True Martial World Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Black Wind Valley
Chapter 827: Black Wind Valley

"Congratulations Junior Brother Yi. After today, you would definitely be somebody in the Fire Cloud State." Luo Fengling said sincerely.

Yi Yun smiled before looking in Bai Chen's direction.

Previously, Bai Chen was in high spirits when he came to the Ancient Fey Edifice, but now, he had lost all of his comportment, as though his entire being was covered in a layer of dust.

"Senior Brother Bai Chen appears to have been dealt a heavy blow," Luo Fengling said. "The Luo Divine Hall trials happen once every sixty years. It has yet to officially begin, but the competition is already this intense."

Luo Fengling sighed. The world of warriors was as such and the situation was unavoidable. If Bai Chen could not recover from his setback, and suffer a damaged state of mind, his future in martial arts would be limited. It might even come to a halt and no longer proceed forward.

Yi Yun nodded as he saw the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples standing across the hall. Seeing these Fire Cloud State disciples come out, Luo Tian did not lead his people over, but instead watched from afar.

Separated by such a distance, Yi Yun and Luo Tian looked each other in the eye.

Suddenly, Luo Tian's eyes burned with fighting spirit as a glint flashed in his eye.

Luo Tian transmitted his voice, "You are very good and I'm very satisfied! It appears that other than Tian Shi in the Fire Cloud State, there is still an opponent to look forward to. However, your laws may be strong, but your strength is too weak. When the time comes, don't disappoint me!"

Yi Yun frowned slightly. This person sure was trouble. Previously he was so ashamed to even stand here, but now, here he came being provocative again.

The Ancient Fey column was just a training ground of Mt. Azure Billow. To put it bluntly, it was just a place for these disciples to gain some benefits! The obtaining of the twelve Fey divine columns' recognition was a test of one's nomological insight. And passing them naturally led to the receiving of opportunities. Those who did not pass were not punished at all, so the entire process was without any danger.

However, the other collective training spots in Mt. Azure Billow were not that relaxing!

Mt. Azure Billow was a gigantic mountain. After leaving the Ancient Fey Edifice, they returned to the spirit cruiser.

Woosh. The wind howled and soon, the spirit cruiser pierced through blue nebula before it began to make an abrupt descent into a valley.

This valley was extremely steep, so steep that if one did not see it with one's own eyes, it was hard to imagine that Mt. Azure Billow, which looked like an immortal's paradise from afar, would have such a place where even birds found hard to cross.

Deep underneath the valley was a surging black river. Black gas rose up into the sky from it, filling the entire valley. From the moment Yi Yun walked out the spirit cruiser, he immediately wrinkled his brows. He saw some people conjuring their protective Yuan Qi, but for people like Ran Yu, they appeared calm and composed.

"This Black Wind Valley is the second venue of your collective training. Before leaving Black Wind Valley, you have a month's time to train up. I believe you have already discovered that Black Wind Valley is extremely dangerous. It constantly emits toxic gases that would eat at your bodies and even your sanity. Those who feel like they can't take it, it's best you put up your protective Yuan Qi constantly. However, even with protective Yuan Qi, it will also constantly be eroded." Cang Mang said.

However, despite saying so, he himself did not do so. The large python coiled around him also appeared unaffected.

"As for what Black Wind Valley tests, it will be the Fey race bloodlines left in your bodies!"

With Cang Mang saying this, all the Fey race present was taken by surprise that the Black Wind Valley tested the Fey race's bloodline.

"Fey race bloodline!" Ran Yu clenched his fists tightly as his eyes shimmered.

Finally, it finally was something he was good at.

He belonged to the Xushui Ran clan. His ancestor possessed the Ranyi Fish's bloodline, the pride of the Ran clan as well as his.

He was not good at laws, but would he be afraid of anyone when it came to a test of the Fey race's bloodline?

Upon thinking of this, Ran Yu looked at Yi Yun with a sneer suffusing across his lips.

There was no need to say that this time, this was his home turf. There was nothing that Yi Yun, a human, could do. Even an Earth Fey was stronger than him.

Yi Yun did not speak, all he did was overlook the Black Wind Valley from the spirit cruiser.

"Do you see the caves in the walls of the mountain?" With Cang Mang pointing them out, people managed to notice the mountain caves hidden by the thick black fog.

The entrances of those mountain caves were narrow, and they were not deep. There was just room for one person to sit in each. The entire mountain face was filled with densely packed mountain caves. The mountain caves below were shrouded by black toxic gases with no way of seeing them clearly. However, it was easy to guess that they reached all the way to the surface of the river.

This black toxic gas grew thinner with altitude, but deep below, it was like black ink. It was not a place one could last long there.

"These Black Wind Caves become even more fatal the lower you go. Stimulate the Fey race bloodlines in your body and using your bloodline, resist the black gases' erosion. A month later, those who fail to reach the fifth level, it is advised you go home. With that standard, going to the Luo Divine Hall trials would just be an embarrassment." Cang Mang said as he crossed his arms.

With this said, the cultivators were immediately taken aback. They had been chosen from the Fire Cloud State to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials. Now, before the trials began, there would be people eliminated at a collective training?

However, this was Lord Cang Mang, who had an extraordinary status in the Luo clan. People could really be eliminated just with a single word from him.

Especially for people like Bai Chen, their faces went slightly pale, but they had vigor in their hearts. They could not fail again!

"You don't have to feel indignant. Those who can't pass the training, do you think you would have the qualification to carry on wasting resources?" Cang Mang said without hesitation after seeing the cultivators' reactions.

Everyone fell silent. Cang Mang was right. As warriors, if they were weaker than others, it was only deserving that they be eliminated.

However, was cultivating in a toxic environment a good thing?

"Hehe, don't underestimate the Black Wind Valley. I heard that the valley is filled with mysteries. As long as you reach the fifth level and below, you will naturally experience the benefits." A cultivator who knew some of the secrets said with glee. In fact, he had only heard others talk about the Black Wind Valley, and now, with him being the only person to talk about it, it made a normal cultivator like him to be the focus of attention.

"What you said isn't wrong, but reaching the fifth level is easy, but to really get any benefits, the seventh level is just the beginning." Ran Yu suddenly said in a cold manner.

Ever since the Ancient Fey Edifice training began, he appeared colder than before. Although that person had been unceremoniously debunked by Ran Yu, his heart skipped a beat after seeing Ran Yu's ice-like face after flashing a trace of fury in his eyes. He did not dare speak further.

"Seventh level is just the beginning?"

The cultivators looked downwards. At the seventh level, that was truly the zone where the toxic gases became extremely thick. They were still in mid air, but there were already people who needed to use their protective Yuan Qi. Some warriors who endured for a while also began to feel their bodies ache all over and could not help but conjure their protective Yuan Qi. Besides, as Cang Mang said, they could sense that the Yuan Qi around them was slowly being eroded away. Although the speed wasn't significantly fast, it was expected that some people's protective Yuan Qi would not hold up once they reached the fifth level.

As for reaching the seventh level? It was unimaginable how difficult that would be.

"All of you proceed below. The best way to resist the black gas is to stimulate your Fey race bloodline." Cang Mang said.