True Martial World Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Reappearance of the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake
Chapter 839: Reappearance of the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake

Days passed and nearly half of the month-long Black Wind Valley trial was over.

Including Lie Ya, there were more and more people who had managed to set foot onto Black Wind Valley's fifth level!

This was the minimum level that Cang Mang required.

Lie Ya was one of the first few people who had stepped foot onto the fifth level, but… regardless of how much he led others by, he had an ashen face, as though his father had just died. The debt of more than 150 World Stones was suppressing his heart like a heavy rock. Just thinking of how he could settle the debt gave Lie Ya a headache.

And the culprit of all this was Yi Yun. He was still on the second level.

"Why is that kid still meditating!? When does he plan on finishing his meditation?"

Just looking at Yi Yun made Lie Ya feel an irreconcilable hatred for him. He wanted to see what fuss Yi Yun would produce after absorbing the Ancient Fey bone for four days. He wanted to know if Yi Yun could even find his footing on the fifth level.

And suddenly, a red stream of light flashed near the seventh level.

It was the tiny single-horned snake with a body as crystalline as blood jade!

The moment the snake appeared, it brought with it a strange aura. Everyone could sense it. To the Fey race, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was a treasure with extreme attractive powers. This attraction came from their bloodline.

Lie Ya momentarily could not bother to focus on Yi Yun. As he looked at the tiny scarlet snake shuttling through the seventh level, his eyes glimmered.

He truly wanted it.

If he could catch that tiny snake, what were 150 or 160 World Stones? Even if it were a thousand World Stones, his family clan would give it to him without the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, he could not even find his footing on the sixth level, what more capture the tiny snake?

Lie Ya felt helpless. On the sixth level, there were only three people — Ran Yu, Luo Tian and Gu Luo! Of course, the three of them were the only ones eligible for competing for the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake.

Seeing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake appear, the trio, who were meditating on the sixth level, immediately stood up.

All of them wanted the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake at all costs!

"Luo Tian, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake shall belong to me!"

Ran Yu roared as his blood began to boil. The Ranyi Fish phantom image appeared behind Ran Yu once again. With a leap, he entered the seventh level!

For Ran Yu, the move from the sixth to the seventh level was a great challenge.

"The seventh level! It has finally begun!"

Seeing Ran Yu head to the seventh level first, the Fire Cloud State disciples had anticipatory looks. Since they were destined to have no luck with the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, they could feel honored if it was the famous Ran Yu, who was also a Fire Cloud State disciple, that managed to catch the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake.

Ran Yu was the first to jump down, but Luo Tian only smiled. He did not make a move.

The moment that Ran Yu landed on the seventh level, the surrounding black gas immediately billowed around him like a tsunami wave.

Ran Yu had already done all his preparatory work. He had been cultivating for so long on the sixth level all for this moment.


The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was just too fast. Just after Ran Yu stepped foot onto the seventh level, it sank into the billowing black gas and disappeared.

At this moment, in the roaring sea of black billowing gases, a gigantic black dragon took form. It stirred the sea, producing an overwhelming pressure. As it spiraled over, it bit at Ran Yu!

"Ha!" Ran Yu bellowed. The Ranyi Fish phantom image suddenly expanded in size and it jerked its body. Simultaneously, Ran Yu threw a heavy punch with both arms. The surface of his fists seemed to contain a layer of surging water, and once he struck with his fists, the water withdrew as energy burst forth!

Ran Yu and his Ancient Fey bloodline synergized well together.


The water patterns and the Ranyi Fish clashed with the gigantic black dragon. A wanton shockwave burst out as Ran Yu felt his arms go numb, and was sent flying backwards!


Ran Yu slammed into a stone pillar heavily. He felt something rise up his throat and he nearly spat a mouthful of blood out. But with so many people watching him, he was unwilling to show any weakness. He forcefully swallowed the mouthful of blood and circulated his energy once again!

But even though he could forcefully brace himself, Ran Yu felt that his energy was rapidly depleting, with some of the black gas entering his body!

Ran Yu's heart sank. The seventh level was on a completely different level of difficulty compared to the sixth level!

At this moment, Ran Yu no longer had thoughts of capturing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. Gritting his teeth, he resisted the surging black waves around him. Every punch sent out water ripples that expanded out in concentric circles. They clashed with the waves, but they were being repeatedly compressed by the waves!

If this went on, it would be a problem for Ran Yu to find his footing on the seventh level, much less capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake.

The Fire Cloud State disciples felt their hearts tightened. With Ran Yu having so much trouble, what about Gu Luo?


At this moment, Luo Tian suddenly spoke. As he watched the struggling Ran Yu, he sneered and said, "With your strength, finding your footing itself is a problem, so how can you even capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake? Even if I don't compete with you, you won't be able to obtain it either."

"You!" Ran Yu's was infuriated. However, he no longer had the time and energy to refute Luo Tian. All his energy was dedicated to resisting the black wave.

"Watch carefully!"

Having said that, Luo Tian roared, as every joint in his body produced an erupting explosion. Luo Tian's bloodline was the ancient Gigantic Demon Ape!

The ancient Gigantic Demon Ape had extremely powerful strength. It had the ability to move stars and it had a brutal personality. It was extremely terrifying.

And the descendants of the Gigantic Demon Ape were born with incomplete manifestations. There would always be parts of their body with the characteristics of a Fey beast.

After the Gigantic Demon Ape's descendants stimulated their bloodline, they would be different to typical Heaven Fey. They had a natural ability which was to fuse with the bloodline phantom image!

After the fusion, Luo Tian's body would be like a frame that supported the bloodline phantom image.

With a thick and realistic bloodline phantom image enshrouded by Luo Tian, this fusion resulted in a giant ape!

Luo Tian's realm was only at the Heaven Ascension realm. His bloodline phantom image was not powerful. If it was, what he produced would not have been a thirty feet giant ape, but a being that was a thousand feet tall and would be able to shatter a mountain range with a single punch. Furthermore, this was a mountain range from the 12 Empyrean Heavens. The firmness was far from ordinary.

But even so, with Luo Tian's cultivation realm, it was already extremely terrifying for his bloodline phantom image to reach this stage!

This needed an extremely powerful physique to support it. This was also the result of more than ten days of cultivation on the sixth level for Luo Tian.

Luo Tian used every hidden card he had, with his goal naturally being to enter the seventh level to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!

Luo Tian was in no hurry to go lower. Instead, he shattered several black gas shadows on the sixth level and devoured the Blood Dragon black gas to nourish his Gigantic Demon Ape bloodline!

Following that, Luo Tian leaped downwards onto the seventh level of Black Wind Valley!

With a wave of his hand, the phantom image moved along with him as a gigantic ape palm struck at the Blood Dragon black gas in the seventh level!