True Martial World Chapter 900

Chapter 900: Battling Again
Chapter 900: Battling Again

All the disciples returned to Astral Palace after seven years.

Seven years was just a fleeting moment to the Luo Divine Hall that stood on the floating land mass for billions of years.

When the disciples returned to the Astral Palace, they began to feel that this place had a feeling of eternity. They were changing, but this place did not. It was a strange feeling. It was as though time had stopped in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven after it failed to take form as a universe.

"When all of you first came to Astral Palace, other than a handful of people, the rest had average or even terrible results. In fact, amongst the handful of people, only one reached the standard of a genius." Elder Duanmu scanned the ground as he said suddenly.

Upon hearing him say this, everyone looked at each other. Elder Duanmu did not specify who it was, but it was clear that he meant that Princess White Fox was the genius.

Princess White Fox was indeed extraordinary, with no room for debate. But what about the Shadow Twins, Wufeng, Jian Zhu, Luo Mo and Yi Yun? Were they considered average or slightly above average?

Their results were much better than the rest, so wouldn't the rest be unbearable to watch?

The Shadow Twins, Jian Zhu and company frowned. There was a gap between themselves and Princess White Fox, but it was apparent from Elder Duanmu's statement that Princess White Fox had only reached the standard, but she was not one of the top geniuses. How high was this standard!?

Elder Duanmu gave a grim smile and said, "You do not need to be indignant. The performances that you had previously can only be considered passable in the Astral Palace's tens of millions of years of history. Let's see the fruits of your seven-year meditation."

Princess White Fox’s expression remained indifferent, but a hint of disappointment flashed in her beautiful eyes that looked like the starry night. She was… not at the top… ?

The aspiration to do better was sparked in the other disciples as a result of Elder Duanmu's words. They were geniuses from their own states where people stood in awe at them, but only at the Luo Divine Hall trials did they experience the difference. However, they never expected to be considered existences that failed to even rank and could only line the bottom.

They went through seven years of meditation and honing, without a day of slacking. How could they resign themselves to lining the bottom?

Amongst the crowd, Ran Xueyi coldly looked at Yi Yun. He had managed to last nine minutes previously, believing that the results were not bad, only to be informed that Yi Yun had engaged in an internecine struggle with the Ancient Fey before coming out.

He was clearly stronger than Yi Yun, but he had been relegated beneath Yi Yun. This made Ran Xueyi extremely upset.

And in the Primordial Space, he had believed that Yi Yun was foolish, giving up the great opportunity to meditate with the Seven Star Rock and Lit Star to him. He believed that the gap between them would only expand, but he never expected that Yi Yun’s spirit would mutate.

However, Bai Yueqing had also said that the mutation of a spirit was very limited to the increase in strength.

"I belittled you during the trial from before. But back then, your strength did not truly exceed mine. This time, I will not give you an opportunity."

"I've meditated and validated repeatedly over the past seven years. My strength has already greatly increased. I was stronger than you to begin with. At this trial, I will show my strength!"

Ran Xueyi was filled with fighting spirit. He could not wait to prove himself.

Yi Yun looked at the Fey Refining Rock, as a hint of fighting spirit flashed in his eyes.

He did not step out of the Primordial Space for seven years, so he was eager to verify his meditation and results.

"Then let's begin." Elder Duanmu said, "We shall proceed according to the order of the last trial, from last to first."

When Elder Duanmu said this, Bai Yueqing said while fanning himself, "Elder Duanmu, why don't we reverse the order? I believe that everyone wants to see the purest of battles. This Prince is looking forward to the performance of the top geniuses from each clan."

Bai Yueqing was most eager to see Princess White Fox's progress in strength. This was the greatest goal here. As for Jian Zhu, Shadow Twins and company, he would just take a look in passing. As for the rest, he couldn't be bothered with them.

Elder Duanmu pondered slightly before saying, "Alright then, we shall begin from the front."

When Elder Duanmu said this, all the young elites felt their hearts stir. They believed that people like Princess White Fox, Jian Zhu and company would be at the end, but now, they had to start at the beginning?

Bai Yueqing smiled and he looked at his younger sister. However, Princess White Fox did not say a word and just took a step forward.

"My sister and I will go as well." Nongyue said.

Wufeng did not say a word as he silently stood behind Princess White Fox.

The White Fox clan's geniuses were assembled.

In the Primordial Space, Princess White Fox's epiphany made everyone marvel her. In comparison, the most promising opponent of hers, Jian Zhu of the Luo clan, had rather plain results.

If the Luo clan were to lose terribly in the first round, the White Fox clan was bound to turn arrogant.

"Jian Zhu." Elder Duanmu called out Jian Zhu's name.

Jian Zhu appeared clam. His body was straight like a sword as he took a step forward without a word. However, everyone could sense the fighting spirit exuding from his body. The fighting spirit was constantly gathering, to the point of manifesting a black swirl of air that lingered around his bone sword.

A disciple that was the closest to him was affected by this fighting spirit as sweat oozed from his forehead.

"Jian Zhu has changed too."

"This aura is very powerful!"

"He is preparing himself. When he unsheathes his sword, it is unknown how powerful he will be."

"Jian Zhu has been silently gaining insights over the past seven years. I'm curious to know how deep his comprehension is after staying for so long in the deep depths of the Primordial Space." A Luo clan disciple said.

Jian Zhu was Supremacy Gulan's disciple, so he did not lack in talent or diligence. His brilliance was only shrouded due to Princess White Fox and Yi Yun's phenomena.

Elder Duanmu looked at Jian Zhu and he nodded slightly.

Indeed, Jian Zhu did not disappoint him. Just his aura gave people the feeling that he had formed the Heart of the Sword.

"Luo Mo, Yi Yun and Ran Xueyi." Elder Duanmu called out three names.

"It will be a clash right from the beginning. It's going to be stressful." Luo Mo said with a smile.

It was good to be stressed! The journey of martial arts was to continue forging forward. This stress was all used as motivation to force one to continue progressing.

Seeing the top disciples from each clan stand forward, the other disciples were filled with anticipation.

"Watch, Princess and the rest will definitely win." A White Fox clan disciple proudly said.

"That might not be the case." A Luo clan disciple did not want to be outdone.

They were all looking forward to Jian Zhu's performance. At this moment, his aura was the strongest. Just looking at him would sting the eyes, as though they were being cut by blades.

Clearly, the insights that Jian Zhu gained in the Primordial Space was no trifling matter!

The Fey Refining Rock could accommodate twenty people at a time. Other than these people, the White Fox clan and the Luo clan chose six other disciples each.

Twenty people stood in front of the massive Fey Refining Rock.

"Let us begin."

As a light flashed across his eyes, the space where Yi Yun was instantly changed.

It was a vast plain, just like it was seven years ago.

"Choose the Ancient Fey you want to battle!"

"I choose the Ranyi Fish!" Yi Yun's choice was still the Ranyi Fish!

Back then, Yi Yun had suffered serious injuries in order to kill the Ranyi Fish first. He wanted to know what the result would be in his rematch with the Ranyi Fish.