True Martial World Chapter 840

Chapter 840: Cooperate?
Chapter 840: Cooperate?


Luo Tian's gigantic ape palm heavily slammed into the black-misted dragon head. With a quiver, the dragon head roared and continued rushing forwards!

"Peng!" Luo Tian pressed down on the dragon head, but his body was sent flying backwards by the great impact. He eventually landed on a rock cliff.

Luo Tian suppressed his surging blood as he roared again, bulging all his muscles!


The ancient Gigantic Demon Ape bloodline in his body burst out to its limits, but Luo Tian still could not do a single thing against the black dragon. With a sudden jolt, the black dragon pressed down on Luo Tian, causing the cliff face behind him to crack!

Even Luo Tian was at a disadvantage?

When the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples saw this scene, they felt their hearts tighten. Just a flood dragon condensed from the black mist on the seventh level of Black Wind Valley was already this powerful!

Both Luo Tian and Ran Yu could not block it!

At this moment, Gu Luo also jumped onto the seventh level. Taking advantage of Luo Tian's fight with the black dragon and his thin Mummy-like body, he plunged deep into the depths of the black mist like a ghost!

Gu Luo was taking the opportunity to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!

"That guy!"

The Phoenix Firmiana State disciples began to curse. By taking advantage of Luo Tian's blocking of the black dragon for him, Gu Luo's sneaky act was despised by the rest of the warriors.

Of course, although they found it despicable, they could only watch on. Other than those three, no one else could enter the seventh level.

Gu Luo was extremely fast. Since Luo Tian was trapped by the black dragon, he could not prevent this from happening. Hence, in an instant, Gu Luo had rushed into the black mist. The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was leisurely swimming around in the black mist, as though it was having fun in Black Wind Valley.

Seeing Gu Luo charge at it, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake remained unperturbed. He didn’t if it was an illusion, but it revealed a weird sinister smile.

It was creepy just thinking about a snake's smile

"Si… !"

The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake spat its tongue out like an arrow that shot straight at Gu Luo. Using his bloodline's power to augment his dehydrated palm, he suddenly grabbed at the snake.


Blood splattered everywhere as a mist of redness burst out of the black mist. With a deep-sounding snort, Gu Luo held his dehydrated palm. His hand had been pierced through by the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, boring a blood hole in it.


People knew very well that Gu Luo's body possessed terrifying strength. Previously, on the fourth and fifth levels of Black Wind Valley, Gu Luo had only used his body to withstand the black gases. Yet, with Gu Luo's powerful body, he was instantly wounded. How could the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake be caught?

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake shuttled through the air and devoured all the blood that spewed out of Gu Luo's palm. And at this moment, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake changed its target and charged at Gu Luo's body.

Gu Luo's constantly paralyzed face finally revealed a trace of fear. With a leap, he jumped towards the sixth level.

Luo Tian and Ran Yu also noticed that the situation was unfavorable. Luo Tian forcefully conjured his bloodline's power and he repelled the black dragon. Luo Tian and Ran Yu also jumped back to the sixth level.

With the trio gone, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake returned to its leisurely state. It swam in the black mist, appearing and disappearing from time to time.

The three top figures of the Fire Cloud State and Phoenix Firmiana State had returned in failure.

Upon seeing this scene, the Luo clan disciples present felt their hearts skip a beat. The seventh level was just too difficult.

From the looks of it, all three of them had no means to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. There were more than ten days left. It was also difficult for the trio to use the time to improve themselves to the point of being able to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake alone, and it might even be impossible!

Unless… they cooperated!

With the three people cooperating, one of them can block the black dragon, while the other two could capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. It was actually possible!

If the ordinary Luo clan disciples could think of cooperation, it was obvious that the trio thought of it as well.

However, if they cooperated, how were they going to split the trophies of war after capturing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake?

Could the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake be equally split? It was quite impossible to think of splitting such a spiritual being.

When he thought about this, Luo Tian suddenly thought of something else. Looking up, he saw Cang Mang sitting with a coy but deep meaningful smile on his face.

This gave Luo Tian a fright. Could that sly fox have done this on purpose?

Cang Mang knew that with the trio's strength, it was impossible for them to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake alone. However, he made them look at it, and it was practically a carrot dangling in front of them that they could not eat.

Geniuses that came from different states felt contempt for each other, and in fact, even people from the same state believed in every man for himself. Sharing with others was not tolerated.

Cang Mang knew this clearly, but he had deliberately designed a situation in which they needed to cooperate.

Without any cooperation, no one could receive anything. However, if they cooperated, how were they going to split the rewards?

This was a problem that Cang Mang deliberately proposed!

"What is Cang Mang doing this for?" Ran Yu secretly pondered. Maybe Cang Mang was telling the Luo clan disciples that the Luo clan needed intense competition, but they also needed each other's cooperation?

Or could it be that Cang Mang wanted to watch a good show of them trying to cheat and outwit each other? The strongest person who was most opportunistic could capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake in the confusion.

However, regardless of what situation that Cang Mang wanted to see, it did not matter. What mattered was that Luo Tian, Ran Yu and company knew that when they matured, they would explore mystic realms in the future. And when the time came, they would also face similar situations.

When a group of people were chasing a treasure with no one having the ability to monopolize it, they had no choice but to cooperate, and also guard against their teammates while trying to outwit each other.

"That old fox is machinating something against us." Ran Yu's face fell heavily as he looked at Gu Luo and Luo Tian.

Gu Luo remained silent with the same old corpse-like face. There was no way to read his thoughts.

From a look on Luo Tian's face, he clearly shared the same thoughts as Ran Yu.

Noticing that Ran Yu was looking at him, Luo Tian sneered and said, "I know what you’re thinking. I do not have the habit of cooperating with others. The three of us shall make a move together, but everything will depend on your own skill. As long as we don't hold back each other, we can see who has the ability to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!"

With Luo Tian being so arrogant, Ran Yu also sneered and said, "I did not plan on cooperating with you as well. We shall be judged by our own merits and see who the winner is!"

Cang Mang sat silently mid-air, nonchalantly watching at all of this.

He naturally knew that be it Luo Tian or Ran Yu, they were prideful people. How could they tolerate sharing treasures with others?

Furthermore, there was more than ten days left before the Black Wind Valley trial ended. Luo Tian and Ran Yu would definitely vie for it, but things would turn interesting when they realized the fact that it was impossible.

Cang Mang did not expect the arrogant geniuses to sincerely cooperate with others. He only wanted to see how the geniuses would handle such situations when they faced with them. It was also interesting to see how they reluctantly cooperated while trying to defend against being backstabbed.

Cang Mang was curious about the outcome. This was the only pleasure that came from leading the bunch of juniors to participate in these boring trials.

With this thought in mind, he suddenly sensed something and looked at the second level of Black Wind Valley.

Eh? That human kid was finally getting up after such a long meditation?