True Martial World Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Noteworthy
Chapter 85: Noteworthy

“I didn’t expect the extraordinary girl to be watching the Kingdom’s selection preliminaries. Who is she here for? Could it be me?” Although he felt it was impossible, but who else in the preliminaries besides him was worth paying attention to?

The likes of Lian Chengyu were nothing compared to him.

Upon thinking of that, Tao Yunxiao grew excited. Whether if she was here to see him or just to soak in the atmosphere, he wanted to put in greater efforts to shine in the selection, winning the attention of that extraordinary girl!

To shine, standing there was insufficient.

Noticing that, Zhang Tan understood Tao Yunxiao’s intentions.

Releasing the seal was just the first step. To pass the preliminaries, they had to march forward despite the horn’s tremendous pressure.

Zhang Tan shouted, “A bunch of wimps! It’s only the horn of a dead desolate beast, and yet you are unable to handle it! Besides wasting the food and creating waste, what are you doing living in this world? If you can’t handle it, get lost, for you are not suitable for practicing martial arts!”

“I shall now announce the goal of the preliminaries. Using your own strength, you must walk towards the horn and when you reach a distance of twenty steps from this horn, you must be able to stay there for the time it takes for ten breaths. For every ten steps you move forward, the pressure will double. Whether you are a mule or a horse, that will be decided. It begins now!” Zhang Tan’s words echoed in a ten mile range. Zhang Tan was only a few feet away from the horn, and under the pressure, he was still able to convey his words loudly. Just based on this, it was extremely admirable.

“I wonder what state Zhang Tan is in, maybe… he has exceeded Purple Blood…” thought Lian Chengyu. He then began to open up his strides and walked towards the horn!

As he was walking forward, Lian Chengyu glanced at Yi Yun.

Lian Chengyu was still surprised that Yi Yun was able to stand there. It was surprising that a poor little bastard could withstand the pressurizing aura of the horn.

This troublesome kid has that much Spirit?

Lian Chengyu was not pleased. Besides having good talent in martial arts, he was lucky, this luck allowed him to meet some fortuitous event, improving his strength rapidly.

Now the kid even had Spirit. Could he be destined to achieve great things?

Lian Chengyu was unwilling to accept that. He felt that he himself was the true Son of the Heavens in the Lian tribal clan. How could that troublesome slave Yi Yun have luck that could compare with his luck, luck that had been accumulated from many generations in the Lian tribal clan?

With those thoughts, Lian Chengyu carried on walking towards the horn. He wanted to prove that, not only could he be within twenty steps, but he could be be within fifteen, ten steps or even be able to touch the horn!

Lian Chengyu began to speed up his pace as he forced his way forward in a bid to prove himself!

But after taking about ten steps, Lian Chengyu felt that the pressure emitted by the horn increased by a lot!

That desolate beast phantom image in the air gave out a terrifying force that felt extremely realistic. Both its eyes seemed to be able to see through people’s minds. Its tusks seemed to have torn apart countless warriors.

This desolate beast phantom made Lian Chengyu unable to face it.

“It’s fake! It’s just an illusion!” Although Lian Chengyu told that to himself, but no matter how he tried to convince himself, a chill still came to him.

This was similar to a person who is afraid of ghosts and going to the bathroom late at night. Although he will keep telling himself that there’s no such things as ghost, he would still a feel a chill. If a black cat were to suddenly leap out, or a sudden cold gust of wind blew, it would scare him out of his wits.

Lian Chengyu had taken fifteen steps forward, but Tao Yunxiao’s progress was much faster, having entered the thirty step range.

Upon entering the thirty step range, Tao Yunxiao felt the pressure for the first time.

“What sort of desolate beast horn is it? It’s so powerful!” Tao Yunxiao frowned. He surveyed his surroundings and found himself to be the first. This pleased Tao Yunxiao, for if he were the first to enter the twenty step radius, he would be the person with the greatest Spirit in the preliminaries!

But this was understandable. Spirit was a person’s boldness, resoluteness, self-confidence, and it also included strength.

A person’s Spirit might be strong, but they could be weak.

But a strong person would naturally have great Spirit!

Tao Yunxiao raised his head to the airship and a smile appeared on his lips.

“Beauty, are you looking at me from up there? First place is mine! Although it is as easy as picking one’s own pocket and nothing worth mentioning, this is just the beginning. As time goes on, my light will shine brighter!”

Tao Yunxiao began moving forward without fear and with a most gallant posture!

Up in the sky in the airship, a girl in white was holding a teapot. The way she poured and drank the tea did not emulate the etiquettes of the nobles, but it still looked extremely elegant.

Her every move seemed to be of the greatest elegance.

The girl in white looked out of the window from her side, but did not notice Tao Yunxiao’s gallant posture. She was here today only to see Yi Yun.

Facing the pretty girl was the exact opposite, a wretched fat elder busily filling his mouth with salt-baked chicken.

This salt-baked chicken was of course made by Yi Yun. As the fat old man ate, he also drank wine. He did not use a wine cup, but just drank directly from a wine flask, flooding his greasy mouth with alcohol.

“So how is it, has the kid passed yet?” The old man was vague. In this opinion, the Kingdom’s selection was nothing of great importance. If not for Lin Xintong’s Yin Meridians having a tiny reaction, he would not have bothered coming here.

“Not yet, he has been staying still…” Lin Xintong frowned slightly, what was he doing? Why was he idly standing there?

Lin Xintong did not believe this test was able to trouble Yi Yun. Although she was not optimistic about Yi Yun’s martial arts talent….no, to be accurate, Yi Yun had no martial arts talent.

But with Yi Yun’s Tempered Body and Dragon Pulse, to be able to go within twenty steps of the beast horns would not be a difficult matter, unless he did not have a shred of Spirit.

Although she met Yi Yun by chance, Lin Xintong did not know why she could not bear to see Yi Yun performing poorly at the Kingdom’s selection. It might be because having her Yin Meridians activated, Lin Xintong subconsciously hoped that Yi Yun was no ordinary person. To her, it was hope, even if there was the slimmest of chances that he could help her join up her terminated meridian channels.

“Hahaha, is this kid a coward?” Old man Su wiped the oil from his mouth and stuck his neck out. All he saw was Yi Yun foolishly standing there.

“Oh, this kid is dully watching a show!” Actually, even if Yi Yun was timid, old man Su would not have been surprised since Yi Yun was just a child. He had never seen such a large desolate beast phantom image. For an ordinary child not to wet their pants from fear was pretty good.

But to old man Su, he felt that Yi Yun was no ordinary child.

“This will get interesting. The thing Zhang Tan took out is a horn from an ancient desolate beast “Fierce Divine Tiger” Marquis Wenyun killed in the Cloud Wilderness. It was about about three meters in length originally, but a Desolate Heaven Master had carved it, reducing its size to what it’s like now. Marquis Wenyun then used this as the Jin Long Wei sixth division’s commander’s seal.”

“The Jin Long Wei’s commander seals are usually in the hands of the generals, to control the troops. Seems like ever since the Purple Clouds’ Birth in the Cloud Wilderness, the six division’s reckless general Yan Menglong joined in the fun. So this commander’s seal was used as a prop by the reckless general for this Kingdom’s selection.”

It’s was apparent that old man Su was on good terms with Marquis Wenyun, so he knew well about the matters of the Jin Long Wei.

“I want to see the kid embarrass himself. If he were to perform well and overcame all obstacles, I can’t even be bothered. It’s fun only if he embarrases himself though!” Old man Su derived pleasure from the misfortune of others, so upon hearing those words, Lin Xintong was speechless. She did not understand how he could be happy if Yi Yun were to really perform badly.

Yi Yun was indeed especially unique among the crowd.

Those that could withstand the desolate beast’s pressure, would have long begun walking towards the horn; as for those who couldn’t withstand it, either they were paralyzed on the ground or tumbling away.

But for Yi Yun, he remained motionless, because he was focusing on absorbing the Divine Tiger’s desolate bones’ energy.