True Martial World Chapter 786

Chapter 786: Snow-like Flying Sabers
Chapter 786: Snow-like Flying Sabers

Hu! Hu! Hu!

In addition to his body’s transformation, Dong Hu's palms also transformed into tiger claws and they attacked with a rustling wind. Mixed in the wind from his palms was a faint tiger's roar.

Dragons descended from clouds, while tigers leaped from winds. The moment Dong Hu attacked, he had used all his strength. His tiger claws were like a palm leaf fan, that sent out a wind that was extremely overbearing in strength. A simple slap of his could shatter boulders, so hitting a human would definitely shatter a human's bones and sever his meridians.

Many of the Fey race would produce body features of their ancestors in battle. By stimulating the power of the Fey race's bloodline, they could augment their combat strength. Previously, in the battle between Dong Hu and the Draco First True Gold avatar, the Draco First True Gold avatar was too dominating, resulting in Dong Hu being immediately smacked down. He didn't even have the time to stimulate the power in his bloodline.

Without any explanation, Dong Hu had attacked Yi Yun. However, he was pissed when he saw Yi Yun's expression. He wanted to see fear and panic in on Yi Yun's face, but Yi Yun's calm look irritated him greatly.

As Yi Yun looked at Dong Hu's palms that were about to strike him, he wiped the interspatial ring on his right hand. Swish! Swish! Swish! A few cold beams of light flew out of Yi Yun's interspatial ring.

These few flying sabers immediately met Dong Hu's palms after they appeared.

The flying sabers looked nondescript, but they were extremely fast.

Phew! The cold beam tore through the void and went straight for Dong Hu's palms.

Dong Hu also noticed the few flying sabers. They were considered speed-based weapons and usually lacked strength. How much power could an insubstantial saber contain?

Dong Hu's tiger claws had extremely strong defense and they were also the weapon of his choice. He planned on smacking the flying sabers into smithereens before shattering Yi Yun's bones with a smack!

However, when Dong Hu hit the flying saber, there was only a dull thud. A tiger claw immediately turned bloody.

This small flying saber was too sharp!

Yi Yun remained expressionless. His Thousand Snow saber array was a top saber array even in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. Every flying saber came from the same source. His consciousness and Yuan Qi were all attached to every flying saber, so how could the attacks be weak?

Dong Hu had underestimated him and had been overconfident.

Dong Hu's expression turned ugly while he tended to his injured tiger claws. The sabers were too sharp. In order to clinch victory, he had to dodge the flying sabers and attack Yi Yun's body!

"Roar!" Dong Hu roared angrily as a phantom tiger a hundred feet in size appeared behind him.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Yi Yun wiped his interspatial ring once again, causing more than a hundred cold beams to appear.

Upon seeing so many cold beams, Dong Hu's pupils immediately constricted.

How can there still be so many!?

At this moment, Yi Yun had stretched out his hand and waved, "Go!"

More than a hundred cold beams attacked Dong Hu who no longer had time to attack. He could only resist.

However, even as he used all his strength to resist, the flying sabers still left multiple bloody lacerations on his body.

"There are so many flying sabers!" Dong Hu began to feel fear. He found it a struggle to cope with more than a hundred flying sabers.

"However, to control so many flying sabers, it will definitely be a drain on his consciousness and Yuan Qi. This kid probably can't last long!"

As Dong Hu resisted the flying sabers, he comforted himself, hoping to hold out after this wave of attacks.

However, at this moment, Dong Hu realized that there were even more cold beams around Yi Yun's body! They were all flying sabers, and together with the ones Dong Hu was facing, there was a total of 999 flying sabers.

Nearly a thousands flying sabers formed Yi Yun's Thousand Snow Domain. In an instant, the temperature plunged as the sky seemed to be filled with dancing snowflakes. Dong Hu was completely enveloped by the snowstorm with no strength to resist.

This beautiful scene was like the snowfall in the mountains, but in it contained a fatal killing opportunity.

In the Thousand Snow Domain, every flying saber's trajectory was different, but they perfectly combined into a ceaseless saber formation array. Even if one side was broken, this hole would be immediately mended.

Dong Hu believed that this saber array would be extremely draining on the consciousness and that Yi Yun could not last long doing so, but he never expected that not only was he able to manage it, but the number of flying sabers was also increasing!

Seeing the endless flying sabers accelerate, Dong Hu immediately felt his scalp go numb. He was initially struggling to resist, but as more and more lacerations appeared on his body, Dong Hu's energy began to wane. His reaction speed also slowed down.

As a result, the dense snowflakes of the Thousand Snow saber array immediately opened up more wounds on his body. The white snow mixed with red blood appeared as Dong Hu struggled in the saber array.

Dong Hu came from the tiger species so his physical strength was far superior to others. However, as his body gradually became dyed with blood, his motions began to retard. The tiger stripes and fur on his body were turning into a mangled mess from the lacerations.

Yi Yun's saber array did not lessen in any way, instead, the flying snow appeared to become more and more aggressive.

Dong Hu wanted to break through the saber array to attack Yi Yun, but he could not get out of it. It was as though he was trapped in a blizzard. Yi Yun's consciousness was controlling every single flying saber, so how could he allow Dong Hu to leave it?

A thousand flying sabers suddenly became one as it struck Dong Hu straight in the chest.


Blood splattered as Dong Hu's right chest was completely penetrated. His body was sent flying by the flying sabers as he made a resigned roar before his massive body collapsed to the ground.

His body was already riddled with hundreds of holes. Even a tiger's body could not withstand such injuries.

After penetrating Dong Hu's chest, the 999 flying sabers did a turn in direction and lodged themselves in a mountain rock.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

Blood stained the mountains, while the flying savers lodged themselves in the rock. Around Dong Hu's fallen body were numerous shiny sabers.

This scene sent a shudder down people's spine, especially Tao'er. She subconsciously opened her mouth wide. She never expected this elder brother, who always looked so mild and polite, would be so fierce and terrifying in battle!

However, there was no doubt that the flying saber array was extremely beautiful despite the fatal killing intent it possessed. It merged skill and power together like a form of art. And Yi Yun, who controlled the saber array did not even take a step from the beginning to the end. It was truly like the saying of devising strategies in a command tent to kill enemies in a thousand miles.

This was a vast difference compared to Dong Hu who used his strength and body to engage in brutal battle.

"This saber array..." Many miscellaneous chores disciple were staggered after seeing this battle. The difference was too great. As a human, Yi Yun was no doubt a top expert!

"Is Dong Hu alright? He wouldn't die, would he...?"

Some people worried for Dong Hu. Although killing an opponent in a fair assessment would result in a lesser punishment, there would still be one.

"It's fine. Dong Hu doesn't seem to have any crucial points harmed."

Amongst the miscellaneous chores disciple, there were some with good eyesights. The flying sabers appeared to fill the sky, but when they landed on Dong Hu's body, they would avoid his heart, brain, death points and other crucial spots. The 999 flying sabers were controlled with great precision in a terrifying manner!

For the tiger species with immense vitality, as long as they did not receive consecutive strikes on their crucial spots, they would not die even if Yi Yun beat them till they were rid of their skin. Of course, being bedridden was certain.