True Martial World Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Absorbing energy again
Chapter 84: Absorbing energy again

“It seems like the horn was sealed and now the examiner is releasing the seals!” Upon seeing the lit runes, Yi Yun understood. Back when he received the Chi Lin head from old man Su, old man Su had done something similar.

After desolate bones were obtained, to prevent the loss of energy, people would seal it up with an arcane technique. They would only unseal it when they were going to refine and use it.

“That horn must be the horn of a desolate beast!” thought Yi Yun. If it was a desolate beast, it had to be an impressive one. Because as the seals were removed, colorful light dots appeared from the horn!

These light dots could only be seen through Yi Yun’s pairing with the Purple Crystal.

The energy contained within the horn made Lian Chengyu’s Frost Python desolate bones pale in comparison!

“Such strong energy, I wonder which desolate beast the horn belongs to.” Yi Yun was startled and uncertain, and he realized the participants beside him had all began to turn nervous.

Some of them were worse and had turned pale. Fear could be seen in their eyes as if they saw something terrifying.

The seals were lifted one after another by Zhang Tan’s quick fingers!

As more and more colorful light dots appeared in Yi Yun’s vision, more and more participants began to tremble!

Suddenly, Zhang Tan stopped. His gaze swept through the people surrounding him, speaking with a hush voice, “It begins, the first test, the test of your Spirit!”

With this, Zhang Tantore off the last seal by waving his hand.

The moment the seal was removed, Yi Yun saw a bright light pillar shoot up into the sky like a sword stabbing the clouds!

“This is?” Yi Yun’s expression changed and took several steps back!

As for the participants around Yi Yun, their faces were ashen, full of cold sweat and their knees went soft, causing them to collapse kneeling on the ground!

There were even some who had trouble breathing as their teeth chattered. They could only feel an immense invisible force encasing them, causing them to be frightened out of their wits.

Those that could still stand had retreated with their trembling bodies. After retreating about ten meters, they turned around and ran!

“Such a strong desolate beast!” Yi Yun was shocked. At this time, he realized that the light pillar had formed a phantom image!

This phantom image was not only seen by Yi Yun, but by all the participants.

It was huge and had robust limbs. Its body was burning with blue flames like a huge white tiger, but was infinitely more terrifying.

Everyone held their breath when the huge phantom beast appeared.

The beast was unrestrained but stared at everyone with great killing intent! It was as if it were to charge forward at anytime, beginning its wanton killings!

Those who couldn’t bear it, like the members of the warrior preparation camp, were scared silly. A man that had the strength to lift 500 lbs who previously ridiculed Yi Yun had collapsed onto the ground, his wet pants stained with the stench of urine.

“Don’t…Don’t eat…me.” He seemed lost in an illusion as he trembled to crawl out of the area.

As Zhang Tan said, this test could destroy a person’s wits, preventing them from ever having the confidence to practice martial arts and to amount to anything.

But then again, even if they had been scared out of their wits, they would not have gone far due to their lack of talent.

Yi Yun stood motionless and felt a chill. He held in his breath as he saw the energy light dots from the phantom image slowly float towards him!

Even such a fierce and terrifying bones would have its energy absorbed by the Purple Crystal after having its seal removed!

Noticing that the Purple Crystal was going to consume all the energy from the horn, Yi Yun’s face turned solemn. He immediately began to interface with the Purple Crystal to slow down the absorption rate.

Not long ago, Yi Yun had absorbed dry the energy within the Frost Python desolate bones, and nearly broke his meridian channels. Hence, having learnt his lessons, he felt that to absorb all the energy from this unknown horn that had many times the energy of the Frost Python desolate bones would likely blow up his body.

As Yi Yun was focusing to deal with the surge of energy, a large number of participants around him had been eliminated.

As Zhang Tan said, they lacked the Spirit, so they were unable to withstand the terrifying aura. Such people would never be able to exhibit their full strength when entering a mysterious land or while battling a desolate beast, and were nothing but a bunch of trash.

Of course, out from the trash appeared strong warriors!

About four hundred people could handle the pressure. And out of those, another hundred could easily cope with it.

It was to the point that tens of people including Lian Chengyu and Tao Yunxiao were able to laugh in the face of such adversity.

Tao Yunxiao took a glance at the people around him, and only felt disdain. It was so unsightly to see those bunch of good-for-nothings exhibit such ugly expressions in front of the desolate beast’s aura.

He was not surprised to see Lian Chengyu standing firmly where he was.



Tao Yunxiao noticed that not far from Lian Chengyu stood Yi Yun. A twelve year old child was very noticeable in the crowd.

Yi Yun was surprisingly still standing there. Besides him being in a daze, there were no signs of discomfort.

Tao Yunxiao was surprised. Didn’t Lian Chengyu say previously that this kid had just increased his strength by eating some treasure? How could he withstand the fierce pressure of the desolate beast’s aura?

“Interesting.” Tao Yunxiao only smiled. He knew that this was just the beginning. Although Yi Yun had attracted his attention, it was just a cursory notice. Tao Yunxiao did not see Yi Yun as a competitor. In fact, Tao Yunxiao did not treat anyone below the Purple Blood realm as a competitor.

He was thinking of how to show off in the Kingdom’s selection, and how to attract the attention of the upper echelon of the Jin Long Wei. Suddenly, he noticed that high in the sky, there was a blur. It was a white boat drifting over.

An airship?

Tao Yunxiao was slightly stunned. He had previously read about airships in books, but this was the first time he had seen one.

An airship was extremely fast. It also contained extremely precious cargo and passengers. To have an airship, it would make it easy to travel in the vast wilderness.

But in the entire Tao tribal clan with a hundred thousand households, they could never afford such an airship.

Not just buying it, even if an airship was given to the Tao tribal clan, they could not use it, because the power source of the airships came from desolate bone essences!

If they had desolate bone essences, the Tao tribal clan would have given it to their young geniuses to eat, how could they afford to use it to power an airship?

To be able to sit in an airship was an extremely expensive affair!

As for the person residing in the Tao tribal clan who owned an airship…

That person’s identity could be easily guessed, it was the mysterious girl in white!

Tao Yunxiao did not know her name and had only seen her side view from afar.

But this did not prevent Tao Yunxiao from having thoughts of love and conquest about the girl.

A strong girl with a mysterious background, who had Thousand Households Zhang’s respect, would of course arouse the interest of the arrogant Tao Yunxiao.

If he could conquer this girl, then it would be proof of his strength. And secondly it would be a perfect way to satisfy his ego; as an extraordinary man who would leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, how could he not have a mysterious, extraordinary girl as his partner?