True Martial World Chapter 774

Chapter 774: Mt. Fengling
Chapter 774: Mt. Fengling

After all the missions were completed, the Fire Cloud State's spirit cruiser shot out a beam of light, tearing through the void open. Following that, the spirit cruiser entered the spatial vortex and completely disappeared.

The spirit cruiser was a massive object. Back when Yi Yun was sucked into the spirit cruiser, he estimated it to be dozens of miles long.

It was unknown how many refining masters were needed to produce such a massive star fortress. Furthermore, the cost was definitely extremely exaggerated. And for such a massive spirit cruiser to tear space in one strike to do spatial transference required vast amounts of energy. The relics that provided this energy was also a huge expense.

These thoughts flashed past Yi Yun's mind. Having first arrived in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, he could only use certain external objects to roughly estimate the gap between the factions in the 12 Empyrean Heavens and the Tian Yuan world.

Yi Yun eventually opted to join the Luo clan as it was very beneficial for him. His body was in a terrible condition, so he needed a large faction's protection to slowly recover his Yuan Qi.


Space was torn open as the spirit cruiser successfully completing its Void Transference.

Through the cruiser's window, all he saw was an endless red sea of clouds. He had previously heard Tao'er introduce this sea of clouds to him. It was said that this mass of clouds had existed for hundreds of millions of years and had never dissipated before. The name of the Fire Cloud State was because of the rolling red clouds.

In the midst of the endless red sea of clouds floated a giant planet.

The planet was blue in color, and about 80% of the planet's surface was ocean. There was a dark red continent in the middle and was the so-called Fire Cloud State.

The Fire Cloud State actually occupied a planet. All the seas on this planet, including the red clouds surrounding it was the territory of the Fire Cloud State.

As Yi Yun looked at this planet, it looked about a few thousand miles in diameter, roughly the same size as his home planet, Earth. In the vicinity of the planet, there were a large number of Fey beasts shuttling through the sea of clouds.

Perhaps due to the vast size of the world, these Fey beasts were much larger than the desolate beasts Yi Yun encountered in the Divine Wilderness.

Yi Yun saw a golden fish about 500 kilometers long. Its shape was that of a fish, but it had dragon whiskers by its mouth. Every time it opened its mouth, it would suck and expel red clouds, like a volcano eruption. However, this was just its breathing.

Other than that, there were feathered creatures with colorful feathers. They were gigantic pythons with single horns that resembled either dragons or snakes. The dragon horses that pulled spirit boats were endless in number.

In comparison, although the spirit cruiser Yi Yun was on was massive in size, it appeared inconspicuous when placed in such a backdrop.

The spirit cruiser began to slow down. The closer they were to the Fire Cloud State, the more amazed Yi Yun became. Although he had heard from Tao'er describe this to him, it was not as shocking to see it for himself.

Compared to the Tian Yuan world and the Divine Wilderness, the Fire Cloud State was so much more flourishing.

The Fire Cloud State could not be considered big, as it was much smaller than the Tian Yuan world, however, in the Fire Cloud State, there all sorts of floating immortal mountains, immortal palaces, spirit statues, spirit cruisers, etc. They seemed endless and was a dazzling sight.

And the experts here were barely countable.

In the Tian Yuan world, Heaven Ascension realm warriors were already a dominating force, but in the Fire Cloud State, they were considered nothing much.

As Yi Yun rode on the spirit cruiser, it went straight to the middle of the Fire Cloud State.

There were endless immortal mountains here, and each immortal mountain was nearly ten miles high. Such tall immortal mountains had immense weight, but through the support of arrays, they were floating in mid air. Such acts were impossible in the lower realms.

After the spirit cruiser flew past an immortal mountain, Yi Yun, together with Tao'er and Luo Fengling took a small spirit boat that was deployed from the mothership, finally landing on the top of that mountain.

This immortal mountain was one that belonged to Luo Fengling.

Over the days, Yi Yun had learned from Tao'er that Luo Fengling was an influential figure amongst the younger generation in the Fire Cloud State.

Luo Fengling was from the Fire Cloud State's Heaven Fire Hall which gathered all the top talent amongst the younger disciples in the Fire Cloud State.

Of course, there were quite a number of such geniuses, numbering more than a hundred. Luo Fengling was one of them, and her position amongst the hundred or so elites was above average.

Luo Fengling's advantage would be her young age. She was about Yi Yun's age.

Now, Luo Fengling was at the perfect-Yuan Opening realm, higher than Yi Yun by a minor realm. She still had a long way to go and had a promising future.

And for the older core disciples in the Heaven Fire Hall, their ages ranged in the hundreds. For warriors in the 12 Empyrean Heavens with long lifespans, they were still considered juniors despite being a few hundred years old.

When Yi Yun disembarked the spirit cruiser, accompanying Yi Yun were three other young disciples, two man and a woman. They wore differently and had different cultivation levels. These three people were the new disciples the spirit cruiser had recruited from the various smaller worlds.

Back then, the spirit cruiser had gathered about a hundred people, but only three of them were chosen by Luo Fengling. Including Yi Yun, there were four prospective disciples.

"The mountain beneath your feet is called Mt. Fengling and was named after me. From today onwards, the four of you will be my followers!" Luo Fengling spoke simply. "I'll first introduce myself. I'm Luo Fengling, a disciple of the Fire Cloud State's Heaven Fire Hall!"

"Amongst the younger generation in the Fire Cloud State, there are two halls, namely the Heaven Fire Hall and the Earth Fire Hall. To put it plainly, the Heaven Fire Hall are personal disciples!"

"Every Heaven Fire Hall disciple has a mountain for themselves. The entire Fire Cloud State has a total of 108 Heaven Fire mountains, which also mean 108 Heaven Fire Hall disciples. The number is fixed so only the lost of one would another be replaced!"

"Every Heaven Fire Hall disciple can recruit external disciples as stewards. When comparing steward disciples to other external disciples, it is easier for them to obtain resources from the Fire Cloud State's Luo clan. At the same time, they have to do some miscellaneous chores."

As Luo Fengling spoke, the few steward disciples exchanged glances and nodded.

The Heaven Fire Hall disciples were elites of the Fire Cloud State's younger generation. These elites main task was to cultivate, and with them in charge of a mountain, there were definitely many chores to handle.

On a mountain, there was all sorts of chores like resource allocation, the feeding of Fey beasts, the planting of herbs that needed people manning them. These matters naturally could not be done by the Heaven Fire Hall disciple themselves, so there was a need for people to serve these Heaven Fire Hall disciples.

That was the job of steward disciples.

In fact, steward disciples was just a great job. They could follow a Heaven Fire Hall disciple, and at times, obtain resources the Heaven Fire Hall disciple did not use. That itself was a great benefit for them, so many ordinary disciples yearned to become steward disciples.

"On Mt. Fengling, there will be many chores, but similarly, there will be greater opportunities. As long as you dedicate yourselves to cultivation, I will not treat you badly. In the future, if you display good cultivation talent, I would nominate you into the Earth Fire Hall. When you enter the Earth Fire Hall, you would be considered a true disciple of the Luo clan! Are all of you agreeable to that?"

As Luo Fengling said, she scanned the four.

There was nothing disagreeable about this matter. The other three yearned it greatly and even Yi Yun nodded his head slightly. His priority was to heal his injuries, and did not mind where he was as long as it was safe. As a steward disciple, he would be inconspicuous so his safety would not be a problem. Mt Fengling was considered expedient.