True Martial World Chapter 897

Chapter 897: Epiphany
Chapter 897: Epiphany

Bai Yueqing did not pay too much attention to a trivial person like Yi Yun. However, once Yi Yun was mentioned, Bai Yueqing could not help but recall the snide comments that Yi Yun had made in front of Luo Huo'er. Furthermore, Luo Huo'er had even used Yi Yun as part of the bet. If the White Fox clan were to lose at the trials, Yi Yun had to accompany Xue'er to tour the Luo clan, but Yi Yun had unexpectedly refused.

Upon thinking about this, Bai Yueqing frowned slightly. He asked in a displeased manner, "How's Yi Yun? Tell me about him!"

"His perception is not bad, but it unknown what he's thinking to choose special Fey God Stones." Nongyue explained the situation with Yi Yun choosing the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone.

"That Yi Yun is still quite a smart person. By choosing that Fey God Stone, it would not look too bad when he loses, even if he were to not gain any insights from it." A White Fox clan disciple standing beside Nongyue said.

Bai Yueqing did not say a word. From the way that Yi Yun shared a good relationship with Luo Huo'er, as well as the information that he obtained about Yi Yun, Bai Yueqing could sense that Yi Yun was a person who took an unorthodox path.

He was a human from a lower realm with all sorts of ideas that were unpalatable.

Although Bai Yueqing did not believe that the White Fox clan disciple said was true, there were only two reasons for Yi Yun to choose the special Fey God Stones. Either his mind was not right or it was due to his arrogance. Regardless of which one it was, it was a foolish choice.

Nongyue blinked her eyes as Nongying had a ruminative look on her face.

Smart? Look too bad when he loses? The nomological insights gained here would still belong to each individual, regardless of the results. If Yi Yun had chosen the special Fey God Stones so as to not embarrass himself, his martial heart was probably way too insecure.

How could a person, who had been slightly praised by Princess White Fox, be so superficial?

At this moment, a girl timidly said, "I think Yi Yun is truly gaining insights. He is in nearly constant meditation and he doesn't even move."

Lan Xiaomo had heard the conversation just as she was about to leave. It was unknown where she got the courage as she suddenly spoke out.

Lan Xiaomo subconsciously felt that she could not remain as resolute as Yi Yun. Clearly, the disciple that mocked Yi Yun could not do it as well. His denouncing of Yi Yun's fortitude as a warrior was rather unpleasant to the ears.

As that White Fox clan disciple, the Shadow Twins and the Third Prince were looking at her, Lan Xiaomo grabbed the corners of her clothes and felt her heartbeat accelerate.

This was the first time that she had been looked at by so many pairs of eyes. And one of them was the Third Prince!

"Oh it's Junior Sister Xiaomo. Right, weren't you sitting beside Yi Yun?" The White Fox clan disciple looked over. "You said he was constantly in meditation, then what did he gain out of the meditation?"

"Ah? Uh… " Lan Xiaomo only knew that Yi Yun was constantly in meditation, but she had no idea what he had gained from it.


Bai Yueqing gave a careless laugh. He had already seen Yi Yun in the depths of the thick nebulous fog. Indeed, as Lan Xiaomo said, Yi Yun was sitting motionless like a statue.

Seeing Yi Yun's performance, the hint of displeasure in Bai Yueqing's heart vanished.

It was unknown what Yi Yun was thinking or was up to. He was working so hard meditating in front of a Fey God Stone that even the mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven were helpless against. Was he about to crack the mystery of the last three mighty Fey Gods?

Bai Yueqing gave a dismissive laugh as he continued conversing with the White Fox clan disciples. Bai Yueqing was very amiable and harmonious. In the White Fox clan, Princess Xue'er had the most number of admirers, but his prestige was not much lower either.

Ten days quickly passed with the passage of time.

Bai Yueqing did not have any feelings of impatience. In another month, Princess Xue'er's meditation would come to an end.

But at this moment, three different auric charms suddenly emanated from the Three God Seal. They began spreading in all directions like a wave. The disciples in the primordial space glanced over in surprise.

"Oh? Her Highness is ending her meditation early?" A White Fox clan disciple said.

Bai Yueqing looked at the Three God Seal as well. A strange glint flashed in his slender eyes. This did not look like the end of a meditation session.

Following that, the three auric charms emitted a hazy divine light that were of three different colors. The divine light was not expansive and it was even rather weak. But this hazy light was enough to make the hearts of people quiver.

The Three God Seal contained the auric charms of three Fey Gods!

The three beams of hazy light hovered above Princess White Fox's head. They seemed to look down on her, with an indifference that came from a lofty attitude above all life.

In front of the ancient aura, Princess White Fox looked like a delicate flower.

This moment only lasted for a few seconds before the three beams of light slowly sank back into the Three God Seal and disappeared, as though nothing had happened.

From beginning to end, they never gave Princess White Fox any laws or opportunities.

But even so, this was enough to astonish everyone.

They were ancient Fey Gods!

Even a drop of the vast auric charm was extremely terrifying. However, the auric charms had emanated out of the Three God Seal because of Princess White Fox had lasted for a few seconds.

After the three auric charms sank back into the Three God Seal, a holy light burst out of Princess White Fox's body.

She bathed in the resplendence of this holy light as her body floated up, as though there were lotus flowers blooming around her.

Upon seeing this scene, all the disciples could not help but hold their breaths.

At this moment, Princess White Fox was emitting a mysterious aura. A pair of snow-white fox ears grew above her head, as the phantom image of nine large tails appeared behind her back.

Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox!

"For such a phenomenon to happen, has Her Highness received an epiphany?" Nongying was mesmerized seeing this as she said softly.

She and Nongyue had unique talents in nomological perception. She felt that such a situation was the epiphany that warriors wanted, but it was something that came by not by searching for it.

"Xue'er has indeed had an epiphany. The process of nomological insights is a process of constant accumulation. Just like how dripping water can pierce a rock, all the insights gained from before are in preparation for this moment of epiphany. That was the instant that the rock was pierced."

Bai Yueqing recovered from his reverie as he revealed a satisfied smile.

No, it was far more than a satisfied smile. It was pleasant surprise!

He did not expect to witness Princess Xue'er having an epiphany on his trip here. It appeared that even without his exhortations, Princess Xue'er's performance were still excellent.

"Having said so, not all accumulation can achieve that moment of epiphany. It requires top talent and great amounts of fated luck."

Bai Yueqing was in a good mood. With Princess Xue'er's epiphany, there was a tiny possibility that they could beat that arrogant Luo Huo'er.

Now from the looks of it, Luo Huo'er might be talented, but her capricious nature was inferior to Xue'er's calmness.

"Epiphany? Is it an epiphany because of the phenomenon?" At this moment, a Luo clan disciple suddenly asked uncertainly.

Bai Yueqing was giving a nonchalant speech when everyone was still reeling in shock, so he never expected to be interrupted.

"Phenomenon is just one of the marks of it. An epiphany is from within, so how can phenomena appear that easily?" Bai Yueqing was slightly unhappy, but he continued explaining.

"His Highness is speaking, why are you shooting your mouth?" A White Fox clan disciple knew how to read the situation and he immediately and bluntly called out the disciple who had previously spoken. How dare he interrupt their Third Prince's speech?

All the Luo clan disciples looked at the White Fox clan disciple that had spoken with unpleasant feelings.

Princess White Fox had received an epiphany…

Although Princess White Fox had a sacred beauty that prevented others from looking away, she was still the princess of the White Fox clan, an opponent of theirs.

By receiving an epiphany, the Luo clan disciples, including Jian Zhu and the other geniuses immediately seemed overshadowed.

But at this moment, the Luo clan disciple said with a grievance, "I wasn't trying to offend His Highness, but… but… it seems that on Yi Yun's side, some phenomenon is happening!"