True Martial World Chapter 784

Chapter 784: Fairy Black Bamboo
Chapter 784: Fairy Black Bamboo

Over the past few days, a majority of the miscellaneous chores disciple in Mt. Fengling spent their days as per usual. After all, despite it being an opportunity, the application for such an examination could be done once a year, so it was not considered rare.

As for Yi Yun, he was even calmer. He would follow his morning routine of meditating in the mountains, having a good meal at noon, and then enjoy a leisurely life in the afternoon by reading books and giving Tao'er pointers.

"Brother Yi, the Earth Fire Hall examination is nearly here. All the cultivation grounds of Mt. Fengling have been occupied by the newcomers, Dong Hu, Bai Wei and company. Are you not going to cultivate?" Tao'er could not help but ask.

The main cultivation ground was located where Mt. Fengling's spirit root was, but that was naturally used by Luo Fengling. There were a few remaining cultivation grounds left, but they were snapped up by the other miscellaneous chores disciples.

There was fierce competition amongst the disciples in the Luo clan. Basically, whoever had the ability would be the one to enjoy the resources. As for Yi Yun, he spent his days without competing for these cultivation grounds, he did not even take a look at them.

Yi Yun smiled and said, "My meridians have just been healed, so there's no hurry."

The path of martial arts was difficult and long. Many geniuses worked very hard, so although Yi Yun was not as maniacal as Luo Fengling, he was never one to slack on his cultivation.

He only rested for a few days because of the injuries to his meridians, and while doing so, enjoy a peaceful life.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's explanation, Tao'er spat out her tongue, "Then, was the application submitted too hastily?"

"Not really, it's just nice."

Yi Yun's meridians had just recovered and his body was flowing with Yuan Qi. The feeling of energy filling his entire body felt extremely good.

For warriors, after they were accustomed to powerful strength, they would find it very uncomfortable when they were suddenly weakened.

Three days later, above the Fire Cloud State mountains, there was a loud resounding shrill, as a red beam streaked across the mountains.

Everyone on Mt. Fengling looked up and saw a red dot the size of a pigeon's egg in the sky. But in a blink of an eye, this red dot expanded rapidly and when it dropped towards Mt. Fengling, the red dot transformed into a 20–30 feet fire crane. Its two talons were as sharp as blades, so when it landed, it sliced through Mt. Fengling's mountain rock like tofu.

When this crane spread its wings, it was wide enough to cover an elephant completely. Its feathers looked like they were on fire, making it look quite pretty.

Yi Yun knew that the Luo clan's ancestors was a divine beast related to fire and because they had inherited its bloodline, it was very common to see fire-elemental Fey beasts in the Luo clan.

If the fire crane in front of him was placed in the Tian Yuan world, it might be inferior to the Desolate race's Sacred Spirit, but it would definitely be one of the most powerful desolate beasts that ruled the Divine Wilderness.

The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven’s mountain rock beneath its claws were much stronger than the lower realm. Although it was not difficult to split it apart, just the fire crane’s falling momentum was enough to slice it apart, showing how sharp the fire crane's claws were.

Standing on the fire crane was a woman with a voluptuous figure. She was dressed in black, and there was a black veil covering her face. She looked cold and distant, making her look at odds with her sultry figure.

On the woman's right breast, there was a black fire emblem. It indicated that she was one of the heads of the Luo clan's Earth Fire Hall.

This woman looked young, but she was actually thousands of years old.

Even without using his energy vision to probe the black-dressed woman's Yuan Qi fluctuations, he could still sense that she was extremely powerful.

"Thank you for coming." Tao'er stuttered. She did not know who this woman was or what her status was, but she knew that there would definitely be no harm bowing.

The black-dressed woman floated down from the fire crane's back and used a pair of cold eyes to sweep across all the people present. Her voice was extremely cold too, as she said, "Those participating in Mt. Fengling's examination this year, are they all here?"

"Yes, they are." Tao'er answered respectfully.

And behind Tao'er, there were a few miscellaneous chores disciple that had spent more than ten years on Mt. Fengling who were able to recognize the black-dressed woman.

Although Tao'er represented Luo Fengling on many matters regarding Mt. Fengling, in terms of experience and knowledge, she was inferior to those experienced people that had been around.

"It's Fairy Black Bamboo."

Someone transmitted his voice privately.

Fairy Black Bamboo had achieved the Dao as a black bamboo. She did not share the Luo name, but enjoyed immense reputation in the Fire Cloud State. She usually disliked dealing with people, so for her to have such an impressive reputation, the only reason, other than her powerful strength, was because of the examinations she presided over. All of them were extremely harsh without any exceptions.

It even led to many disciples suffering serious injuries because of the examinations she presided over.

"Forget it. Since it's Fairy Black Bamboo, then let's not join in the fun..."

There were a few people on Mt. Fengling who wanted to try their luck. They hoped that they could become miscellaneous chores disciples in the Earth Fire Hall but were now having second thoughts.

Even if a more generous head from the Earth Fire Hall presided over an examination, their chances were already extremely slim, what more Fairy Black Bamboo. Not only would they fail, but they might also be severely injured.

"Alright." The veiled woman lightly scanned everyone including Yi Yun. At this moment, there were people retreating backwards in jitters. As for Dong Hu and company, they were desperately trying to squeeze forward. They pushed the other miscellaneous chores disciples behind, hoping to leave an impression on Fairy Black Bamboo.

Noticing Dong Hu, Bai Wei and Sun Lie's excitement and anticipation, the other miscellaneous chores disciple mostly had a look of pity. Everyone, who just came to the Fire Cloud State, usually were filled with ambition, thinking that they were amazing. But very soon, they would suffer a setback and learn where they stood in this world.

No one alerted Dong Hu and company. These miscellaneous chores disciples did not have a harmonious relationship, so they only wished to see others suffer.

Yi Yun nonchalantly stood behind Dong Hu and company. As everyone else chose to collectively give up, there were only four people left participating in the examination.

The four people were all newcomers, so the scene immediately turned slightly odd.

Just the four of us?

Dong Hu was stunned momentarily, and found it slightly weird. However, before he had time to ponder over it, Fairy Black Bamboo asked, "Do you have any questions regarding the examination's rules?"

Naturally, Dong Hu and company did not know the rules, but they did not know where to begin when Fairy Black Bamboo asked them if they had any doubts.

Instead, Bai Wei rolled her eyes as a nefarious thought came to her. She asked, "Fairy, I want to know if puppets are allowed during the examination?"

When she asked this question, Bai Wei gave Yi Yun a glance. It had a hint of mockery in the corner of her eye.

"Puppets are external objects. Unless one is skilled in the Dao of puppets, allowing them to use puppets refined by themselves, puppets cannot be used!"

Fairy Black Bamboo's words were within Bai Wei's expectations. How could an examination allow someone to rely on external powers? Yi Yun's puppet was naturally not refined by Yi Yun.

And of course, that was true. The Fire Cloud State naturally had a way to judge if a puppet was refined by the user himself, and for Yi Yun's Draco First True Gold avatar, it was actually refined by the Azure Yang Lord.

"Then there are no more questions!"

Dong Hu laughed out loud as he rubbed his fists. Previously, the three of them had nursed a grudge after being brutally beaten up by Yi Yun's puppet. Now they had a chance to settle scores.