True Martial World Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Yao Yuan’s Advice
Chapter 77: Yao Yuan’s Advice

Of course, Lian Chengyu was not going to affect his chances at the Kingdom’s selection for Yi Yun. It was his life’s top priority! With no room for failure!
“Instructor Yao, what do you think of his strength? Thunderous? Meridians?”
To be able to easily cripple Zhao Tiezhu, and even crush his fist, Lian Chengyu was sure that Yi Yun was above the third realm of Mortal Blood and his strength was above a thousand pounds. Lian Chengyu was not sure, however, if Yi Yun had opened his Ren Du Er Mai.

Yao Yuan said, “We have all underestimated Yi Yun. I’m not sure of his strength, but one thing I know is that his intelligence and thinking far exceeds that of a twelve year old child. Whoever goes against him, if they treat him as a child, they will only lose badly.

Yao Yuan’s words subtly referred to Lian Chengyu. Lian Chengyu had difficulty dealing with this for he had never imagined that the day would come when he would be compared to a child.

But he had to admit that in the past few clashes with Yi Yun, he had been played by him!

“This kid has been playing the sucker. He knew all along that I had intentions of killing him, but he pretended to not know, making me careless! At such a young age, how could he be so scheming?” Lian Chengyu was in disbelief, Yi Yun was a problem!

“Instructor Yao, my body is not in the condition to do anything today, could Instructor Yao catch this little bastard for me?” Yao Yuan turned silent upon Lian Chengyu’s request.

Yao Yuan had also guessed that Yi Yun must have met with some fortuitous event, such as eating some treasure while picking herbs, allowing him to have a rapid increase in strength.

This was the only explanation, and with this, it was reasonable that he had survived the fall into the East River.

As for this treasure, it had to be able to neutralize the Frost Python’s toxins, so it could be said that the treasure was more valuable than the Frost Python desolate bones.

But what could they do?

The treasure had already been eaten by Yi Yun. To extract it out would be difficult. Even if it were to be extracted, Yao Yuan did not have any coveted thoughts about it, since he had been wounded by an enemy, cutting off his meridians, preventing him from proceeding further along the martial path.

Yao Yuan’s status was simply a long term guest in the Lian tribal clan, and not Lian Chengyu’s henchman.

Yao Yuan said, “Chengyu, years ago, I owed your dead grandfather a favor, promising him that I would protect the Lian tribal clan, and teach you martial arts, but I never said I would help you kill, nor did I say I would aid you in your evil ways. I knew about your refining of the desolate bones, but I didn’t butt in, because I know this world is one where the strong preys on the weak. Sacrificing the weak to gain achievements is still understandable. But to want me to attack a child, a child who has a talent for martial arts, because you are jealous? I cannot agree because of this reason.”

“Although you will not listen, but I will give you a word of advice either way. You have to be broad-minded. If you want your life to be good, you will need to have some tolerance. If you are too ruthless and extremely self-centered, and intolerant with others, sooner or later, it will destroy you.”

Yao Yuan’s words made Lian Chengyu frown. Since ancient times, good advice is a shock to the ear; as for Yao Yuan’s words, Lian Chengyu had already found them shocking to his ears.

“Instructor Yao, what is the meaning of this? All these years, I have honored you as a teacher, but today, you are helping an outsider?” Lian Chengyu’s words were filled with anger.

Yao Yuan shook his head, “All these years, I’ve seen you grow up. I know all about your thoughts, I just do not want to see you committing mistakes one after another.”

“Besides, although it is hard for anyone below the Purple Blood realm to match my strength, I have no confidence in capturing Yi Yun!” Yao Yuan’s words surprised Lian Chengyu.

“How is that possible?” Was Instructor Yao admitting that this kid had the ability to match Instructor Yao? If so, wouldn’t he at least be in the Qi Gatherer realm, similar to me? “It’s impossible!” Lian Chengyu found it preposterous. No matter what lucky event Yi Yun had encountered, he could not have such a high cultivation speed.

“I also think it’s impossible,” Yao Yuan sighed. “But did you not consider that with this child’s intelligence, and his level of cultivation, he wouldn’t know the differences in the realms below Purple Blood? Your cultivation level and mine aren’t a secret, yet he still dared to appear here. This proves that he has the confidence to confront you, and the ability to escape without any injuries.”

Yao Yuan’s words provoked Lian Chengyu and he rebuked, “If Instructor Yao were to give it a shot, he would not be able to escape without any injuries!”

Yao Yuan said, “I have similar thoughts. I too feel that he should have died after being poisoned by the desolate bones’s frost toxin and falling down into the East River, yet he still came back to life.”

Yao Yuan’s words made Lian Chengyu speechless.

Indeed, he had believed that Yi Yun should have died, but today, he was standing in front of him. He even maimed Zhao Tiezhu!

This was no doubt a public slap to his face.

Yao Yuan said, “His strength might be in the Thunderous or Meridians realm, but he might also have some method to preserve his life, like a treasure that will protect him.”

“A twelve year old child with such mental capabilities and strength, if you were to make him your enemy, unless you killed him, he will no doubt seek revenge on you in the future.” Originally, Yao Yuan had wished to prevent Lian Chengyu from sinking any deeper. But now if he failed to kill Yi Yun, he would have to take on the risk of a revengeful Yi Yun; this gave Yao Yuan less reason to attack Yi Yun.

“I got it.” Lian Chengyu took a deep breath. His expression was horribly gloomy. Because of Yao Yuan’s refusal, he now held a grudge!

With Yao Yuan not making any moves, and him unable to make any moves, the only person who could rival Yi Yun was his grandfather, the Lian tribal clan Patriarch.

To have the Patriarch attack a kid under the watchful eyes of this many people was inappropriate.

The fact was that Lian Chengyu could not guarantee that his grandfather would be able to handle Yi Yun. This was because the Patriarch was old and feeble. In the Mortal Blood realm, people used their muscles and body to fight, so age would severely affect their battle strength. The older they got, the worse it became.

Although the Patriarch was in the fifth stage of Mortal Blood, the Qi Gatherer realm, his frail body would make it difficult to even fight a fourth stage Mortal Blood warrior. Besides, Yao Yuan had said that Yi Yun might have some hidden card.

After considering all the possible outcomes, Lian Chengyu realized he was in an extremely awkward situation.

He had been smacked in the face by Yi Yun publicly, yet he could do nothing to him!

At least, not before he recovered his strength!

“Damn, if I were not injured, I would rip that little bastard’s skin off!” Lian Chengyu was pissed. He had never thought that the day would come when he could not do anything to a person he treated as an ant days before!

Yao Yuan stayed silent, while everyone present was looking at Lian Chengyu.

Lian Chengyu needed a way to get out of the predicament!