had just launched, the Yuan Qi efficiency was less than half!"

An azure-clothed youth hovered high in the air, as he watched the intense battle below. The azure-clothed youth was none other than Shepherd Boy, who was responsible for the daily training of the Human and Desolate race warriors.

In recent days, Shepherd Boy enjoyed extremely high prestige, even amongst the Human race warriors Although the Human race was unfriendly to the Desolate race, they too admired the strong. With his talent and powerful strength, Shepherd Boy had won over the human elites’ respect.

At this moment, the floating Shepherd Boy suddenly realized something as he moved downwards and landed on a mountain peak.

On the mountain peak, there was a palace standing on it. At this moment, in front of the palace doors stood a red-dressed girl who looked pale. She was Jiang Xiaorou.

Ever since the Sovereign of the Eventide's Darkness energy was planted in her soul sea, Jiang Xiaorou had endured the erosion of her life force by this energy.

The feeling of having her soul sea eroded was excruciating, and yet, Jiang Xiaorou had endured the pain for nearly a year.

In the past year, Jiang Xiaorou had suffered all sorts of torture. The Sanctuary Island couple were helpless against this Darkness energy, and they initially believed that Jiang Xiaorou's life force would be slowly expended, making her gradually turn weak to the point of being bedridden.

But unexpectedly, Jiang Xiaorou had managed to survive through it. Not only that, her bloodline and life force was constantly in a struggle against the Dark energy.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaorou's cultivation level had been repressed by the Dark energy, so she did not experience any growth over the past year. But the power in Jiang Xiaorou's blood, as well as her soul, was slowly strengthening. The Dark energy did not take down Jiang Xiaorou. If the Dark energy planted by the Sovereign of the Eventide was a rock and Jiang Xiaorou was a weed, then she was being pressed down by a rock. However, her life remained as firm and tenacious as ever, growing through the cracks in the rock and maturing with great difficulty.

"It's the Desolate race's Queen!"

Many of the human warriors, who were cultivating in the remote mountains, also saw Jiang Xiaorou.

They were deeply impressed by Jiang Xiaorou. They had heard of the Darkness mark planted in her. A frail girl like Jiang Xiaorou had managed to endure an attack from a peak middle-stage Heaven Ascension realm figure, and her life force was even being constantly honed and strengthened due to the presence of this energy. It could be said to be a miracle.

Jiang Xiaorou had created a miracle, so was it possible that another miracle would happen to them in the battle against the Black-armored Demon God in twenty years time?

Carry on practicing!

Even though they knew that the Black-armored Demon God was powerful, and they knew that their battle against the Black-armored Demon God was like an egg striking a rock, they still had to do their best!

Maybe, many of them would turn to ash in a second during the actual battle, despite their twenty years of hard work, endured through sweat and tears, or they might not even be qualified to touch the Black-armored Demon God's weapon, but they wanted to devote all their lives for that instant.

Furthermore, they also knew that a traitor—Sovereign of the Eventide—had appeared from the Human race. At this moment, he was gathering followers en masse, and a war might break out before the Black-armored Demon God appeared.

With an indomitable enemy before them, it was extremely tragic for there to be infighting amongst the Human race…

Twenty years… Their destiny would be decided in these twenty years. They all had to do their best, and it might only be a slim hope. But they knew that if they didn't do so, there wouldn't be a trace of hope at all.

"Practice again!" Shepherd Boy shouted.

Every practice using the arrays was a huge expenditure, so they had to cherish every opportunity to practice with the arrays. If not, no matter how much accumulated resources the Human and Desolate race had, it would not be able to withstand such splurging!

Just as Shepherd Boy said those words, and the Human and Desolate race warriors were gathering their energies, two extremely thick pillars of Yuan Qi shot up into the sky. Suddenly, a blackish-red beam of light appeared along the horizon. This beam of light was incredibly fast, and even with Shepherd Boy's deep and profound cultivation level, he did not discover it any earlier than the other younger warriors.

The black beam of light arrived at the Human and Desolate race's training ground in a blink of an eye!

Boom Boom Boom! Energy exploded as space warped. People could barely make out that the black beam of light was actually the flight of three people. Their boundless aura had torn apart the void, and the two large Yuan Qi pillars of light had broken as a result of their powerful aura!

All the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was instantly drained from the Human and Desolate race arrays by the people's flight in a split second!

This was the Heaven Earth energy gathered through large arrays built by tens of thousands of Human and Desolate race elites. Yet, it could not withstand the impact of the people's aura!

Furthermore, this was just the aura from their flight, and not an aura from combat!

Who… are these people?

Shepherd Boy's face changed as the Human and Desolate race elites prepared to stand their ground against a powerful foe. For there to be such a powerful existence, there was only one person they could think of... Black-armored Demon God!

However, wasn't the Black-armored Demon God only going to appear again in about nineteen years time?

The people held their breaths as they intently looked up in the sky. And when they saw the figures of these people, they were alarmed. All of their expressions were twisted in ways more complex than the runic patterns on those array flags.

The tallest amongst the three figures was most eye-catching. He was a stalwart man, holding a lance and he was barebacked. Wasn't he… the Black-armored Demon God!?

"Black-armored Demon God!?"

The Human and Desolate race warriors looked on in shock. Although they had already honed their minds to embrace death all this while, they still could not bear the sudden appearance of the Black-armored Demon God!

Facing the Black-armored Demon God, who had attacked them about a year ago and whose powerful aura from his flight was enough to break the energy pillar accumulated by the large arrays, their confidence crumbled, even if they were determined to fight to the death! It was such a terrifying enemy, whose power had far exceeded their imaginations!

But very quickly, something even more surprising happened.

In front of the Black-armored Demon God, there was a black-clad youth and a white-dressed girl.

Upon seeing these two people, everyone was shocked beyond words. Their minds went from despair to utter shock as they experienced mental fluctuations… Aren't the two of them Yi Yun and Lin Xintong?

They are still alive? Furthermore… why are they with the Black-armored Demon God!?