True Martial World Chapter 800

Chapter 800: Meeting Black Bamboo
Chapter 800: Meeting Black Bamboo

During the process of his breakthrough, Yi Yun only spent a short two hours to absorb the Spirit of the Earth Fire, but the amount of Earth fire he had absorbed was more than the combined amount others absorbed over months.

Furthermore, at the moment he made the breakthrough, the cyclone that spun around the Spirit of the Earth Fire resulted in Yi Yun absorbing large quantities of Earth fire energy. Hence, there was no need for him to continue fire-mining for the day.

"This Spirit of the Earth Fire sure is arcane. Compared to the lower realm, the 12 Empyrean Heavens has countless arcane lands! Just the Fire Cloud State alone contains a large number of opportunities that are very beneficial for my current realm."

Yi Yun was able to experience the scene of the Spirit of the Earth Fire being born along with the Large World, but he could not see clearly through the lingering fog.

However, he sensed that he had already built a foundation in fire-elemental laws.

After warriors increased their cultivation realms, the speed at which they could comprehend laws became faster. With the possession of the Purple Crystal Origins and the cultivation of pure Yang laws, Yi Yun cultivated fire-elemental laws at an extremely fast rate.

Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er were also done absorbing. Their nomological insights were limited so they were unable to absorb too much Earth fire at one go.

"Are you also planning on leaving?" Yi Yun asked.

"Yes, yes. The next time Junior Brother Yi Yun plans on coming, remember to call us along." Yun Qiao'er hurriedly said.

She did not need to be worried about being ostracized or bullied if she came with Yi Yun.

Although Fairy Black Bamboo held a weaker position in the Earth Fire Hall, no one would bully someone who was strong enough. The strong could in turn be the ones bullying, so who be dumb enough to charge up to get humiliated?

"Let's go."

After leaving the Fire Spirit Palace, Yi Yun sensed the gaze that had locked onto him disappear the moment he exited the door.

The huge Spirit Mastiff was still lying motionless by the entrance. The moment the invisible eye disappeared, Yi Yun took a glance at the Spirit Mastiff.

It did not even move its eyelids.

"Don't bother looking at it, Lord Mu Ao has stayed guard here in the Fire Spirit Palace for tens of millions of years. No one has seen it open its eyes before." Man Dao said.

At this moment, he faltered before saying, "Master Black Bamboo is aware that we have come out. She wants us over."

Yun Qiao'er immediately turned uneasy. "Us? Why is Master looking for us?"

Ever since he came to Earth Fire Hall, Yi Yun had not seen Fairy Black Bamboo again. He never expected to be summoned all of a sudden.

Fairy Black Bamboo's palace was located on the mountainside, built on a towering peak that appeared like bamboo that pierced the skies. Looking from afar, clouds shrouded it, giving it a very sharp bearing to it. It was rather similar to Fairy Black Bamboo's cold personality.

Three Inferno Gold Condors landed in front of the palace that was surrounded by bamboo. Even the palace was made of bamboo.

A single glance gave the impression that there were countless green swords embedded into the ground.

"This is only my second time here." Man Dao said.

"This is my first." Yi Yun said.

"Me too. Master rarely summons her disciples." Yun Qiao'er was somewhat afraid. Her impression of Fairy Black Bamboo did not go past the examination she had taken. Back then, she had suffered quite a bit.

The three people came before the palace, and very quickly, a humanoid bamboo joint the height of a human’s palm walked out. Its body was bamboo and its head was a bamboo leaf, but it wore clothes in a decent fashion.

Coming before the trio, it gestured a "come with me" before it turned around and went in.

Yi Yun was quite surprised seeing this. However, Yun Qiao'er and Man Dao appeared to be accustomed to it. Clearly such small Fey that had yet to fully transform was commonly seen in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven.

The bamboo person brought them through the palace. Along the way, they encountered many black bamboo planted in the courtyard. As Yi Yun and company walked past them, they would sway with the wind and rustle their leaves as though they were greeting Yi Yun and company.

Yi Yun was quite secretly amazed. These bamboos clearly had a spirit in them. They were likely the bamboo that grew around Fairy Black Bamboo when she achieved her Dao, and had been brought here by her.

The bamboo person left after leading them to a pavilion where Fairy Black Bamboo was waiting for them.

The trio saluted and said, "Greetings Master."

"There's no need for such pointless niceties. Feel free to take a seat. I don't have those rules here." Fairy Black Bamboo said.

The pavilion's interior was lined with bamboo mats with a wooden qin placed on it. Fairy Black Bamboo was sitting in front of the qin on the bamboo mat.

"All of you just went to the Fire Spirit Palace to mine for fire?" After Yi Yun and company sat down, Fairy Black Bamboo looked at Yi Yun and asked with a smile.

Yun Qiao'er and Man Dao looked at each other in the eye and were stunned. Their Master already knew? Did she know of the things that had happened?

Yi Yun nodded and said, "Yes."

He recalled how there was the ever-present eyes when he entered or departed the Fire Spirit Palace; hence, he was not surprised that Fairy Black Bamboo knew of the ongoings. That eye was likely an existence that protected the Fire Spirit Palace.

Fairy Black Bamboo gave a deep, meaningful glance at Yi Yun before saying with a smile, "It was the Temple Spirit of the Fire Spirit Palace that informed me. Yang Zishan is already at the Heaven Ascension realm, yet you were able to snatch the Earth fire from him. That surprised me greatly! Later on, absorbing the Earth fire and elevating yourself to the Yuan Opening perfection realm was even better."

Fairy Black Bamboo had a cold personality, so for her to praise Yi Yun repeatedly indicated how pleased she was with his performance.

Increasing his cultivation realm was nothing, but to be able to beat down Elder Heaven Scorpio's arrogance was something that delighted Fairy Black Bamboo somewhat. Despite having an indifferent and aloof personality, Fairy Black Bamboo still did not enjoy the feeling of being repressed over the years.

After all, Fairy Black Bamboo had only entered the Earth Fire Hall for a relatively short period of time, resulting in her disciples to always be at the disadvantage. It was indeed remarkable for them to turn the tables this once.

"Tell me, what reward do you want." Fairy Black Bamboo said.

In the Fire Cloud State, the competition between disciples was not only permitted, but they were also rewarded by their masters. Of course, that was assuming they won. If they lost, not only was there no reward, but they might also be punished. For example, Yang Zishan had his Earth fire snatched by Yi Yun and he had suffered a spiritual injury. For this, Elder Heaven Scorpio would not only not stand up for him, but he would also punish Yang Zishan!

This was the Luo clan's tradition!

Upon hearing Fairy Black Bamboo suggesting a reward, Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er looked at Yi Yun with envious eyes, especially Man Dao. He had been in the Earth Fire Hall for several years, so he knew that the number of times Fairy Black Bamboo appreciated her disciples were few and far between. Furthermore, Yi Yun had only come here for less than two months.

Fairy Black Bamboo was an Elder of the Earth Fire Hall, so there was no lack of resources she had. Just anything she gave was enough for them disciples to enjoy.

"Cultivation technique, elixirs, weapons. What do you want. Just go ahead and tell me." Fairy Black Bamboo said.

Yi Yun pondered for a moment before saying, "Master, you should know that this disciple came from a lower realm. Despite coming to the Fire Cloud State and having temporarily settled down, there is one thing that is constantly on this disciple's mind."

"Oh? What is it?" Fairy Black Bamboo was still as refreshing and light as ever when she asked slowly.

"This disciple passed by the Hundred Wraiths black hole on his way to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven and happened to encounter a spatial storm, resulting in serious injuries and the losing of consciousness. Later on, this disciple was saved by Heaven Fire Hall disciple, Miss Luo Fengling's spirit cruiser. But actually back when this disciple was swept up in the storm, there was another girl accompanying this disciple whose whereabouts are still unknown..."