True Martial World Chapter 790

Chapter 790: Spirit of the Earth Fire
Chapter 790: Spirit of the Earth Fire

When Yi Yun stood in front of the opulent palace complex assigned to him, he felt as though he had transformed into a princely aristocrat.

Be it in the Tian Yuan world or the Divine Wilderness in the past, although Yi Yun enjoyed a very high status in the past, his standard of living was extremely simple, nothing like the luxurious life that was awaiting him.

Yi Yun looked up at the plaque placed hanging the palace doors. On it, were the three words written in large font — "Hua Yun Palace". What a coincidence that his palace's name also had the word "Yun".

On Fire Cloud State main mountain, there were 2000 palaces prepared for the Earth Fire Hall disciples, nearly twice the number of disciples. As one of the 2000 palaces, Hua Yun Palace had been left vacant for very long.

At this moment, in front of Yi Yun stood two rows of servants. They were a mix of young men and women.

They were responsible for the daily maintenance and cleaning of Hua Yun Palace as well as serving Yi Yun's daily needs.

Compared to the Heaven Fire Hall disciples, the number of servants the Earth Fire Hall disciples had were not fewer in number. The only difference was the servants having a lower cultivation level. Yi Yun had many servants in front of him, but they were all at the Mortal Blood realm which made them equivalent to mortals.

"In the future, this Hua Yun Palace will be your place of residence. This is your disciple token and the Earth Fire Hall's information booklet."

As Fairy Black Bamboo spoke, she waved her hand, sending a stream of light into Yi Yun's hand. It was an interspatial ring.

Anything handed to Earth Fire Hall disciples were stored in interspatial rings.

"Do you have any other questions?" Fairy Black Bamboo asked.

Yi Yun hesitated slightly as he considered his choice of words. Finally, he said, "Senior, this disciple wants to know what is the fastest way of entering the Luo clan's royal capital?"

Having existed for 100 million years, the Luo clan's foundations were nearly unimaginable. Just a single Fire Cloud State had immense resources, it was sufficient to deeply shock Yi Yun when he saw the immensity of the Fire Cloud State main mountain.

However, a state of the Luo clan was definitely inferior to the royal capital!

The Luo clan's royal capital was indeed a place so vast with brilliant prospects that it allowed much to be accomplished.

"Oh? You want to enter the Luo clan's royal capital?" Upon hearing Yi Yun's question, a glint flashed in Fairy Black Bamboo's eyes. She understood the overtones in Yi Yun's question, so she asked, "Why? Do you think the Fire Cloud State is too small for your growth?"

When Fairy Black Bamboo said this, her eyes turned sharp, causing Yi Yun to falter slightly. With a smile, he said, "That is not what this disciple meant."

It was not true that Yi Yun believed the Fire Cloud State was insufficient for his growth. In fact, with the Fire Cloud State's heritage, it was more than enough for a Yuan Opening realm warrior like him.

However, the higher one went in life, the less one would detest the largeness of the stage they were standing on. If he could go to the Luo clan's royal capital, Yi Yun would definitely not give up the opportunity. There were naturally better opportunities there compared to the Fire Cloud State.

"I know what you are thinking. It is good to have such ambition, but do not aim for more than you can handle. You only beat three new miscellaneous chores disciples at Mt. Fengling. Do you think that with that, you are qualified to enter the Luo clan's royal capital? You should know that the owner of Mt. Fengling, where you came from, Luo Fengling is also striving hard to enter the Luo clan's royal capital. Furthermore, she is one of the best amongst the Heaven Fire Hall disciples. There are 196 states in the Luo clan, with numerous people like Luo Fengling. All of them share the same goal, cultivating hard without even a breather in a bid to enter the royal capital. Do you think you can beat all of them?"

Fairy Black Bamboo did not mince her words, living up to her harsh and demanding reputation. Many miscellaneous chores disciples had failed the examinations she presided over. Besides ending up severely injured, they were also dealt a heavy blow to their confidence.

Fairy Black Bamboo was such a person. Young people, who did not know where they stood after having a bit of ability, would usually suffer a huge setback from taking her examinations.

Yi Yun did not respond to Fairy Black Bamboo's sharp retort with any arrogant discourse. He only said, "What Senior said is true. This junior has no intentions of belittling the Fire Cloud State, but this junior believes that Fire Cloud State disciples who do not aim to enter the Luo clan's royal capital would forever be stuck in the Fire Cloud State. I believe that even the Fire Cloud State does not want to nurture such disciples, am I right?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Fairy Black Bamboo's eyebrows pricked up. "You sure are confident. You are right, the Fire Cloud State wishes to nurture people that can leave the Fire Cloud State, becoming figures who have nature at their beck and call in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. By saying this, do you think you are capable of doing that?"

Every word from Fairy Black Bamboo was aggressive, but Yi Yun did not lose his stand because of her. He said, "The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven is filled with the strong, so to have nature at one's beck and call is naturally not simple. This junior does not know what his strength is worth in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, but everything needs to be vied for. What does Senior think?"

Yi Yun was steady with his words, with each one of them filled with confidence without any arrogance. Finally, Fairy Black Bamboo stopped aggressively questioning Yi Yun.

She shook her head and said lightly, "The royal capital is like a deep pool of water. The moment you enter the royal capital, you will inevitably set foot into its deep depths. Do not think that just the possession of some talent will allow you to flourish and prosper. The moment a big wave comes, your cultivation level is like a tiny boat in the waves, highly probable of capsizing in the big wave."

Fairy Black Bamboo suddenly said something deep and meaningful, stunning Yi Yun slightly.

The royal capital was like a deep pool of water?

From the sound of it, it did not only seem to be referring to the myriad of geniuses and intense competition in the royal capital. She was implying something deeper.

Since Fairy Black Bamboo did not intend to elaborate on it, Yi Yun did not probe any further. He secretly kept it in mind.

At this moment, Fairy Black Bamboo said again, "Read the Earth Fire Hall's booklet. If you obtain the recognition of the Spirit of the Earth Fire, I can arrange for you to enter the royal capital, but it will depend on your own skills as to whether you are able to."

"According to the Earth Fire Hall's rules, by passing my examination, you are considered an in-name disciple of mine. Twenty days later, it will be when the Spirit of the Earth Fire burns most strongly. You just need to look for me when the time comes!"

"Spirit of the Earth Fire?"

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before saying, "Yes, Senior, this junior shall remember."

After Fairy Black Bamboo was done speaking, she floated away.

She left Yi Yun alone holding the interspatial ring gently in his hand.

The servants were still standing by the side, awaiting Yi Yun's instructions.

Yi Yun took a glance at them. These servants were mostly chosen from mortal Fey. The male were barrel-chested and muscular, while the females were either pure and pleasant-looking or had enchanting and sensual faces.

The number of servants that resided in Fire Cloud State main mountain probably numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

For mortal Fey, being able to enter the Fire Cloud State main mountain to serve the god-like strong was naturally a heartfelt desire and also an opportunity for them. Hence, the servants chosen by the Fire Cloud State were the most outstanding mortal Fey in terms of appearance and build. Those that failed in the looks department were barred from entry.

Yi Yun waved his hand and dismissed them, "Take your leave."

"Yes." The group of servants retreated with their backs bowed. This made Yi Yun chuckle to himself. This sure felt like leading a royal life.