True Martial World Chapter 960

Chapter 960: No test of actual combat
Chapter 960: No test of actual combat

“Song Wuchen? Tian Xun? Letting in-name disciples test us?”

Outside Brocade Spring Court, a few young geniuses were displeased hearing this. Felicitous Rain Lord’s absence was understandable, but who the hell were Song Wuchen and Tian Xun? Weren’t they also juniors from the younger generation? At best, they would be an entire realm higher than them, yet, they had the qualifications to test them?

“I would like to see what sort of tests would one need to take to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciple.”

Many young geniuses were discontented regarding this matter. As they conversed with each other, they walked through Brocade Spring Court’s gates.

The Brocade Spring Court covered an area of a hundred square miles, and it was like a spirit forest. There were all sorts of spirit trees, assorted flowers, and treasured materials, each numerous in number.

And the number of people that came for this grand event was estimated to be seventy to eighty thousand people. Most of the people were only there to join in the bustle, and quite a number of people were elders that were there to watch the performances of their juniors.

However, even after taking these people out, the number of people who had decided to participate in the in-name disciple assessment was still way too many, a number close to ten thousand people.

“Why are there so many people?”

Upon seeing the crowd, Yi Yun was quite taken aback. He even saw a little girl that did not look like she was twenty years of age. Certain members of the Fey race had slower growth by nature, just like Dong’er. They would still look like a ten-year-old in their teens.

Even such a young girl wanted to become an in-name disciple of Felicitous Rain Lord?

“The in-name disciple assessment does not even have an initial threshold from the beginning, so it’s obvious that there would be many participants. Many people are only here to join in the bustle or using it as an experience or trial as part of their martial path. They have no chance of becoming Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciple. The number of people that are of true worth can be counted with one’s fingers.”

The ones that could really be considered as geniuses in the alliance were not commonplace after all, so it was obvious that it should not have reached such massive numbers.

Just as Yi Yun walked into Brocade Spring Court, a faint perceptive sense brushed past the Purple Crystal, causing the Purple Crystal to palpitate slightly.

Yi Yun was slightly surprised, but he did not know what had just happened.

“Ningshuang, is he the Yi Yun you mentioned?”

At this moment, on a floating island above the Oracle Fey Kingdom, there was a pavilion sitting on top of a deep blue lake.

An azure-clothed white-haired middle-aged man sat in front of a stone table, and he was playing Go with a woman.

The white-haired man had a pair of purplish-red-colored eyes. In his pupils, it reflected a universe. It was a world with stars that were born and destroyed in that universe.

The man was Felicitous Rain Lord, who had obtained the Divine Lord Royal Seal in the past tens of thousands of years!

And the woman he was facing was Shui Ningshuang, a person who he had once saved and has always followed him by his side.

Felicitous Rain Lord did not attend the Brocade Spring Court’s event, but with his perception, a simple sweep of it allowed him to know everything at his fingertips.

“Yes, it’s him. A year ago, Chi Zhuiyun went to the Luo clan and he challenged everyone, but he was trounced by Yi Yun. In terms of combat strength, that child should be the strongest person in the alliance.”

“Combat strength is not everything.” The white-haired man said leisurely.

He did not care about the title of being first in the alliance.

The alliance was only the coalition of six factions. And among the six factions, there was not a single faction with a Divine Lord. Every hundred years, an alliance would give birth to the strongest person amongst the younger generation, and this so-called strongest person did not really have any weight to it.

“However, that Yi Yun is indeed interesting. Even if he’s not qualified to cultivate the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’, I can still nurture him well.” Felicitous Rain Lord said as he lightly placed down a piece.

Shui Ningshuang was somewhat astonished for she never expected that Felicitous Rain Lord, who always appeared to be indifferent to things around him, had such a high opinion of Yi Yun.

She got up and said, “Then, I shall take my leave first.”

The event still needed Shui Ningshuang to preside over it personally.

“There’s no need for that. Just stay here and watch it with me.” Felicitous Rain Lord said nonchalantly as Shui Ningshuang was taken aback, before she sat back down.

At this moment, Brocade Spring Court was already extremely crowded. People darted through the spiritual plantation, waiting for the start of the event.

In the middle of Brocade Spring Court, there was a towering tree. It was almost ten miles high, as its crown pierced through the clouds. And its trunk had the circumference of the combined arm span of a hundred people.

It was rumored that the gigantic tree was planted at the founding of the Oracle Fey Kingdom, so it had already been growing for 80 million years.

Around the towering tree, there were floating houses. Song Wuchen, Tian Xun, and the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s king and ministers, as well as members of the upper echelons of various major factions, such as Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi, were sitting in the floating houses, overlooking the tens of thousands of warriors beneath them.

At this moment, Song Wuchen had the pleasurable feeling that he had control over tens of thousands of warriors. After all, many of the rules for the test were decided by Song Wuchen.

“I believe it’s about time with most of the people being here.” The king of the Oracle Fey Kingdom said.

Song Wuchen looked at the tens of thousands of warriors and he wrapped up his thoughts. He said with a gentle smile, “If that’s the case, let’s begin.”

As he said that, Song Wuchen stood up and he went next to a railing beside the floating hall.


Song Wuchen’s voice wasn’t loud, but it immediately spread through the entire Brocade Spring Court.

The warriors, who came to participate in the in-name disciple selection, immediately looked up at him.

“Who is that?”

People had never seen the young and elegant man, but they could guess his identity.

“Everyone, I’m Song Wuchen. I’m here on behalf of my master to preside over the selection of in-name disciples.”

As Song Wuchen spoke, he scanned the warriors beneath him. Other than most of the people that were here just for an experience, with no hopes of becoming Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, there was a small group of people in front of the crowd that made him take a few additional glances.

Amongst them was Yi Yun, Chi Zhuiyun, and Tianya Haoyue — the cream of the crop of the alliance!

Other than these geniuses from various factions that everyone was familiar with, there were two unfamiliar faces.

One of them was thin and had pale skin, giving him a sinister look. Another one was short and fat, but he looked harmless in nature.

Very few knew who the two were.

When Song Wuchen saw Yi Yun, his good mood turned for the worse.

Just a while ago, he had received Shui Ningshuang’s long-distance voice transmission to focus his assessment on Yi Yun. Yi Yun was apparently highly valued by Shui Ningshuang, so how could Song Wuchen feel happy about that? He began to feel a threat from Yi Yun.

If Yi Yun became an in-name disciple, it was likely that Yi Yun would slowly threaten his position.

“For the assessment, the proportion for actual combat will be tiny. There will not be any one-versus-one duels!”

Song Wuchen’s first sentence caught many people by surprise. To warriors, the most intuitive method of comparing strength was one’s combat strength, but Song Wuchen said that there would not be any duels.

Many people immediately looked at Yi Yun.

They knew that Yi Yun was best at actual combat!

Yi Yun’s Dao Domain was very weak, or at least a year ago, he did not have a Dao Domain. Yet, Yi Yun was able to defeat Chi Zhuiyun without a Dao Domain, relying on his terrifying combat strength.