True Martial World Chapter 849

Chapter 849: Shimmering Dragon Scales
Chapter 849: Shimmering Dragon Scales

Yi Yun obviously noticed Ran Yu's sudden barge onto the seventh level. At this moment, there was a storm brewing on the seventh level, and it was the critical moment in Yi Yun's capturing of the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. Yet, Ran Yu had suddenly appeared, and the moment he landed, he charged straight at the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!


Yi Yun was caught by surprise. Was Ran Yu charging at the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake at this moment, an attempt to snatch the food from a tiger's jaws?

In Black Wind Valley, Yuan Qi was useless against black specters. It was a contest between bloodline and physique. In terms of Yuan Qi, Ran Yu had his Heaven Ascension realm cultivation level, but when it came to bloodline, he was no match for the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon at all.

In nearly a blink of an eye, Ran Yu had already rushed to the vicinity of the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. At this moment, people realized that his goal was not the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, but the few black specter shadows that came from the eighth level to seventh level!

These black specter shadows were lusting for blood. They were summoned by the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake to deal with the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon.

However, they were also astounded by the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon and they did not dare to act rashly. Now, with Ran Yu charging at them, they opened up their jaws and bit at Ran Yu!

They shall swallow Ran Yu first!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The black specter shadows charged forward together. Just as he was about to be surrounded by the black specters, Ran Yu's face revealed a crazed look.


Ran Yu roared as the Ranyi Fish bloodline appeared behind him. The power of his lifeblood surged and it increased rapidly!

"That Ran Yu!"

Everyone was taken aback when they saw this scene. Although the black specter shadows were inferior to the black specter flood dragon that dominated the seventh level, Ran Yu was still no match for them!

Just as people though Ran Yu was trying to make a desperate struggle to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, Ran Yu suddenly retreated and he turned around to escape!

A few black specter shadows chased Ran Yu without letting up!

The Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon was not something that they could deal with, but the Ranyi fish bloodline conjured by Ran Yu was something that they coveted. If they could devour the Ranyi Fish bloodline, they would also enhance their strength.

Ran Yu flew very quickly. With the black specter flood dragon slain by Yi Yun, the resistance on the seventh level had been greatly reduced. After Ran Yu ran a couple hundred feet, he suddenly turned and rushed towards Yi Yun!


Everyone came to a sudden realization as they understood Ran Yu's plans.

Ran Yu was trying to divert the danger!

Yi Yun was powerful, but his power actually came from the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon bloodline. As for Yi Yun's body? It was too weak!

Yi Yun had to depend on his Aspect Totems to even withstand the fourth and fifth level, much less the seventh level.

Without the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon bloodline, Yi Yun was nothing!

Previously, due to the threat of the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon bloodline, the black specter shadows did not dare approach Yi Yun, and now, the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon was in a battle with the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, which meant Yi Yun was isolated!

Yi Yun's body itself was his greatest weakness!

"That Ran Yu is too despicable!" A Phoenix Firmiana State disciple said. Ran Yu did not have plans on profiteering from taking advantage of the situation, he wanted to add insult to injury!

It was too difficult for him to profiteer from taking advantage of the situation.

However, if he was there to cause damage, things would be much easier. As long as he caused Yi Yun severe injuries or even cause his death, the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon that Yi Yun controlled would lose its mobility and it would not put up the slightest threat!

Then, wouldn't Black Wind Valley be monopolized by Ran Yu and company? They could slowly capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!

"What are you saying!? What do you mean despicable? That is the smartest strategy. A fundamental solution leveraging on the strength of others! Senior Brother Ran's move is directly striking at Yi Yun's weakness. Furthermore, Senior Brother Ran will not be directly attacking Yi Yun, so the rules of the trial aren't violated. It's the true character of a fierce and ambitious person! Yi Yun is doomed, hahaha!" Lie Ya's maniac laughter resounded.

Having seen Yi Yun ride the waves of success all this while, how could he not gloat when he finally saw Yi Yun getting into trouble?

In a split second, Ran Yu had already arrived in front of Yi Yun!

Yi Yun could clearly see the hideous grin on Ran Yu's lips.

Just as Ran Yu was about to turn and escape, Yi Yun had already guessed Ran Yu's intentions. By using the black specter shadows to kill him, he could avoid violating the rule of not attacking other disciples undertaking the trial. It was indeed the best method!

"Yi Yun, go to hell! If there is anything to blame, blame it on your body being too weak! Hahaha!" Ran Yu roared. He suddenly leaped when he was just a few meters away from Yi Yun. He leaped over Yi Yun!

"Junior Brother Yi!" Upon seeing this scene, Luo Fengling could not help but scream!

Yi Yun's mind turned solemn. His mental energy had been connected to the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon at the moment that Ran Yu charged at him. As such, he let all the power of his lifeblood explode!


The Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon shadow exploded into a ball of black smoke!

At the same time, the black specters that were following Ran Yu charged forward. They noticed Yi Yun and they did not have any intentions of dodging as he watched the rolling black winds. It was as though they could devour Yi Yun's lifeblood in an instant.


With a loud shout from Yi Yun —


The black smoke that the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon had exploded into burst across the air like a heavenly bridge. It was like a black waterfall falling from the sky as it charged straight into Yi Yun's body!

At that instant, Yi Yun's body issued crackling explosive sounds. The Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon's black smoke gathered on Yi Yun's body as it formed black scales that were rapidly duplicating themselves.

That was — Dragon scales!

Dragon scales began to appear on Yi Yun's cheeks as they began to cover his entire body.

Instantly, Yi Yun's body shimmered with a black divine glow. A rugged and powerful aura emanated out of Yi Yun's body. It was like a primordial desolate world was sealed in Yi Yun's body. And now, the world had been opened up. The aura of an Ancient Fey began to emanate out like a storm!

This is!?

All the Luo clan disciples in Black Wind Valley were left in shock!

The aura that emanated out of Yi Yun's body… made all their Fey race bloodlines resonate. It was like Yi Yun had become a Fey King from primordial times at that instant! They were shocked and distraught!

Could it be that… Yi Yun had fused with the Ancient Fey bloodline!?

Everyone stared with widened eyes as they had looks of disbelief.

After summoning the Fey race bloodline and then fusing with the bloodline was not uncommon. Previously, Luo Tian had done the same, but Luo Tian's fusion was with a Heaven Fey bloodline Yi Yun was fusing with an Ancient Fey bloodline!

After Luo Tian's fusion, his body revealed the characteristics of a gigantic demon ape. But for Yi Yun, his body was covered in dragon scales after his fusion!


Seeing the black specters rushing at him, Yi Yun bellowed and he suddenly punched out!

The power of that punch seemed like it was a divine mountain compressed into a tiny package. The void trembled slightly as the black specters in front of Yi Yun were torn apart by Yi Yun's single punch! Large amounts of black mist exploded, forming a black shockwave that blew out in every direction!

The handful of black specter shadows that came from the eighth level were slain by a single punch from Yi Yun!

Upon seeing this scene, the Luo clan disciples present could not help but gape their mouths, and they had trouble closing them.

Just now… wasn't it said that Yi Yun's body was very weak?