True Martial World Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Injury Recovery
Chapter 783: Injury Recovery

This was the first time peace and quiet was restored to Yi Yun’s life ever since he left the Tai Ah Divine City. Every day he would wake up and sit on Mt. Fengling in the morning where he would watch the rising fog in the mountains and meditate.

At noon, he would return to his cabin, and on a table in the cabin, there would be spiritual food awaiting him, specially cooked by Tao'er.

On Mt. Fengling, Tao'er was only responsible for Luo Fengling's meals, but since Luo Fengling was often in reclusion, it resulted in Tao'er having nothing to do most of the time. Being able to cook about a dozen meals a year was already considered a lot for her.

The reason why Tao'er studied the Desolate Heaven technique was partly because she wanted to accompany Luo Fengling and go far with her in the future, and partly also to produce even better spiritual food.

While cooking spiritual food, if one knew the Desolate Heaven technique, they could process the ingredients, releasing all the beneficial Yuan Qi inside the food. It would result in the food being more easily absorbed and purer in energy.

Now, because of Yi Yun, Tao'er's talent in cooking could once again shine. Tao'er put in a lot of effort for Yi Yun's meals, because a master like Yi Yun was not easily found even if she tried looking.

Over the days, Yi Yun indulged in feasts. The spiritual food cooked by Tao'er was not only good for replenishing his Yuan Qi, but they were also extremely delicious.

Hence, even though Yi Yun had long reached the state of not needing to eat, he would ease himself during lunchtime for the spiritual food prepared for him. He spent nearly an hour a day to enjoy the meal slowly.

Now, Yi Yun had mostly recovered from his injuries due to the spiritual and medicinal food, as well as the Purple Crystal's conditioning. Even Yi Yun himself was surprised at the speed at which he recovered.

He originally thought that he would take months to recover, but now, only half a month had passed since he was rescued by Luo Fengling.

And when it came to recuperation, it was always the hardest in the beginning. The closer one was to a full recovery, the faster the healing would be as there were more meridians that had recovered and joined up.

Yi Yun estimated that in a couple of days, he would fully recover from his injuries, reaching his peak state.

After a spiritual food lunch, Yi Yun would browse through the Luo clan's Desolate Heaven technique manuals in the afternoon and give Tao'er pointers. This was extremely helpful for Tao'er as the days went by.

However, the Desolate Heaven technique books Yi Yun had access to were the basics of basics.

Over the past few days, Yi Yun had completed reading all the Desolate Heaven technique books he had access to. The only booka lacking were the ones that contained ruly high-level and profound methods.

"Brother Yi, those Desolate Heaven technique books are placed in the Fire Cloud State's library. If you can become a Earth Fire Hall disciple, you can borrow even more books."

As days went by, Tao'er was more and more impressed by Yi Yun's freakish talent in the Desolate Heaven technique. She also believed that being only be able to read those basic books was extremely unworthy of Yi Yun’s talents.

"Oh? Earth Fire Hall..."

Yi Yun faltered slightly. In the Tian Yuan world, he did not have any time to study the Desolate Heaven technique, but now in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, he had plenty of time.

A warrior's life was extremely long while Yi Yun's life had only just begun. The Purple Crystal made learning the Desolate Heaven technique extremely easy, an opportunity people yearned but had no chance at it. If he did not use it properly, it would be a great waste.

The Luo clan's heritage was noted for its Desolate Heaven technique. Ignoring everything else, just the recovery relic Luo Fengling gave Yi Yun was enough to interest Yi Yun greatly.

That relic was naturally not very valuable, but the energy it contained could still heal his wounds by passing through his severed meridians.

What about a recovery relic that was even greater in value? It would be unimaginable how effective it would be for healing injuries.

Tao'er had also mentioned before that true top level relics were even coveted by the 12 Empyrean Heaven's supreme figures and divine lords.

If he could refine such relics, then be it for personal usage or to exchange for treasures, it would be extremely useful for his martial path.

Yi Yun did not care too much for the Fire Cloud State's Earth Fire Hall, but it was the beginning of his martial path in the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

Even though Yi Yun believed that he had unlimited potential, he was at present, just a Yuan Opening realm junior from a lower realm, as such, he had to take one step at a time. The Fire Cloud State's Earth Fire Hall was just his first step.

Besides, Yi Yun also planned on going to the Luo clan's royal capital. Becoming a core disciple of the Fire Cloud State was also one of the conditions he needed to fulfill in order to go there.

"How do I become a Earth Fire Hall disciple?" Yi Yun asked.

"Oh this, wow. For others it might be difficult, but it will definitely not be difficult for Brother Yi. Each of the 108 mountains of the Fire Cloud State has a chance to apply for an examination opportunity every year. Our Mt. Fengling has not used the chance this year, so we can just apply for it now."

"When the time comes, someone from headquarters will come here to test all the steward disciples and miscellaneous chores disciples. You just need to meet their requirements. As for the examination, there will be many topics. As long as someone is sufficiently excellent in any one aspect, they would become a Earth Fire Hall disciple."

"As for the Luo clan, it places greatest importance on a person’s strength and Desolate Heaven technique talent. Being good at any of these two would make you be valued greatly by the Luo clan. When you take the examination, you just need to pass the Desolate Heaven technique alone. Brother Yi, you will definitely easily pass it."

When Tao'er knew that Yi Yun planned on becoming an Earth Fire Hall disciple, she was very delighted. As a maid servant, she was actually also a miscellaneous chores disciple and shared the same position as Yi Yun. However, as Tao'er had a close relationship with Luo Fengling, she had an extraordinary status in Mt. Fengling.

For example, the application for the Earth Fire Hall test was typically submitted by the mountain's owner, but Luo Fengling was frequently in reclusion, so the authority to submit the application was delegated to Tao'er.

Tao'er was extremely efficient. By night time, she had submitted the application to the Fire Cloud State's main mountain.

And following that, the Fire Cloud State's main mountain sent a Fire Cloud Decree.

The Fire Cloud Decree was naturally not only for Yi Yun, but also for every steward disciple in Mt. Fengling. It also included Tao'er in the scope of the examination.

The decree was delivering by a ten thousand-year-old fire crane. When it flew above Mt. Fengling, it opened its mouth, exploding the decree scroll in mid air that revealed a series of text.

"Three days later, Earth Fire Hall examination! All Mt. Fengling disciples are free to join!"

Upon seeing this row of text, the Mt. Fengling's miscellaneous chores disciple, especially Dong Hu, Bai Wei and Sun Lie, were alerted to it, immediately causing excitement in Mt. Fengling.

There were about twenty miscellaneous chores disciples in Mt. Fengling, and most of the miscellaneous chores disciples had spent a long period of time here, so they knew the difficulty of the Earth Fire Hall examination. They knew that they were likely to fail, so they did not feel excited about it.

But Dong Hu, Bai Wei and Sun Lie were new to Mt. Fengling. They believed that being miscellaneous chores disciples in Mt. Fengling was a waste of their talent, believing that they had sufficient talent to become a higher level disciple. They only lacked the chance.

And now, the chance had befallen them. They did not know why there was this opportunity, but they believed it was time for them to show their prowess, so how could they not be excited?