True Martial World Chapter 979

Chapter 979: Dao Tapir
Chapter 979: Dao Tapir

The white-browed elder’s aura was mighty and boundless. It was like it had merged with the entire heaven and earth. Against the elder’s aura, Yi Yun felt that his blood seemed to coagulate. His organs were also suppressed by the aura, as though they could not function as per normal.

“Oh!?” Yi Yun frowned. From the old man’s eyes, he could see a look of disregard. “Junior, I presume your name is Yi Yun. I’ve heard about some of your feats. Many people call you a peerless genius in this tiny six-country alliance, and over time, the praises have made you arrogant to the point of you losing yourself. That is only normal!”

“But in fact, your talent is nothing impressive to me!”

“This time, Felicitous Rain’s recruitment of disciples is associated to one of my Immortal Rain Sect’s plans. Felicitous Rain is a disciple that left the Immortal Rain Sect after all, so his recruitment of disciples is actually an internal matter of my Immortal Rain Sect! I believe that you must have heard that Felicitous Rain possesses the fragmentary pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’. Don’t tell me that you believe that you have the chance of encroaching the supreme treasure of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven with that bit of background and thin foundation of yours? Be careful not to invite fatal danger on yourself!”

“If you are clever, find a chance to withdraw. In that case, I will not pursue the matter of your entrapment that harmed Shifei and Shiping. You will be given plenty of benefits as well! Think about it carefully!”

The white-browed elder’s voice transmission was like rolling thunder that exploded in Yi Yun’s ears. The extremely mighty sound struck straight at his soul sea, turning Yi Yun’s face slightly pale. It was possible that warriors, who did not have a strong enough soul sea, would have their soul seas shattered just from the white-browed elder’s voice transmission!

Even Yi Yun felt his soul sea being hurt. He instantly conjured his Sword of the Will and slashed out.


In the soul sea, sound waves constantly echoed, but Yi Yun slashed through them with a strike!

As a result, Yi Yun recovered!

He looked at the white-browed elder and was enraged. Someone from the Immortal Rain Sect?

Over the past few days, he had heard Elder Duanmu mention the Immortal Rain Sect. He also knew of its relationship with Felicitous Rain Lord. The Immortal Rain Sect’s might was indeed something that the Luo clan could not compare to.

As a legendary figure of the Immortal Rain Sect, the elder had tried to suppress him with his strength. It made Yi Yun strongly rebellious.

But at that moment, Shi Changsheng’s attention was no longer on Yi Yun. He only sent a voice transmission and threat before everything came to an end.

At that moment, Shi Changsheng was looking at Felicitous Rain Lord.

Shi Changsheng’s exchange and voice transmission with Yi Yun happened in an instant. Many people did not realize that the white-browed elder had done something to Yi Yun, but Felicitous Rain Lord had sensed it.

His face turned gloomy as a cold tone resounded in Shi Changsheng’s ears, “Shi Changsheng, this is my territory. If you dare to make another move, my sword will show no mercy.”

Felicitous Rain Lord’s voice transmission was simple. And similarly, it had an imposing pressure to it. Although Old Man Changsheng was much older than Felicitous Rain Lord, he was still no match for Felicitous Rain Lord when it came to power.

Shi Changsheng was not angered by Felicitous Rain Lord’s cold words. He said with a loud laugh, “Felicitous Rain, why are you so agitated? I was just testing the junior’s mental strength! Why? Does Felicitous Rain think so highly of the punk that you would be so anxious to protect him after a probe from me?” Shi Changsheng said with a teasing tone. The more Felicitous Rain protected Yi Yun, the more animosity Shi Changsheng felt for Yi Yun.

If Yi Yun could only become a good-for-nothing in-name disciple, Shi Changsheng wouldn’t have minded him. But he was afraid that Yi Yun was good at currying favor. In addition to Felicitous Rain Lord’s appreciation, Yi Yun could slowly climb higher till he became a personal disciple. This was something that Shi Changsheng could not stand for.

Therefore, he threatened Yi Yun from the beginning. A junior, who did not have much of a background, would not dare to offend a large reclusive sect like the Immortal Rain Sect.

Felicitous Rain Lord did not say a word and he only looked coldly at Shi Changsheng. Shi Changsheng was not embarrassed as he said, “Felicitous Rain, I know that you still have your misgivings with the Immortal Rain Sect, but people from my Immortal Rain Sect want to participate in your disciple recruitment. You wouldn’t make it difficult for them, right? Everyone can compete fairly. According to what I know, the final round of your assessment is to evaluate the Dao Domain of the disciples present?”

Felicitous Rain Lord did not answer him, but Shi Changsheng did not feel awkward from the silence. He continued with his spiel, “A Dao Domain is the mark of a warrior’s perception and potential. I brought Shifei and Shiping this time because they happen to have some attainments when it comes to their Dao Domain!”

“Oh really… ?” Felicitous Rain Lord’s tone was flat. At his level of insight, he did not care about the ‘attainments’ that Shi Changsheng mentioned.

“Felicitous Rain, an evaluation of a Dao Domain requires a Dao Tapir to be accurate. I have a hundred-thousand-year-old Dao Tapir here… ”

“There’s no need. I already have a Dao Tapir.”

As Felicitous Rain Lord spoke, he brought a bag the size of a palm out. It was a spirit beast bag that warriors could store spirit beasts after they refined them.

When Felicitous Rain Lord opened the spirit beast bag, a black gas drifted out. It eventually formed a shadow mid-air.

Typically, one’s impression of a shadow was a projection on the ground or on the walls. In this case, the shadow was as black as ink and it appeared like a two-dimensional plane without any thickness. For such a shadow to appear in mid-air violated the common sense of people.

What was it?

People saw the shadow before seeing it move. It transformed into the shape of a beast man, but at the same time, it was still a flat plane.

“This is a Dao Tapir, a type of spatial Fey beast. It looks like it doesn’t have any thickness, but in fact, it can devour many things. Legends say that Ancient Fey Dao Tapirs could devour small worlds.”

“However, what a Dao Tapir likes devouring the most is ‘Dao’. It can devour large arrays and different artifacts, and from them, it can extract their Dao runes. It can even devour the Dao that warriors have gained insight into!”

“The longer a Dao Tapir lives, the more Dao it will have devoured. And because it has devoured sufficient Dao, it in itself is a treasure. However, Fey beasts like Dao Tapirs are very rare and are very difficult to capture. Our Oracle Fey Kingdom doesn’t have a Dao Tapir.”

The person who spoke was the Oracle Imperial Patriarch. In terms of knowledge, the Oracle Imperial Patriarch could be considered the number one person in the alliance.

“Does Felicitous Rain Lord plan on using the Dao Tapir to evaluate the Dao Domain? How is it evaluated?”

“Devouring! Dao Tapirs like to devour ‘Dao’. So Dao Domains are not an exception. Warriors who are evaluated will produce their Dao Domain and let the Dao Tapir devour the Dao Domain. If it is devoured, it’s considered to be a fail.”

When the Oracle Imperial Patriarch said that, many youths present stared with widened eyes. Dao Domains could be devoured?

A Dao Domain was only a type of domain. It did not have any physical form. It was truly amazing how large and fascinating the world was for it to have a Fey beast that was able to devour Dao Domains.

“Then if the Dao Domain is devoured, would it be gone?” Someone suddenly asked. Without a Dao Domain, was all the Dao previously learned neutered?

Warriors would not only lose a great deal of power, it was also equivalent to ending their practice of martial arts. The setback that one would experience was imaginable!