True Martial World Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Arrogant for once
Chapter 88: Arrogant for once

Both of them glanced at each other. Lian Chengyu and Yi Yun had reached the point of irreconciliation. Yi Yun’s first enemy in this alternate world was Lian Chengyu.

“Lian Chengyu, I want to fight you now!”Yi Yun said in his heart as he had been holding in for very long time. He had finally gained the absolute power needed, for even if Lian Chengyu and Yao Yuan had attacked him, Yi Yun had nothing to fear.

Under such circumstances, the one thing Yi Yun wished to do was to brutally beat up Lian Chengyu. If possible, he wanted to cripple Lian Chengyu for life!

Little bastard, what the hell are you doing?

Lian Chengyu did not know what had happened to Yi Yun; all he felt was that the kid was slightly different. However, he could not tell what was different.

“Hmph, what are you looking at me for? Why, don’t tell me you want to fight me? You don’t even qualify!” Lian Chengyu forced his voice into a line, sending it into Yi Yun’s ear from dozens of feet away.

Yi Yun did not know that little technique. To speak to Lian Chengyu, he had to shout which would make him seem silly.

“I need to learn this technique.” Based on the wuxia novels he had read in the past, Yi Yun knew that it wasn’t hard for an expert who had opened up his Ren Du Er Mai to learn.

But, being unable to speak didn’t mean Yi Yun had no means of response.

He held out his hand and gestured to Lian Chengyu by lifting his pinky. Even in this alternate world, lifting the pinky represented contempt and provocation. Lian Chengyu’s face turned stiff, “You’re courting death!”

Yi Yun only sneered and began to ignore Lian Chengyu.


That’s right, this was arrogance!

Yi Yun was not a low-key person. In the past he stayed under the radar because he lacked the strength and could only endure. Now, he had the strength, and no one in the Lian tribal clan could threaten his strength anymore. At this moment, was there any need to endure anything?

“Little slave, how dare you be so disrespectful to your master?”

Not far of, Tao Yunxiao had noticed Yi Yun’s situation. He recalled that Lian Chengyu had mentioned that Yi Yun belonged to the Lian tribal clan. To Tao Yunxiao, such a tribesmen was equivalent to a slave.

But a slave dared to raise his pinky at Lian Chengyu. Such arrogance deserved death.

Tao Yunxiao belonged to the ruling elite and was of similar stature as Lian Chengyu. So he could not stand the revolt from a slave to his master, because he was a master himself.

“Kid, you sure are arrogant.” Tao Yunxiao also knew how to force his voice into a line, and had purposely included an aggressive attack within his voice like a needle, pricking Yi Yun’s eardrums.

Yi Yun took a glance at Tao Yunxiao. For a person that was arrogant to the extreme, only the world would allow him to be arrogant, and if someone appeared more arrogant than him, that would be a challenge on his authority. He would then be displeased, aiming to destroy the other party.

Although Yi Yun did not have hate for Tao Yunxiao like the hate he had for Lian Chengyu. But Yi Yun thought this kid still deserved a good spanking.

Yi Yun did not know how to transmit his voice, so he could only extend his small hand and gestured with his pinky to Tao Yunxiao.

He was at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm, and Tao Yunxiao had not broken into the Purple Blood realm, or he wouldn’t have needed to participate in the preliminaries. Since everyone’s cultivation was the same, who was afraid of who?

“F*ck!” On Tao Yunxiao’s forehead appeared veins that formed a cross. He never thought that the little slave was so arrogant that he even provoked him!

You are courting death!

“It’s indeed true that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, do you know who am I? Very good! I will make sure you will regret your action for life!” growled Tao Yunxiao.

Yi Yun laughed because that phrase was best directed back at Tao Yunxiao.

A fourteen year old child, who had never experienced setbacks, did not know his limits.

A vast majority of people in the world subconsciously think they are different, even a retard might think the same way too.

Tao Yunxiao regarded himself as extraordinary, and a new generation’s master who would eventually step out of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Yi Yun ignored Tao Yunxiao, and he started taking big steps towards the beast horn!

He had not finished absorbing the energy!

The energy that the Purple Crystal absorbed had all been expended for the breakthrough to the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm, so Yi Yun felt his body lacking in energy.

In his empty condition, only a fool would not absorb the high quality energy source in front of his eyes.

Yi Yun not only wanted to absorb, he wanted to drink his fill!

As for the extremely uncomfortable prowess of the Fierce Divine Tiger he had previously suffered from, it was now extremely comfortable for Yi Yun. Also with existing pressure, it made him absorb the energy even more efficiently as it forced the energy absorbed by the Purple Crystal to enter his flesh and blood sooner.

Under such a situation, Yi Yun naturally wanted to go closer to the beast horn.

Seeing Yi Yun open up his footsteps, Tao Yunxiao made a contemptuous smile, “You little slave, you sure are stubborn. I want to see how far you can go. Aren’t you going to wipe the sweat from your body?”

Tao Yunxiao’s words were full of sarcasm, but Yi Yun ignored him.

As he began walking forward, although each step was easy, Yi Yun’s speed was not fast as he wanted to absorb the horn’s energy, and also he wanted to use the pressure to strengthen his body.

Lian Chengyu had managed to get up after a few moments.

It was hard to believe that this rascal did not incur a serious injury and still had the strength to move forward when the Fierce Divine Tiger sent its pressure surge.

It had to be say that putting aside the narrow-mindedness and the jealousy, Lian Chengyu had the persistence and perseverance in martial arts.

Yi Yun, Lian Chengyu and Tao Yunxiao all began walking towards the beast horn. There were not many people left, only about twelve but they were all still on the ground.

Many people had already qualified, but they had been pushed back by the aura previously, and were injured. As such, they had to retreat to a safe distance.

Spirit included 20% strength, 20% boldness, 20% determination and 20% fortitude. This was a holistic test on a person. If any aspect was lacking, so long as the person had another aspect that stood out, they could still do well in the preliminary.

“This kid…to actually point his pinky at others, is really arrogant and childish, but…I like it!” Old man Su laughed as he stroke his beard.

“Master, how did Yi Yun suddenly break through?” Lin Xintong was incredulous.

“He broke though under the pressure. Sometimes, warriors would break through their bottlenecks under immense pressure. For example in the face of danger, with their life on the line, some warriors will break through, getting out of the jaws of danger. This is a wonderful ability. Usually such people will have a lot of Spirit, and can easily survive in desperate times, allowing them to go far in the future.”

Lin Xintong could not believe that Old man Su would say such earnest words because Yi Yun’s constitution was lacking.

But from the looks of it, besides Yi Yun’s constitution being bad, in all other aspects, be it perceptivity or Spirit, he fulfilled every requirement of a martial arts prodigy.

Could such a person eventually break the shackles of his poor constitution and achieve greatness?

Lin Xintong did not know, just like she did not know her if there was that tiniest hope that she could join up her terminated meridians in the future.

As Lin Xintong was thinking, Yi Yun had already moved forward by eight steps.

Yi Yun’s legs were short, so even after eight steps, he was still far from the ten step radius boundary from the horn.

At this point, Lian Chengyu had finally reached that boundary.

At the ten step boundary, the pressure would increase again. Lian Chengyu loftily looked at Yi Yun.

With a deep breath, he raised his foot to take a step inwards.


Lian Chengyu felt a thick murderous spirit shrouding him, and in a second it was as if he was in the middle of a sea of blood during a slaughter.

Lian Chengyu’s body suddenly shook and with a loud roar, his bones began to snap and crackle. Green veins protruded from his neck as he tried to contained that endless amount of bloody and murderous pressure.


Lian Chengyu half kneeled on the ground supporting himself with both arms. His eyes were red and he took in deep breaths. His cheeks were puffed up like a toad, and it was clear that this was his limit. But he managed to step within ten steps of the beast horn!

“I’ve succeeded!” Lian Chengyu clenched his fists; even though his nostrils were bleeding, and his body was soaked in sweat and was in a sorry plight, he had still succeeded.

He was infinitely excited because he was near the top for the preliminaries!

Besides the nine Purple Blood warriors who did not participate in the preliminaries and besides Tao Yunxiao and a handful of Tao tribal clan’s elites, there was no one that matched Lian Chengyu.

Based on the rankings of the preliminaries, if he could maintain it, he had no problems passing the Kingdom’s selection!

“Good!” Lian Chengyu wanted to laugh loudly, but he had already expended all his energy, so he could no longer laugh.

Suddenly, Lian Chengyu realized that Yi Yun had already came to his side.

As Lian Chengyu was challenging the pressure that came from being within ten steps, Yi Yun had leisurely walked to the ten-step boundary with his short legs.

Lian Chengyu’s mouth showed a trace of contempt. He had undergone the baptism of that brutal murderous surge, and knew deeply of its terror. Even after experiencing endless numbers of real battle, he had nearly been scared out of his wits by that immense murderous intent. Yi Yun was a kid who usually only went up the mountains to pick herbs and dig for food in the mud, how would he able to withstand this extremely real-like murderous surge?

Many people in this world might have the talent, but even with talent, they had to train themselves to slowly release their potential.

What sort of training could Yi Yun have?

Lian Chengyu waited to see Yi Yun suffer a setback. He had just completed an extremely painful task, so seeing someone do it was an inexplicably good feeling.

But, many of a time, things do not go as expected…

Lian Chengyu saw Yi Yun shoot out his short leg and crossed the ten step demarcation line. He did not even pause in his steps.

Just crossing over like that.

Crossing over like that.

Over like that.


Lian Chengyu was stupendous as his eyes stared like a bugeye goldfish in a fishbowl.

Not only Lian Chengyu, from not far away, Tao Yunxiao had noticed this turn of events and was stunned silly.

How could this be possible!?