True Martial World Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Meeting Lin Xintong once more
Chapter 91: Meeting Lin Xintong once more

Deep in the night of the Tao tribal clan’s suburb, a clear sound of fist punches, cracking in the air could be heard! The Tao tribal clan’s wonderland was covered with a thick, wide layer of Qi. Hence, in the hundred mile radius of the Tao tribal clan’s wonderland, no fierce or desolate beast would choose to enter. So it was considered a safe place, though that was under normal circumstances.

Having absorbed a large amount of energy in the day, he felt his body burning. He could not sleep, hence he was out in the mountain outskirts cultivating!




Each move and stance was part of “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”. A tree the size of a woman’s waist was broken with one punch from Yi Yun!

The more Yi Yun punched, the more excited he became because he felt an inexhaustible amount of energy within his body.

After performing the whole set of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ a dozen times, he was still not tired and still full of energy.

In the past when he was in the Lian tribal clan’s back mountain, Yi Yun would feel exhausted after performing Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist about five times. But today, he could perform it continuously.

As Yi Yun was practicing the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, he could feel the Purple Crystal in his body pulsating with each heartbeat.

Each pulsation allowed the Purple Crystal to absorbed the environment’s Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Yi Yun realized that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Tao tribal clan was much denser than that of the Lian tribal clan’s back mountain.

This was naturally because the Tao tribal clan’s wonderland was of higher quality than the Lian Clan’s Herb Mountain.

With a thicker Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, Yi Yun could feel his energy replenishing faster, giving him great comfort.

“So a wonderland has such a magical effect…” Yi Yun finally realized that cultivating in a high grade wonderland had a multiplier effect.

And this was only the Tao tribal clan, which is just a medium-sized tribe in the vast wilderness. If viewed from the perspective of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom heartlands, it’s scale was that of a rural village and nothing noteworthy.

If it was the big city of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, or the training grounds of the Jin Long Wei base, or even the royal imperial city, it was unimaginable how it would be like cultivating there!

In an environment with dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, with each cultivation, Yi Yun had entered a ‘No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me’ state. It was a magical state as if he was trying to catch something.

It seemed like a thought but also an understanding. It had to be important, but whenever Yi Yun was just about to catch it, it would slip away.

What was it?

Yi Yun chased after that thought but failed time and time again. It was to the point of exhaustion, and suddenly, he woke up from his trance like state.

Looking up, the moon was already directly above him, and it was likely three in the morning.

In the mountains, the breeze blew. Yi Yun’s body was covered in sweat and he was exhausted.

Touching his stomach, he realized the energy he had consumed from the beast horn had been expended, and…he was hungry again.

“I sure can eat!” Yi Yun grimaced. As a fifth stage Mortal Blood warrior, the body required energy supplied to it through food, and it was the point when he could eat the most. Besides, his appetite had grown even bigger after practicing the Elephant Swallowing Technique.

He did not have a interspatial ring, so he did not bring much meat when he left the Lian tribal clan. He could only eat the standard meals provided by the Tao tribal clan.

Even if the Tao tribal clan was rich and food was provided by the Jin Long Wei, the standard meal could not be of sufficient quantity for Yi Yun to digest.

If there was a grilled cow in front of him, Yi Yun felt he could swallow it all.

“If I had plenty of desolate beast meat for my meals, my strength will definitely grow faster…” As Yi Yun thought about it, he looked at his surroundings that had turned into a mess.

Many of the trees had been split apart by Yi Yun and several black ironstone boulders had been shattered by him. He did not realize that under his trance-like state, he had caused so much damage.

“I wonder if I were to fight with Lin Xintong with her third level of Mortal Blood suppressed state, what would be the result? If she were to only use the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, I should be able to easily better her, but if she were to use her specialized skill ‘Fairy Maiden Heart Sutra’, the result would be unknown.”

Thinking back to two months ago when he sparred with Lin Xintong. He felt that Lin Xintong had bested him by too much; now with his strength improved, he wouldn’t be that much weaker than the Lin Xintong of old. As he was thinking about that, he felt something and turned around.

Just a glance petrified Yi Yun.

He gaped for not far from him was…it can’t be!

Now, about a dozen feet away from Yi Yun, stood a girl in white up on a pine tree! As the night wind blew, her clothes fluttered in the wind.

It was a beautiful picture formed of moon, pine tree, girl and green mountains.

Yi Yun was stunned for a while.

Lin Xintong!

Why was she here?

Right, old man Su had said they would come to the Tao tribal clan, but Yi Yun had believed that Lin Xintong and old man Su were only here to train in the Cloud Wilderness, so he would not stay in the Tao tribal clan for long.

“You said, you wanted…to spar with me?” Lin Xintong smiled.

Yi Yun was speechless. What was going on, the words he said to himself nearly didn’t sound out, and Yi Yun felt he himself didn’t even hear it.

What sort of senses did she have to hear it?

Suddenly appearing in front of him at night while wearing white sure seemed like a ghost.

Yi Yun was just worrying in his mind when he decided as a man, such a beautiful ghost to appear in front of him was a blessing.

“You have broken through to the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm,” said Lin Xintong calmly, as if stating a fact.

“Uh…” Yi Yun was stunned for a while for he felt he could not hide anything from Lin Xintong. It was even possible that Lin Xintong had seen him breaking through during the Kingdom’s selection preliminaries.

That airship!

Yi Yun suddenly recalled that there was an airship in the sky during the Kingdom’s selection preliminaries. Yi Yun had initially thought it was someone like a judge, and did not pay attention.

It might be that Lin Xintong was on it.

“Lady Lin, you saw me participating in the preliminaries?” asked Yi Yun in an unsettled manner. He was extremely conscious about the existence of the Purple Crystal.

But upon further thinking, even if Lin Xintong saw the process of him breaking through, she might not be able to tell. It was unlikely she could notice the presence of the Purple Crystal, or even the traces of the Purple Crystal’s absorbing of energy. They were just light dots which she couldn’t see.

It was clear that the other party was oblivious when he met old man Su two months ago.

“Yes, I saw you break through at the preliminaries. You seem different from the rest…” Lin Xintong watched Yi Yun carefully, making Yi Yun uneasy.

Upon further thinking, Yi Yun felt that his break through yet again could be explained as the treasure he had previously eaten still had not been fully digested.

Actually, Lin Xintong had already noticed that Yi Yun had a secret, but the warriors of this world had too many secrets.

Many prodigies had their own fortuitous events.

This world had a long history, and many experts had been born out of it. These experts had left behind many opportunites. Some of them were big, some of them small, so obtaining a few was not unusual at all.

Lin Xintong had previously explored mysterious ruins, and found some good luck, but some of them were so small that she could not be bothered to collect them.

“Shall we fight?” Lin Xintong suddenly asked Yi Yun once again.